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Suggestion for French or Italian restaurant for birthday

a lot more casual but for French I like Cluny

Looking for maple water in Toronto

i've seen it at Starsky on Dundas and 427 (in a tetra pak)

Just arrived by air! Live East Coast Jumbo size Diver scallops available at T&T.

wow - huge.

if you were only counting the 'meat' portion ..... would these be considered u2? u3?

All things eggnog

I hate to recommend Costco -- but the Eggnog they sell (in the dairy case is amazing and the most fat i've ever seen!) (8%)

but it's very good

second place is the normal and chocolate eggnog sold by PC at Loblaws (and i'm sure other places) it is in the non refrigerated area in plastic bottles.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

I'd say the 'best' costco is the one on Queensway - many more cheeses than the other locations.

Truthfully that's the only difference.

The one on 5900 Rodeo is a zoo with ruder people imo.

The location on Dixie is kinda always empty which is nice because it's in the middle of no where.

Tortuga rum cakes in GTA?

these are sold at Costco now (the Queensway location) as part of their holiday offerings.

$20 for a large cake

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

if Cheddar is your poison the Queensway location has this wonderful import -->

one of the best cheddars i've ever had

Tipo 00 Flour

not sure if really 'North York'
but the Highland Farms of Dufferin and Supertest would have it for sure.

Tipo 00 Flour

i'm sure it's sold many places in the west end but i do know cheese boutique (Queensway and South Kingsway) carries is as does Queens Pasta on Lakeshore and Royal York

Where to find truly Spanish ( not "Latin") groceries in Toronto

not the most help for you -- but this week the Queensway Costco has an amazing Kirkland Manchego from Spain. I've only seen it at the Queensway location (which seems to have better dairy/cheese than other locations)

the Manchego is great and the price is even better compared to elsewhere.

ISO: liquid nitrogen & dewar

this place sells it -- not really near you. but also just a few meters off the Gardiner

their website does not mention liquid nitrogen but i'm 95% sure they sell it.

Heavy German Rye bread for open faced sandwiches

while not east side - i think your best bet is actually going to Dimpflmeier themselves in south etobicoke where they freshly bake at least 30 types of bread daily.

Union Social - Yonge and St. Clair

I've been to the St. Clair location twice and the Mississauga one at least ten times (i work nearby) and have never been overly happy.

Truthfully i'd rather go to Milestones or Earls.

I think it's only popular in Mississauga because ... well because there's absolutely nothing else in Mississauga.

Bread Lovers Rejoice ! (and get your car keys).

wow that is far

Wolf & Subzero

Ha - no. I just found the sales guys at Tasco to be pushy. Best Brand seemed a lot friendlier and had more options and better pricing. This was like 6 years ago though.

During delivery our range was dented and they took care of it.

Wolf & Subzero

We ended up buying from Best Brand Appliances

I found the people at Tasco to be dicks.

Japanese birthday celebration downtown Toronto

Any reason you have skipped or avoided many of the Izakaya's which proliferate our wonderful city?

Even mainstream Guu will have 'loud and raucous'

Toronto restaurant (or bar) with beautiful Xmas decorations

while I have not been last year -- we went to the lobby bar at the shangri la many times last year -- it was beautifully decorated and there was a pianist and singer....a beautiful fireplace -- all in all it felt very very festive and we will go back for sure this year/

Cactus for Salad

While not anywhere near Markham -- and i'm sure other Latin American vendors sell it too -- but the No Frills on Eglinton and Black Creek has cactus pickled in bags/cans in their Latin American aisle

Good Thai and or Sushi close to Etobicoke/Mississauga

There's Bua Thai on Queensway a little west of Royal York. And Kumo Sushi on Evans and Islington -- I like both of these

I personally did like Spoon and Fork myself fwiw.

upscale Asian downtown

for chinese i like Crown Princess on Bay St (just south of Bloor)

Fresh Sea Urchin in Toronto

i've seen it for sale many times at Diana's. I'd call there.

Ice Brew and Cold Brew in Toronto? Also Horchata!

I imagine that new Mexican place in the Distillery (that replaced the Boiler House) would have a nice Horchata (they have amazing looking drinks)

Japanese Izakaya Nejibee

Yep - seems kinda silly to close in 3 months. I imagine it was poor planning/budgeting --- I would assume businesses are all slow for the first bit and you're guaranteed to lose money.

This is also the only restaurant i've ever seen that took so gd long to open

ISO rhubarb - GTA west

this weekend i saw fresh Rhubarb at three places in Etobicoke.

1. the saturday farmers market @ lakeshore and parklawn.
2. loblaws on east mall and burnhamthorpe.
3. costco on queensway.

ISO: Smoked Sturgeon

no idea if the price or quality is right

but costco online sells it

JK Wine Bar (Church St) - Anything like it?

Is 'Wine Bar' (the replacement) bad?

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

I think the cost per 100 grams is cheaper on the smaller twin pack versus the huge 5kg tube.

But the huge tubs wins for looking amazing.

Steaks in the West End - Medium Rare VS Bruno's VS ...?

While I think Costco is an excellent value - i hardly think it's anywhere near the best steak. they dont even age their meat. It would be like saying Wendys makes the best burger.

Cheese Boutique is my favourite by far but Medium Rare is a close second.

driving from the bay area to monterey bay next friday - where do eat along the drive?

no schedule to follow

i land at sfo on thursday night and leave monday morning -- so friday is our PCH day. i imagine we will leave early though (9am?)