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Seafood and Fish Markets

I always use Fisherfolk, Jennifer is at the Evergreen Brickworks and probably other markets too. I find her fish to be very fresh and the quality of her product is outstanding.

Prince Edward County - PEC 2015

I've wanted to write a longer review on this post but haven't quite found the time so here's a brief summary. We spent 2 weeks in the county in July this year.

Tall Poppy Cafe-great atmosphere, good spot for lunch, breakfast, or of course a coffee.
Pomodoro-great italian

The Hubb-our favourite place. Great food, service and atmosphere and cocktails!We always make it a point to go here and have never been disappointed.
The Agrarian-tried the first time this trip for lunch (they do dinner also) and really liked it. Will go back for sure.
Kin Cafe-good coffee spot, they have other things to eat also but we didnt try it.

Regent Cafe-have really enjoyed in the past but looks like it has closed its doors
County Canteen-looked great and had high hopes but had long waits. i think they need to work out the kinks-VERY long delays in service. Food was good but I wouldn't make it a point to return due to service issues.
Williams Family Diner-great service, decent food.
Sweet County Shop- (name?) next to bean counter cafe. Cute sweet shop with yummy choices
Perfect Li'l Bakeshop-just outside main town. Love the idea, love the shop!

Wine Tasting:
The Old Third
Closson Chase (lovely grounds)
Norman Hardie-GREAT PIZZA!
The Grange (also lovely grounds)

Food Shopping:
We used alot of farm stands-haggerman, landry, and small one on sandy hood road for most of our stuff
Meat at Goodfellows.

Thats it for now.....happy to comment further if anyone has particular q's.

Prince Edward County - PEC 2015

Yes!!! Went once this summer and once last spring. Both times really enjoyed our meal and dessert and great service! Do make a reservation though in particular as they booked up quickly (it was a sunday).

Best Italian romantic dinner- this weekend!

We love Zucca and have been many times. Amazing pasta and fish, and always great service.

Maha-New Egyptian Sandwiches, Sides and Desserts on Greenwood near Gerrard

We went to Maha's last weekend and I have to comment-the food was incredible. We had a Lentil Soup, Classic Cairo, Date Grilled Cheese and the MInd Blowing Chicken Sandwich. I would order any of these in a heartbeat, each one was so delicious. Despite the incredibly long wait, I will definitely be back-hopefully it is not such a long wait on a weekday! While our wait was long for the table, once we sat we were out of the restaurant in 1 hr.

2015 Food Events

I would love to hear comments from attendees that have been to previous years' Toronto Food and Drink Market!

ISO Good Virgin Cocktail Menu (tonight!)

Looking for a place to grab a non-alcoholic cocktail prior to a dinner reservation at Wellesley and Parliament (F'Amelia). Anywhere with a good non-alcoholic cocktail menu?

Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

We like Wolfie's (Sheppard and Bathurst)

iso: galette des rois

Thobors on Mt. Pleasant

Prince Edward County 2014 summer season

We were at Geraldine a few weeks ago and had a great meal also! The dessert though left something to be desired.

ISO Chocolate Hazelnut Torte????

Hello All,

I am looking for a chocolate Hazelnut Torte or opera cake. They type I am looking for is made by Chocolada at Yonge and Steeles but I am hoping to find one in central Toronto.
Any ideas???

I understand Chocolada is an eastern European bakery and am happy to inquire at any you may know of?

Thanks in advance!!!

Anatolian's Turkish Halal Restaurant - WOW!

We also gave it a shot-I had hope for this place given the reviews here but sadly we were disappointed. The manta was gummy, and the iskendar was VERY oily. From our perspective we will keep hunting for a good Turkish place.

Purchasing Half an Organic Cow

Check out Field Sparrow Farms, they will deliver here/pick up from one of the markets they are at.

Private Dining-Mistura vs. Splendido?

Thank you for the feedback everyone, car comparisons included!! Looks like Splendido is the clear choice-Ill be finalizing my booking today :)

Private Dining-Mistura vs. Splendido?

I am looking to host a private family dinner of 22 for a birthday. I am leaning toward Mistura or Splendido. I love the food at Splendido, but in truth the private dining room at Mistura is more appealing. Has anyone been to a private event at any of these venues? Or can anyone comment on the food at either, in particular Mistura as it has been at least 10 years since I have been?

Thanks in advance!!

The Chase Fish & Oyster

I have been to the Chase 2x, and my DH dines there often (for work). Both times I went it was great-Tuna Nachos and the fried Chicken were standouts for me. They also make a KILLER Caesar.

Apple picking suggestions please?

We went to Carl Laidlaw and fell in love with it! Beautiful setting and just the right amount of activity for young kids (we were with 6 yrs to 1 yr olds). Kids can also make their own pies. Nominal admission (3$ adults, 2$ kids). Not commercialized and a lovely family running it. We will definitely go back next year.

Prince Edward County 2014 summer season

We have stayed at Away In the County B&B for a getaway and were very happy. We really enjoyed our meals and atmosphere at the Hubb (2x), and on our last visit went to Pomodoro in Wellington and had a fantastic meal. Both restaurants were preferred to Blumen (lunch) and East and Main (lunch). We went to the Picton Harbour for breakfast diner type food. Norman Hardie also serves pizza for lunch but I don't know if that is all the time.

ISO Private room for 20, preferably with access to patio for June! Please help.

I am in search of a private room for a birthday celebration for my mother in June! Ideally we would have access to a patio. We are a group of 20 people. Any recommendations of great private room experiences? The venue needs to be in central toronto.
ps. my mother is an artist so I was hoping for an "artsy" venue-checked out distillery but of course they are fully booked at this point, I would also be interested some more artsy venues even if they dont have a patio.
Please let me know if any further information would be helpful.
Thank you!

Food Reviews on Estates of Sunnybrook?

I am looking for a small venue (holding approx 20 people) for a special Birthday Dinner mid june-Estates of Sunnybrook are available for us, but does anyone have any experience with the food/service quality?

Davisville/Mt. Pleasant Delivery & Sushi

Im at Davisville and Mt. Pleasant and am looking for some "go to" delivery spots. Im looking for anything and everything, cuisine wise, including:
Pizza (thin crust-Casa Di Giorgio is where I go now, but it is pick up only)
Sushi (good, fresh sushi please!)
Thai/South East Asian cuisine
Anything else is welcome as we arent fussy about the kind of food-I just want it to be of good quality, and not so expensive that it cant be ordered regularly.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Anyone know where I can get Fresh Cadbury bars from the UK?

A new candy store on the Mt Pleasant strip touts having British imports, though I cant speak to the freshness....cant recall the name but it has an orange sign, b/w hillsdale and belsize.

locals' fave places to eat with kids?

Ottomanelli's-great burgers!
Pio Pio-fast, good food, UES location is small so you'd have to fold your stroller
JG Melons (I prefer Ottomanellis, but lots of people love it)-no strollers allowed, no high chairs as far as I know
Flex Mussels (UES)-great mussels, and serve some other good kid friendly food like fish and chips. very noisy so maybe good for kids, but need reservations for dinner, reasonable meal, they only have 1 high chair but ive never had a problem-i believe there is a PEI location also, though a bit far from TO to visit!
Nothing unusual but alot of kids like Big Daddy's Diner (83rd st & 2nd ave)-very big portions
Blue Ribbon Bakery-one of my favourite places in the city!
Fancy stuff-One if by land, Two if by sea-expensive but shockingly kid friendly for brunch
Kids restaurant week is this week-check back perhaps you'll get lucky and it will be extended for next week?
Have a great trip!

Jun 26, 2009
NYCYummy in Manhattan

Mom's night out?

thank you for all your suggestions!

Jan 30, 2009
NYCYummy in Manhattan

Mom's night out?

Im open to suggestion, but probably nothing considered too "ethnic" as I'm not sure of everyone's taste preferences. I guess American, French, Italian, Greek, that sort of thing should work...

Jan 30, 2009
NYCYummy in Manhattan

Mom's night out?

Im looking for a restaurant for a group dinner of about 6-8 women in our early 30's. Mains about 20-25$ and somewhere with atmosphere (but where we can have a conversation). Location anywhere below the 30's. Any suggestions?

Jan 30, 2009
NYCYummy in Manhattan


Has anyone ever been to Tree? It is on 1st ave, b/w 12 & 13th I think, a small french bistro?Did you like it? I passed by it the other day and was considering trying it out....

Jan 30, 2009
NYCYummy in Manhattan

Special Occasion suggestion?

thanks so much-ill definitely look into those!

Nov 28, 2008
NYCYummy in Manhattan

Special Occasion suggestion?

Hi, Im new to chowhound and am looking for a restaurant for december-we finally have a babysitter so my husband and I would like to go out for a romantic dinner (finally date night!) on a thursday. We are looking for something not in Tribeca or UES. Preferably romantic (aka adults only), but no jacket req'd and not pretentious, but more importantly good food as we are VERY picky! Probably about $120 no alcohol. Any suggestions?

Nov 25, 2008
NYCYummy in Manhattan

Best lemon pound cake in NYC?

Definitely Bouley! I think their lemon pound cake is delicious and their Lemon tart is the best in the city.

Oct 13, 2008
NYCYummy in Manhattan