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Traditional poutine [moved from a discussion on the Boston board]

Hi Ipkiddylu,
Sunday my mother, who is French Canadian (New Brunswick) told me about a favorite recipe her mother used to make. The clues she gave me lead here in my on-line search. She said that her mother used to grate the potatoes, form them into a ball, put crispy bacon in the middle and then boiled them. She said that sometimes they would put maple syrup on them, too, just like Chirasifood mentioned in the Oct. 2007 post. I would LOVE to have the recipe to surprise my mother and aunt. My direct e-mail is Have you ever heard of something called Aaron Bundles? Or is sounds like that. Another "mystery recipe" that was a favorite of my Aunt's I've been trying to find for years. They lived in Randolph, MA for awhile and my mother thinks it might be from there, not Canada. Thank you SO MUCH! Dianne (Blaquiere-Perrault-Reardon-Fischbach) :) Have a great day!

Oct 14, 2008
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