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Recommendations for Family Friendly eats in Ft. Lauderdale staying at Marriot

We are staying at the Marriot vacation club on 21 South Lauderdale Beach Blvd. We are not renting a car, so will be walking or taking water taxi, etc.

Looking for family friendly places, outside dining/water would be nice but good food is more important. Seafood, burgers, mexican, asian, italian all good.

Boston Sat lunch---Best spot?

I was planning on Toro or Coppa, only to find out they dont' do lunch Saturdays. Where is the best lunch spot in Boston?

1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

253 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

Please help me decide!!! Too many great Boston Restaurants

Ok, am taking Hubby to Boston for the weekend in Dec to celebrate his 50th. I have 2 dinners and 1 lunch to plan for.

For Dinner, I've narrowed it down to:


For lunch:

Butcher Shop

What say you??????

24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

253 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA 02118

Foodies: Boston Birthday Weekend for Hubby turning 50, where to go?

I am taking my husband to Boston for the weekend of Dec 17th as a suprise to celebrate his 50th. We will be staying at the Liberty for 2 nights.

I am thinking Sorrelina for one night (been there last summer and was amazed!). If you lived in NH and only got to Boston once a year and had 2 nights to go where ever, where would you go?

Eden Amherst, NH

Has anyone been here recently? We went 2 years ago when it first opened and there were major service issues, but it had just opened. Has anyone been recently?

Mint Bistro, Manchester, NH?

Is there finally a place that can compare to Baldwins? I think so! We went last night and had a wonderful experience. Started with pototo croquettes, absolutely divine. I had a special appetizer, a half avacado stuffed with shrimp cevice, served with corn salad an an asian inspired sweet/spicy vinagarette. It was wonderful.

DH and I both had the steak frites, it was AWESOME! Beautiful fries, perfectly cooked hangar steak (my fave) and the truffle butter was a fantastic touch.

Also made great cocktails. If you liked Baldwins, go here, you'll love it!

Good food in Delavan?

Staying at Lake Delavan this weekend and looking for good food for dinner. Can be casual or fine dining, Italian, American, French, as long as it's good!

Boston for one me pick

Thank you so much for the suggestion to go to Sorrelina! It was an amazing experience and exactly what we were looking for. Restaurant was absolutely gorgeous and the food was awesome! I had the clam pasta (perfectly cooked, great taste, it was like I was in Positano!), my husband had the Kobe beef meatballs, delish!! We absolutely loved it, thanks again!

Boston for one me pick

I'm definitely doing Sorellina....thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will report back!

Boston for one me pick

MC....thanks for your reply. So, I want a cool fun atmoshpere and Great food, is there a place you would recommend that is not on my list (and I am not a big fan of steak houses either...that was DH request)????

Where would you go for just one night out?

Boston for one me pick

Ok, we are childless for one night (thank you Grammy & Papa) and are going to stay overnight in Boston (we live in the burbs in NH). We don't get many chances to dine in Boston, so I am looking to make the best decision!!

Want find dining, great food........American, Italian or is what I am looking at, tell me your thoughts, or recommend something if you think I'm missing something. For ideas, one of my favorite places is Via Matta, but I want to try something new.


New menu at Z Food&Drink, Manchester NH

Sounds good, we'll have to go back, we've been a couple of times and I enjoyed it......too bad the seats are so uncomfortable!

authentic Thai or Vietnamese in Vermont or New Hapshire?

Golden Bowl in Manchester NH has the absolute most amazing PHO!!! We go there a few times a month for lunch.

Best Poutine in New Hampshire?

I've never heard of this place? Where is it? Is it good? I'm always looking for good places to go in SNH.

Chophouse, BVI, CR sparks, Michael Timothy's, seems that's about it around here that is decent.

Cheese Shop North of Boston?

Angela's is indeed fabulous....they have a wonderful selection and they are very helpful. I've used their advice to select some beautiful cheese platters over the years with great success!

Best fine dining: Quebec City or Montreal?

We went to QC a few weeks agao and had a wonderful meal at Toast, we were staying at the hotel there. The food was delicious and the room had a wonderful cozy/cool vibe. We both loved it.

The next night we dined at Laurie Raphael, which was wonderful as well. I would say the quality of the food and presentation was comparable, but overall, I like Toast better, it was just really cozy.

Chicago--Terragusto--MUST GO!!!

I am pretty new to Chowhound, having (incredibly) heard of this site only recently. I am a die hard foodie & locavore.

I was going to be in Chicago for one night and wanted a good Italian spot. I found mention of Terragusto in another thread but it was buried deep within the thread. Believe me, this place deserves a thread of it's own.

This ia a cute/casual place and they are trying to create the relaxed Italian meal. They have done it. I was in Italy a few years ago and the food is comparable.

First, it's BYOB, so we brought 2 really nice bottles with us. For $38 per person, you can choose an appetizer, a pasta and a meat (to share) that comes with seasonal veggies.

For the app we choose a (2) person one to share. it had some wonderful cheese, chicken salad, rabbit with fennel, delicious hard boiled eggs with pine nuts and my absolute favorite part, a beautiful raw zucchini & carrot salad. It was absolutely delish.

All pastas are homemade there. I got a wonderful mushroom one with 7 different mushrooms. My DH got pope's hats with pumpkin, amaretti cookies and butter sage sauce.......yummy

For the meat we got the roasted free range chicken that came with the MOST delicious brussel sprouts I've ever had.

Highly reccomend!!!!

1851 West Addison

Oct 13, 2008
juliemaeboyle in Chicago Area