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Decent dosa and appam in Markham, Richmond Hill?


I just returned from a trip to India and really liked the dosa and appam. Where can I find them in Markham and Richmond Hill? They dot have to be the best but decent is good enough. I looked at a few menus online of the Indian restaurants I know in the area and I don't see dosa and appam being offered.


Fennel Pollen downtown Toronto?

Where in longos do they put it? The spice section? I tried looking for it at the longs in Markham but couldn't find it.


obika opening?

Does anyone know when obika is opening? TO life says in May. We're in May! :)

ISO Dunn's type Cheesecake

Good to know :)

ISO Dunn's type Cheesecake

Oh boo! My friend was disappointed to hear even Dunn's is not the same and decided to forego and not buy any!

I tried looking on the liberte site for the ancienne type of cottage cheese but its not listed on their cottage cheese products page. Perhaps they no longer make it? Since I'm not in Montreal, I won't be able to check out the stores you suggested to look for it. But I recall that you can make your own paneer/cottage cheese using milk and vinegar. Would making my own cottage cheese be ancienne type?

Since there is no good version of Montreal cheesecake now, I'm more intrigued to recreate it. Does Montreal style cheesecake taste like New York style but fluffier and lighter?

I'm planning to try to make America's test kitchen best light cheesecake recipe that uses lowfat cream cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt cheese. But modify by following this chowhound suggestion,, to beat the egg whites to stiff peaks so that the cheesecake gets very airy and fluffy.

If I every go to Edmonton, I'll go try Normands for sure!

ISO Dunn's type Cheesecake

Hello! My friend's will be visiting Montreal and they love the Dunn's cheesecake. But they are wondering if there are cheaper and better cheesecakes that they can try. They will be in the Mont Royale area.

I don't mind making the cake either if anyone has a good recipe. My friend claims Montreal cheesecakes are made with different cheeses and are fluffier than the ones in Toronto. Is that true?

ISO albumen or dried egg white powder?

It says gluten free on the package. It is from El Peto white&product_id=284

ISO albumen or dried egg white powder?

Thanks for everyones help.

I was able to find it at the bulk barn at hillcrest mill. It costs 5.99 for 100g package.

ISO albumen or dried egg white powder?

Thanks :)
I checked the websites and the products I found all had other additives like vanilla flavoring. I need it for baking macarons so not sure if it would work since macarons are finicky and tricky...

ISO albumen or dried egg white powder?


Do remember which isle it was in? I went looking today and couldn't find it. I asked the people working there and they didn't know either.



Where can I buy vanilla paste in toronto?

I've seen it at Williams-Sonoma.

In the St. Lawrence Market, I've seen it at one of the basement stores sells assortment of gourmet groceries. They had it on the counter by the cashier.

I bought one from Golda's Kitchen.

Which Bulk Barn carries the Nielsen-Massey brand in Markham area? I would like to buy some Nielsen-Massey extracts. Golda's kitchen is really out of the way.

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

Golda's Kitchen
2885 Argentia Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N, CA

ISO: Cake / Pastry Baking Supplies

Golda's have powdered food colouring. I bought some there recently to make macarons too! But I haven't tried using the powdered food colouring yet...

ISO packaged taro and turnip cake in Richmond Hill/Markham area

Thanks for the reccomendation. Bought a taro and a turnip for $10 each. No more discount at this time. Both are tasty with lots of filling. Especially the taro had big chunks of taro. Taro was more salty compared to the turnip.

I tried to pan fry and it was a bit too soft so it fell apart. Is that supposed to happen?

Reccommendations for St. Clair and Yonge + area

Thanks everyone for the reccomendations. Checked out xococava, just to browse but will definitely try it next time and will check out all the other recommend places :)

Reccommendations for St. Clair and Yonge + area

Hi all,

Any good reccommendations for the St. Clair and Yonge area? Foodie shops, cookware/gadget stores, bakeries, casual restaurants, etc?

I have la bamboche on my list already. :)

ISO packaged taro and turnip cake in Richmond Hill/Markham area

Thanks! what is the price range? Anything else you suggest that is good to pickup there? Good to know for next time - won't be able to get there before Sunday so still hoping to be able find something in Richmond hill/markham.

ISO packaged taro and turnip cake in Richmond Hill/Markham area

I'm looking to buy some packaged turnip and taro cakes for Chinese New Year for gifts. A lot of restaurants and grocery stores offer a version but any decent ones? Ones that have lots of filling, good texture, and not too much MSG?


Flourless Chocolate Cake

I'm planning on trying this one...seems reasonable 1 tbsp of butter per serving but a whole lot of chocolate! :)

Mexican Turtle Chocolate Mink

Feb 11, 2009
4.184kj in Home Cooking

Tim Tam Biscuits

I saw some Arnotts tim tam biscuits at the Galati Market Fresh on Leslie, south of Steeles -
5845 Leslie Street
North York, ON M2H 1J8

I think they were $3 something per package. I remember seeing caramel and double chocolate...

Recommendations for Woodbridge area restaurants?

I went recently and tried their penne alla vodka pasta, and their margarita pizza....SO GOOD! The pasta was al dente. The sauce was creamy and had great flavour. Good amount of bacon bits in it too. Very satisfying...mmm just thinking about it is making me drool!

Their wood oven pizza had a nice thin crust with right amount of charring. They served it with fresh basil to sprinkle on. Tasty!

They also served some, I think Caponata? with their bread. It was a mixture of spicy oil, hot peppers, maybe artichokes and some other bits. Nice tasty change from the usual olive oil & balsamic, if you're lucky, served at other Italian places.

For dessert, we had the Bacio Tartufo Affrogato...LOVED IT! Bacio Tartufo was GOOD. Expresso was GOOD. Put it together and WOW!

I really liked their atmosphere/decor as well. Service was great too.

Would go back again for sure - I think this one time made this restaurant as one of my favourite places!

Johns Barbeque Chinese Restaurant - Surprisingly good Cantonese cuisine!!

I picked up some bbq pork for takeout the other day and it was delicious! Even with a lean cut, it was juicy and moist. I enjoyed the sauce that was served with it too... it was nice and sticky and sweet. Really good!

Good Rec, Charles Yu! Thanks! :)

How to Use and Maintain Glazed Terra Cotta?


But what are the benefits of using this type of bakeware/cookware? What can I make in this that I can't make with other bakeware/cookware?

Also, since it can't take abrupt temperature changes, does that mean I can't pour hot stew or soup into it and use as a serverware?

Dec 28, 2008
4.184kj in Cookware

How to Use and Maintain Glazed Terra Cotta?


I just bought this glazed terra cotta casserole from Crate and Barrel

Inspired by traditional European bakeware, our bright blue pieces add a rustic touch to baking and serving. Each piece is high-fired terra cotta with a glowing glaze.

High-fired terra cotta with bright blue glaze
Dishwasher-, microwave- and oven-safe
Made in Portugal

But I'm wondering now how do I maintain and use it? There are no details that came with it, other than the above. I've read about pizza stones before and making sure that you warm it in the oven and don't take it out until its cool down with the oven. So there are no extreme changes in temperature. Is this the same with this casserole dish?

Also - any yummy recipe ideas are welcome so I can try my new toy! :


Thanks all!

Dec 26, 2008
4.184kj in Cookware

Savoury & Sweet Fondue Places

Sounds delicious! I can't find the fondues listed on the Red's online menus.

Do you remember the other fondues they have and the price range?

Was it a appetizer, main, or dessert course - and what "sides" did the fondue come with.


New Bar Burrito Richmond Hill - Neg. Review

Bar Burrito opened up recently on Commerce Valley - Next to Hero burger. This was my first visit to Bar Burrito so I can't compare the quality with the North York location but I wouldn't consider going again.

First, service was mediocre - I'm usually okay with that since it is a fast food place but they weren't very happy and friendly. In fact, they looked disgruntled and I got there before the major lunch time rush.

I had the steak and chicken burrito - asked for no sour cream and guac. Burrito still came with sour cream. I was anticipating yummy burrito because it had a slightly toasty browning.

First bite, got dough, fine thats the end of the burrito. Second bite was alright - alot of lettuce and tomato. It got progressively worse. It was cold in the middle! Probably cause they scooped the rice, beans, and meat from trays warmed over water. The processed cheese shreds just sat in clumps inside the burrito. Second, it was so spicy that I couldn't even taste anything - only can feel the burning sensation. They offered mild, medium, and spicy. I asked for medium - it was more spicy spicy! I've had AND enjoyed burrito boyz with jalepenos and their hot sauce - so I wouldn't say my heat tolerance is that poor. Also, with burrito boyz, you can still taste the different flavours....mmm burrito boyz... I'd rather save my money and wait for a day when I head downtown to enjoy a good burrito from burrito boyz...

Oh, and while I was there, I saw some girl buy a canned drink then complain that it was expired...they just opened within the month, how can their stuff be expired already?

Blah...never again..

Suggestions for O-Mei Dinner for 8?

Thank you for your suggestion Charles :)

We'll probably stick to the rice this time cause the birthday boy loves his fried rice...he also likes bbq pork (char siu). Does O-Mei have that? If so, is it any good?

Also, we'd probably order some other dishes, not every one in the party can gorge on shellfish...any suggestions?

Thanks again ! :)

Sushi making classes in Toronto?

Akasaka in Richmond Hill
Hwy 7 & West Beaver Creek Rd

Suggestions for O-Mei Dinner for 8?

Thanks for the info :)

What dishes were made from the 12 lb lobster?

Suggestions for O-Mei Dinner for 8?

Hello :)

After reading about the lobster at O-Mei on CH, I plan to take my family of 8, including myself, all adults, to try it. Do we need to pre-order the lobster?

Does anyone know the price of lobster O-Mei is charging? I'm working with a budget around $150 including tax, is that suffice? What size of lobster would I need to feed 8 people? Plus, which "ways" should I ask them to make it?

I would also like to order some other dishes as well - any other "must order" dishes? Do they have decent BBQ pork (char sui)?