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Terroni - Mediocre food and BAD Sevice

A few people had recommended Terroni's on Queen West ...but for us it was a waste of money. We are food aficiado's and since the birth of our son 10 month ago, we have not eaten out as much as we used to. This thanksgiving, we ventured out for dinner with our young son to Terroni's and it was such a disapointment

The waitress was AWEFUL! We were not served bread like most Italian places offer...we had to ask for it and the waitress acted like she was doing us a favor giving us the bread. We asked for a bit of fruit or veges for our son to chew on and she said they did not have anything she could offer..???? The tuna, which was the special of the day tasted burnt and not worth $25. My husband ordered a pizza and it was ok...nothing to die for.

Finally after the mediocre meal, we gave an american express card to settle the bill and the waitress told us that their machine was acting up and they would be able to accept only debit cards. Wow...and we just saw another gentleman on a nearby table use his visa to pay for his meal! My husband was adamant and said he would pay only with a credit card and she reluctantly took the card and made us wait for almost 10 minutes. Of course the credit card went through!

Oct 12, 2008
zabee in Ontario (inc. Toronto)