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delux on ossington

4 of us had dinner at Delux last night and I can say with certainty that none of us will be returning. The service was completely unacceptable. My friend had made the reservation and she was advised of their very "strict" 2 hour policy over the phone. It was made quite clear to her that we could have a table between 5pm and 7pm, 7pm and 9pm, or at 9pm. We chose 9pm. I arrive a few minutes early and the first thing the host said to me was "you're 7 minutes early". Ummm...what?! I was shown to a couple of stools behind the host where I sat and ordered a bottle of wine. (No offer was made to take my coat so I ended up putting my coat on the narrow bar area.). My friends show up a few minutes later and we all stand around, having a drink, waiting for our table. At 9:15pm, we are still waiting and the host comes around to offer not the table he was originally going to offer us but a small (cramped) table in the back. We decide to wait for the table he had originally planned for us. After 10 more minutes, I inquire and was told that the host couldn't very well ask the party to move (despite their very strict 2 hour table policy). He said we would have to wait until they were ready to leave. He pleaded that he couldn't ask them to leave because they were paying customers and had just spent money on their dinner. To which my friend asked, "are we not paying customers too?" we had already ordered a bottle of wine and were planning on spending money too. If it was acceptable to put us in the "bar area" behind the host, why couldn't they move to that area where they could continue their evening? I live in the UK where it's not uncommon for a restaurant to advise you that they need the table at a certain time and then ask you to move to the bar to continue your evening at that time. What I'm saying is that I wouldn't have minded waiting a few minutes past my reservation time if the host hadn't made such a big deal about it over the phone when we made the reservation and then immediately upon my arrival. But for the host to simply shrug his shoulders and say, you have to wait indefinitely is unreasonable.

The service during the rest of the evening was dismal - at each course, plates were cleared away as my friends were finished making the rest of us who weren't finished, feel rushed. My bread plate was cleared while I was in the middle of eating bread.

The food was good but given the abundance of restaurants in this city with excellent food AND excellent service, I will most definitely not be returning to Delux.

92 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J2Z4, CA

Torrefazione Italia Coffee Beans in TO

I thought I'd bump this and see if anyone knows where to find this coffee bean in Toronto? I had it recently at Langdon Hall and it is the best coffee I've ever tasted. Thanks!

Ground Turkey in Toronto

It's in the frozen food section (vacuum sealed) at Cumbraes. It's also sold at Loblaws with the other ground meat.

Japanese salad dressing - where to find?

I was at Tak E Sushi on Front St. for lunch yesterday and had perhaps the best salad dressing ever. It was quite garlicky, but balanced nicely with the miso based dressing. I should have asked where they got their dressing. Does anyone know? I've tried various miso based versions at Loblaws and other supermarket chains but they're never quite as good. Recommendations?

Pho in the PATH

Thai Island is good for some things (like the grilled beef or grilled pork vermicelli/spring roll comb), but definitely NOT pho.

Siem Reap

We were touring the temples over the holidays and have a few restaurant recommendations. Viroth's is probably the nicest restaurant in Siem Reap and for under $25, my husband and I had 3 dishes, two drinks and a dessert. This was perhaps, the most memorable meal on our 3 week trip. I highly recommend it. For a totally different experience Khmer Kitchen is excellent. There is no decor or ambience to speak of but the food is fantastic.

A bit more on Vietnam

In Hoi An, we went to the Mango Room twice for dinner - both times, it was fantastic. We also went to the Cargo Club for some much needed pastries and dessert. We had the misfortune of trying Sakura, a japanese restaurant right next door to the Mango Room and it was horrendous. Of all the great places to eat in Hoi An, we picked the one loser. I also had a great bowl of noodles at Banana Leaf - fantastic!

Great restaurants *other* than Thai food in Bangkok?

My husband and I were craving something other than "asian" food after 2 weeks on the road and one of his colleagues recommended the italian restaurant, Zagnotti in Bangkok. It was a welcome change - the food was fantastic and authentically italian.

Hanoi recs

We just got back from touring SE asia, with a stop in Hanoi and we had fantastic meals at Wild Lotus and Wild Rice. I'd highly recommend these two. We also went to Bobby Chinn's restaurant. It was quite trendy but the fusion food was mediocre. I don't understand the hype, other than perhaps western fusion food is a bit rarer in these parts?

where to buy cake in TO

I just bought a chocolate cake from the bakery at All the Best and it was fantastic (and reasonably priced) - chocolate fudge cake with a chocolate buttercream icing. The cake had the texture of a brownie. Also, it wasn't too sweet.

rosedale/danforth - mains avg $20?

I went to Caren's Wine Bar on Cumberland recently and was quite impressed, considering food in Yorkville is generally overpriced and underwhelming. I can vouch for Cantine - it's really good, but it's a casual atmosphere. Avant Gout on Yonge St. is even better and has a slightly more upscale feel. I've heard quite good things about 1055 on Yonge St. but I've never been. Also, Lakes on Yonge St. is supposed to be good, but I haven't tried it - it was featured on Restaurant Makeover a couple of years ago.

Who makes the best chocolate cake?

I'm looking for the best chocolate cake in the city for my husband's birthday. I'd like to find something in the order of a sponge cake/devil's food cake with a chocolate buttercream icing. I know it's sounds simple and there is no shortage of chocolate cake in this city, but I have yet to find anything that I love. Help!

Shellfish Demi Glace? Is there such a thing?

I read somewhere that you can buy shellfish demi glace? Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone know where to buy this? Thanks!

Can we revisit the PATH?

Great Cooks on Eight in the old Simpsons Tower is great - technically reachable by the Path but easier to go from outdoors. I'm glad to find out about other options having eaten down here for the better part of a decade. I'll definitely have to check out Sweet Lulu and Noodle King.

JK @ Gardiner

Has anyone been for dinner? I'm going in a couple of weeks and just looks like a prix fixe meal? I love the food at his other restaurants, so I have high hopes.

buddha dog--toronto version

I've been to the one in Picton but haven't tried the one here. It seemed a bit touristy and gimicky. My experience there was pretty much the same as those echoed here in Toronto - painfully long, slow service, mediocre dogs, on mediocre buns with average toppings. The food was ok, but not great. I certainly didn't understand the hype and wondered if it was all self-promotion?

Sunday Brunch in Toronto

hi, can people recommend a great, casual brunch spot in Toronto for 15-20 people? We're looking for something other than a hotel buffet.


The Citizen??

Being a big fan of Rosebud, I had been looking forward to the Citizen. My husband and I had dinner there during the August long weekend on the Sunday night and it was pretty quiet. We thought the overall dining experience was excellent - good service, great food at very reasonable prices. We will definitely go back. I had the Dr. Ribs/cornbread and slaw to start, followed by the rabbit and pea gnocchi. The ribs themselves (made with a Dr. Pepper sauce) were very tasty and was quite a large portion and could have been a small main. The cornbread muffin was average and so was the slaw (too much grainy mustard). This was followed by the rabbit/pea gnocchi, which was delicious - light, fluffy and not gummy in the least. My husband had the caesar salad to start (which was great) and the bolognese risotto. The gnocchi and risotto were smallish portions, but after my ribs, it was more than enough food. I did wonder what the tartare was like - looks like I should check out Batifole's tartare instead. For dessert, we had the banana bread s'mores, which was the higlight of the meal. Both my husband and I loved this dessert! Overall dining experience was very good and we'll definitely be back.

Food in Prince Edward County

Thanks everyone for their suggestions! My husband and I spent Saturday in PEC and we went to the Bloomfield Carriage House for dinner. Before I get to this review, we went to Buddha Dog for lunch, which is touted as the best hot dog in the region? Ontario? Canada? Anyhow, the concept of small gourmet hotdogs was intriguing so we decided to give it a try. The hot dogs are 4 inches long - small enough so you can try several flavours. I had the sweet onion sauce/pepperjack cheese and garlic aioli/old cheddar. My husband had these two, along with a chili/old cheddar dog as well. We both thought they were pretty good but not spectacular. We wondered what the criteria was for determining that these were the "best hot dogs"? Nonetheless, we were happy to be supporting the local establishment. After lunch, I wandered next door to the Bean Counter Cafe for a scoop of coconut and a scoop of lemon gelato - excellent! It was a pina colada in a bowl (minus the alcohol)!

For dinner, we had an amazing meal at the Bloomfield Carriage House. The amuse bouche was a cassoulet with pan fried elk - delicious. I had the charcuterie plate to start and my husband had the goat cheese ravioli. Both were excellent. I had the vegatarian plate as a main and it was one of the best vegetarian mains I've ever had. I find that it's very difficult to do phenomenal things with veggies and many places fall short of doing truly creative things with vegetables. On my vegetable plate, I had a puy lentil/chickpea salad, alongside a quinoa salad with roasted carrots, mushrooms and kale. There was also a terrine of goat cheese, atop grilled eggplant and red peppers. Wow! My husband had a trio of lamb - also delicious. I was too preoccupied with my main to fully investigate his, but he assured me that it was excellent. All of this, plus two glasses of wine came to $100 (before tip). We were very happy with the selection and would highly recommend to anyone in the area!

Food in Prince Edward County

Thanks everyone for their suggestions! And, the website recommended by Googs was excellent! I've made a reservation at the Bloomfield Carriage House and I'll report back next week!

Food in Prince Edward County

I'm thinking about heading out to Prince Edward County for the long weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions about eating? I'm open to anything, as long as it's grreat food. How about farmer's markets? Does anyone know if you can do a wine tour of the wineries in the area? Thanks!

Israeli CousCous

On the bottom floor of the St. Lawrence market (south market), towards the north side, there's a store that sells dried goods, sauces etc., they sell israeli couscous in 1 kg bags, I think. $17.99/bag. Enjoy!


That's a tough one! Both are fantastic but very different dining experiences. Perigee is entertainment, in addition to a meal. So, if you've got a number of people in your group, I'd recommend George. At Perigee, my friend and I sat around the long table that wraps around the kitchen. The focus is on what's going on in the kitchen. If you've got several people in your group, it'll be tougher to have a conversation. Also, Perigee is slightly more expensive than George. You really can't go wrong with either, for food, though. Hope that helps!

Thuet questions

I've been for brunch and it was fantastic (although calorie/fat-intensive (!) and last weekend, I was there for dinner. After our dinner, I will not be going back. When we arrived for our reservation, the hostess explained that there was a large party that had taken all of the menus. She would bring us menus as soon as they become available. 45 minutes later, our menus still weren't available, but everyone else around us had menus. Our waiter was also nowhere to be found - so no drinks - not even water, while we waited and waited and waited. We asked one waitstaff at the half hour mark and she said that she didn't know who our waiter was but that she would find out. We continued to wait and and wait until finally a waiter came to apologize for having us sit there for almost 50 mins. It wasn't that he didn't notice us sitting there as he took the orders of the table right next to us. It really didn't get any better after that. When our appetizer arrived, the waiter presented my plate with such flourish the presentation slid all the plate and almost landed in my lap. Our waiter also forgot our bottle of water and then when it came time for our bill, we waited and waited for that as well. Luckily, we weren't in a hurry, but for $200 for 2 people, I expect far better service. Oh yes, food was pretty good but was eclipsed by the poor service.

Terroni on Yonge

Having eaten there on average at least twice a month at a Terroni for the last few years, I can definitely echo your views: the service at this Terroni (as well as the one on Victoria St.) is really hit and miss. Sometimes you get bread when you're looking over the menu, sometimes you don't, sometimes you ask for bread and still don't get it, sometimes you get olive oil with the bread, sometimes you get olive oil AND vinegar, sometimes you get fresh cutlery between courses, sometimes they ask you to keep the get the picture. I'm prepared to overlook the inconsistencies though as my love of the food outweighs the service.


I was at George a few weeks ago and thought the food was heavenly. It was one of the best meals I've had in a while. They subscribe to the "smaller plates" theory of dining. It's not tapas though. Essentially, they recommend 3 courses, the first course is about 3 oz, 2nd course is 4 oz and 3rd course is about 5 oz or so they say. I wasn't starving when I was there, so I only selected something off the 2nd course and 3rd course lists and it was the perfect amount. People with bigger appetites might find this challenging, although there is also a dessert course and a cheese course. The food is very creative and service was impeccable. Their patio is one of the most beautiful ones in the city, but it may not be warm enough in a few weeks.

By the way, I also went to Globe a few weeks ago and didn't like it at all. I got a bit of attitude when I turned down the bottled water. (I had just read an article about an environmental movement against bottled water.) Food was pretty mediocre. For the same price, I'd rather dine elsewhere.

You'll definitely have a better overall dining experience at George.

30th Birthday Dinner - George, Trevor or Perigee?

I have to echo Charles Yu - Trevor's food is ok but service was HORRENDOUS. It took a very long time to get us seated, even though we had a reservation (and were on time) and nobody was standing in line in front of us. When we finally sat down and started looking over the menu, one of us was starving and so asked for some bread while we considered the menu. We were told by our waitress that usually, they bring the bread after we ordered. And, as it turns out - she was right, no bread showed up until after we ordered. Then, after every course, they cleared our cutlery, but didn't bring any replacements until after our next course arrived and only after we asked for them. It was particularly bad at dessert when there was ice cream melting on one plate while we patiently waited, and waited and waited for dessert forks and spoons. When we were finally done, we stood by the hostess table for what seemed an eternity (but was probably 10 mins) before someone bothered to ask us for our coat check. Again, no one was standing in line so it wasn't like the hostess was helping someone else. We were just ignored. Also, it IS irritatingly noisy. I won't go back and certainly not for a special occasion.

Best pizza in Toronto?

If you like thin crust pizza, the best by far is at Caffe Doria at the corner of Yonge & Roxborough. Terroni pizza is great but Caffe Doria pizza is even better.

Modo Restaurant

There were only 4 of us, so not an odd number that required any special accommodation.

Wedding venues in the Downtown Toronto area?

I had my wedding reception at Canoe. We had 130 people, but I think you can get one of their private rooms for smaller functions. You can also have your ceremony there. Food was definitely my priority, which is why I chose Canoe.