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mississauga lunch spots

el sombrero is great. the burrito wet with the garlic red sauce is fantastic, as is everything else. its like home-cooked chipotle, but cheaper and way better.

Mississauga chowing??

duckdown...completely agree with you on Nick's. I would def. go for the platter as opposed to the pita. i actually usually just get meat, the hummus, and the fattoush (sp?) salad. homemade pita croutons are killer.

Mississauga chowing??

I've been working in Mississauga for about two months now and there are a few places where I like to eat. I work near the airport, and there is a place near there called Sushi-ya which is very good in my opinion. One of my favorites is the Calli Latin Cafe ( I love this place. Its run by a younger couple (the wife cooks and the husband seats and greets) and the food is great. Its a small menu of what I will call contemporary Mexican food. Get the guacamole and if she has a special of the day, get it. I like Nick's Famous Pita's as well...nothing earth shattering but really really great pita, hummus, salad, and other Med. food. I also like El Sombrero...I've seen some people who say its just a high class Taco Bell, but I disagree. Its not "authentic" Mexican but I like what they do and its pretty solid. I've been to a couple Hakka places and Indian places but nothing really stands out as being great. I'm still searching for some other places so I'll let you know.

More excellent cuisine in Toronto

Thanks! I went to Nazareth a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed myself. Now I honestly can't really judge Ethiopian food in terms of authenticity, but whatever we ordered was fantastic (we got one meat dish and two veggie dishes). I've had ethiopian in other cities and this was the best. Also the atmosphere was great as well as the whole look and feel of the place. One thing to remember is its cash only. However (i'm from the US here on work) they accepted US bills.

Korean food in Charlotte

This is a late update but I went to Korean Restaurant for dinner several weeks ago and was a little disappointed. I had the bulgogi (cooked it ourselves) with a friend and our other friend got the tol-sot bibimbap. The bibimbap was pretty solid, but the bulgogi was way too sweet and oily for my tastes. The panchan was subpar and most of it seemed like it had been sitting around for a long time. The place was packed with Korean people, however as a good Korean friend of mine always says; Korean places will always have korean people in them b/c even if its not good the options are limited in some parts of the US. The service was great and I'd like to give it another shot with some other dishes.

Jan 03, 2009
sethrOSU in Southeast

Dinner and Drinks Toronto

tjr..thanks for the reply. probably should have added more details. looking in the $15-35 entree range. we're open to any sort of cuisine and anything new. all are pretty adventurous eaters. thanks!

Dinner and Drinks Toronto

I have been working in Toronto for about 3 months now and am stuck here on a weekend working. However, wanted to make the most of the our weekend and go out tonight (Saturday night). We are professionals, early 20's, and looking for a place to have a good meal with good drinks before we go out. Only parameters are a quality meal and a quality selection of drinks. Thanks in advance!

GOOD Mexican food.

i lived in mexico with a mexican family for several months and while Tacos El Asador isn't really "mexican" its pretty solid in terms of food. when i went there were two older ladies in the back cooking and i really enjoyed what i got. another one is calli latin cafe or something like that near on Dundas which again isn't really authentic mexican but it has very well executed food and great guacamole.

Korean food in Charlotte

i may be stating something you already know, but to help you in specifying that you want your bibimbap hot you will want to ask for tol-sot bibimbap. There are two kinds, one is just bibimbap and is served cold. The one I think you are looking for is tol-sot (pronounced toll-sut) bibimbap, which will be served in an extremely hot stone pot. The one in the stone pot is my favorite. Also, i'm from Ohio but am in Charlotte for business and will be trying Korean Restaurant tonight. (I am American but used to live in South Korea) I'm hoping for a great meal, considering the korean food in cleveland leaves much to be desired. Thanks for the tips!

Nov 03, 2008
sethrOSU in Southeast

Best Korean food in Cleveland?

i live in downtown cleveland and I haven't been to korea house yet as i've always heard seoul hot pot is better. i used to live in south korea and for the cook it yourself stuff Seoul Hot Pot is really good. not as many side dishes as I would like and sometimes they are a little dry. Their bi-bim-bop is excellent but they lack on my favorite korean dish (kimchi-chi-ge). It's always a little watery and the flavor is not quite there. Overall though the atmosphere is nice, the guy who runs it is great, and for Korean food in Cleveland you can't beat it.

More excellent cuisine in Toronto

Hello All....

I will be coming to Toronto on and off for the next two months for business and am looking for suggestions on more restaurants to try. I have spent about a week here up to this point and so far (using other postings here) I have had great experiences dining in Toronto and I am looking for more suggestions. I stay near the airport but am willing to explore any part of the city. I'm looking for anywhere from cheap eats up to $30-40 per person. I enjoy every kind of food and here are some of the places I've been:

Piri Piri Grill
Koreatown-(I used to live in South Korea so I have eaten at a couple of the places there...I forget which ones but they were very authentic. Always up for more suggestions of favorites)
Cafe Polonez
Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar

Things I am planning on trying:

Ethiopian (I have heard Queen of Sheeba is good)
Indian (Seems there are a ton of Indian restaurants that get high marks)

Any more suggestions or opinions would be awesome.