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Rapa Scrapple. I have always liked this and made in DE or MD not sure in Bridgeville I beleive.

Golden Mountain Sauce

So what do you think? Should I go out of my way to procure some of this? I live in Arlington so I was thinking of going to the Dungarat store.

Thanks for your opinions on this!

What's For Dinner? Part LIV

Well I just had my lunch, which I made last night, so it kinda counts as dinner.

Chicken curry with ground cashews and yogurt
Stewed indian style chickpeas with fresh jalapeno

oh and my frined at work gave me some Plof.


Oct 20, 2010
ers_jean in Home Cooking

Okay worst casseroles have been discussed, how abour the best?

Plof with lamb

My tajik friend at work makes it. YUM Have no idea what the spice is and she doesnt know the english name. her mom sends it to her.

Oct 08, 2010
ers_jean in Home Cooking

XO Taste VS Hong Kong Restaurants (Long)

After reading about XO for some time. Went last night. There were nine of us. Took a while to figure out we needed the "special" menu" . Ending up ordering the meat platter with the duck, chicken, roast pig and bbq pig (i think), sizzleing beef platter, kung po chicken ( hey what can I say) vegies over fried noodles, watercress and I think that was it.

Food really was good and I have to say the watercress was just delish and the green ginger sauce with the meats was heavenly.

Anyway it was plenty of food for an astonishingly cheap $89 bucks. There were no prices on the "special" menu so I have no idea what any individual item cost.

Will go back again.

Elder Food

I made my friend a shepherds pie, chicken and rice casserole and she liked both and fairly easy to eat.

I also made her some twice baked protatoes which were a hit. Thanks for all the ideas it is a big help.

Mar 30, 2010
ers_jean in Home Cooking

Elder Food

Yes thanks for the advice on portion size as I really wouldnt of thought of it.

Mar 03, 2010
ers_jean in Home Cooking

Elder Food

thank you all for the tips. I will be doing some cooking towards the end of the week for her and will take your all kind comments into consideration!

Mar 02, 2010
ers_jean in Home Cooking

Elder Food

Mostly hard time using a utensil very well. Lot of spillage.

Mar 01, 2010
ers_jean in Home Cooking

Elder Food


I am trying to think of things to make for an elderly friend with some coordination issues.

Any ideas on foods that are easy to eat and nutritious?

Thanks for the assist.


Mar 01, 2010
ers_jean in Home Cooking

Rice noodles -- the dried brick vs fresh & soft... and where to find in D.C. area?

Dungarats grocery store has fresh rice noodles, the big sheets, most days. Very good. Made downtown.

In search of the perfect chicken

Hi All

I would like to find a local (or within 50 miles of NVA) a farm that sells chicken that is just perfect. Fresh, full flavor, etc.

Any ideas?

I am happy to do a weekend road trip.

Thanks for the help!

Arlington - Help need a rest. for a funeral luncheon for about 35 on Monday.


We need a place to have a funeral luncheon next monday in Arlington. We thought of the Alpine but it is closed on Mondays.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Panaeng Gai (Panang Curry with Chicken)

vorpal thanks for the recipe. I want to make for my friend who is alergic to shell fish. I will omit the shrimp past. However I am afraid to use the fish sauce as I fear cross contamination. She is very alergic. Any thougts?


Jan 12, 2010
ers_jean in Recipes

Ballston Food Carts

I tried the halah cart and it was quite tasty. chicken and rice. the guy said next time he would have chole as well. Yum.

Four Sisters - New location

Hi All

Ate at the new location of the Four Sisters last night. 7 of us had dinner, service was good if not a bit too fast, did not have any Miller Lite ( I know, I know), no liquor yet either.

Nice modern clean. I kind of miss the Eden Center atmosphere.

Here is what we had pretty tame choices as some of my friends are a bit timid.

Spring Rolls – extremely well executed. Crispy but no grease. However the dipping sauce could have been better. A bit bland.

Fresh Rolls – very nice. Peanut sauce good but not exceptional.

5 entrees

Bass in a black bean sauce. Highlight. Just superb.

Pork in clay pot. So so

Crispy egg noodles with brown sauce. Good who doesn’t like noodles but very pedestrian.

Grilled beef and grilled chicken. Good but great.

I would have been a bit more adventurous if I had been on my own. Seems like they have dumbed the food down a bit.

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