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Anyone tried the new Chinese Iron Wok? (Providence, RI)

it's good but quite expensive compared to virtually every other chinese restaurant

Feb 06, 2010
billobob in Southern New England

allen & son's obsession

Coming from Eastern NC, I can't really understand the Chowhound obsession with Allen & Son bbq in Chapel Hill. It's decent, but certainly not the best BBQ I've ever had. Is it just because there's nowhere else to get decent BBQ in the Triangle (which is like an NC pork black hole since it's largely populated by yuppies now)?

Beaufort/Morehead City/Atlantic Beach/Swansboro NC seafood recs?

Oh--I think A.J.'s is decent too (if just a tad more expensive), however I really don't like their hushpuppies.

Beaufort/Morehead City/Atlantic Beach/Swansboro NC seafood recs?

Then it's on the left side of 70, a minute or two before you actually get into the city

Beaufort/Morehead City/Atlantic Beach/Swansboro NC seafood recs?

It's in a small shopping center on the left side of highway 70 (if you're coming, right if you're leaving) before you enter the town. It's hard to spot from the road if you aren't looking carefully, and the best way to find it is to be on the lookout for the large saloon-style place that's right by the center (Midnight Rodeo or something like that, I think).

Beaufort/Morehead City/Atlantic Beach/Swansboro NC seafood recs?

Beaufort Grocery is pretty expensive for what he's looking for

Mrs. Culpepper's Crab Cafe is a tiny, very unknown place which has a pretty limited selection (fried shrimp, oysters, squid, sometimes scallops, flounder or some other fish, crab cakes, soft shell crab, great hush puppies, and some Thai food (yes, Thai)), but what they do (basic fried seafood and... Thai) they do very well. They catch the soft shells themselves, and the seafood is always as fresh as possible for the season.

El Paso Cactus Pizza?

Someone told me about a restaurant off a highway exit around El Paso which served excellent stuffed-crust cactus pizza. Anybody have any idea of specifically where this is/what it's called?

Aug 02, 2006
billobob in Texas