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Well, a week late with a reply, but...

Yes, they do have a small bar area in the front that would be appropriate to grab a quick dinner. There's also apparently a bar area on the second floor, but I haven't seen it. I would imagine that weekday evenings would be less of a hassle than weekends for a spontaneous visit.

As for the menu, it's handwritten and changes daily (based on what's fresh and available). Every day's a new adventure. :)

Foodie itinerary for Copley Square- what do you think?

You might want to consider Erbaluce, which is just a block further down Stuart from Davios, and to the left, beside the South Cove Apartments on Church St. Just opened a few weeks back and is *fantastic*. I just had one of my best dinners in recent memory there last weekend.

But, yes, Boston is very walkable, so you don't need to stick to things that are within a block of Copley. Parish is a great choice for lunch -- one of my faves.


I managed to get there this weekend with some friends. In a word: Fabulous. Every single dish of the 6 we passed around was great. Subtle but flavorful spices, vegetables that add to the dish and aren’t just tossed to the side as an afterthought, FRESH fish. Just wonderful. Prices were very reasonable too, all things considered. We were surprised at how low the bill was.

Not that everything is perfect just yet. The wine list was extensive and made for a fun adventure. And there were beers available for those that lean that way. But the one member of our group who was not drinking was left with few options. Water or soda water, that’s it. No soft drinks at all, which seems odd. It would seem trivial to have some Coke and Sprite available – or even some homemade Italian sodas. Maybe that’s just too much to take on right now.

Everyone was very friendly, and the open kitchen allows Draghi to come out and visit (which he did). They are still clearly working the kinks out a bit, as the service was simultaneously overzealous and slow. Still, I enjoyed the leisurely pace of the meal.

I’d definitely recommend this to any and all. It’s tucked back a bit in Bay Village (and doesn’t even have signs up yet – they’re still the old Dedo’s signs). Good to have Draghi back and it’s great to have some quality eats at that location after being abandoned for so long.