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Fishmonger in the Watchung/Plainfield area?

Well, Kings in Warren always has something good. I didn't have your problem with Mansuetos fortunately. However, I had it with Captain Fresh and the (other) Asian Market, I can confidently say they are too risky despite the discount to Whole Foods. Somerset Farms is worth checking out on Thursdays, when the proprietor drives to Hunts Point, though, like the rest of their goods, better go over it verrrry carefully before buying. But nothing comes close to Seabra's of Newark.

Oct 15, 2009
superf in New Jersey

USDA Prime Meats

There's something just wrong about cryovacced meat (the only kind Wegman's purveys)!

Dec 16, 2008
superf in Pennsylvania

Fishmonger in the Watchung/Plainfield area?

Agree w Rona. Though now the tiny fish shop, Mansueto's, has changed hands, its new owners are dedicated fish mongers as well.

(Since I don't buy Chinese made foods -- having lived in that part of the world long enough to have been amply warned -- I avoid Asian markets. Mansueto's and Warren's Kings are the only places I go in this area, though b/c of mercury not too often.)

Nov 04, 2008
superf in New Jersey

Where to get veal bones in central NJ?

there're a few old school butchers w/in 10 miles, i'm sure they will have or know. sorry can't give you names -- there're also a couple restaurants in n brunsw that would know or even source. chrs

Oct 12, 2008
superf in Mid-Atlantic

Simple Poached Cod

fresh, local ingredients? fresh cod? nothing better, don't even bother w salt. this recipe is a pure celebration of sun soil water and magic

Oct 12, 2008
superf in Recipes