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Basic Crêpes

"Let mixture rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or overnight." And the overnight is as much necessary as "or 45 minutes...or 2 hours and 3 minutes! Half an hour is enough. If the gluten overdevelops you get the effect of putting baking powder in the batter, be sure to find a cold spot in your fridge, if you really want to let it stand over night.

Now about the LUMPS. Here is what you do:
When you start, you put in just some tablespoons of the milk and all the flour so you get a VERY THICK piece of mud, this way the flour particles get "rubbed" into the fluid part. You'll see, NO lumps and no mixer necessary.

Really, this batter is SO easy and forgiving, do it 3-4 times and you don't even have to measure everything, just put in enough of all the ingredients so your batter has the thickness you remember from your previous crêpes.

Jun 28, 2010
TylerDurden in Recipes

Basic Crêpes

Man, you can beat the batter with a WHISK! BY HAND, dammit! And OVERNIGHT??? It takes just TWO minutes, why would I make this one day ahead?(it would make sense if you made too much batter and save some for the other day though).

This stupid overcomplicating of the simple stuff is the reason for just-pour-into-pan supermarket bullshit!

Also, there is no instruction manual for how to fry pancake or Crêpes. If you ever seen it(in a movie or your mom), just try it, if it goes wrong, try it AGAIN and again! You get better and once you know it, you do the pan-throw-flip!
(not so easy with crêpes done with cream, they roll up so easy, flexible little basterds)

Jun 19, 2010
TylerDurden in Recipes


Thank you Capt. Caveman!
This is tasted like the traditional, original REAL Deal!
Great Recipe!

PS: I substituted the madeira cake with a freshly made, square pan baked "Moist Yellow Cake" Recipe from chow, sliced evenly into three pieces of same height. Wow, that was SOFTand added some nice vanilla-flavor.

Jul 19, 2009
TylerDurden in Recipes

Marble Cheesecake Bars

My Co-Workers loved them. Me too. Great & easy recipe, that looks like much more work than it acually is. Perfect for show-offs like myself ;-)

Baking time is little short, if you ask me. My took 40 Minutes to get the typical cheesecake firmness.

Jun 18, 2009
TylerDurden in Recipes

Obsessive Ricotta Cheesecake

Thanks Coolgeek, I am actually quite good at math and did that calculation myself, when I made this cake.

If you want to, I can even calculate how much longer my cake would need to be baked, though I'd had to guess about the specific heat capacity of the ricotta, which probably vary anyway due to the expansion and retraction during the difference baking phases.

And I don't feel "schooled"...*&%§ed off would describe it better.
Also, the word does exist, you wrote it yourself. Maybe it's not in the dictionary...but I think most people got the meaning...

You will probably answer to this post again, but I will not waste more of my time answering to that soon to be posted bla of yours in return. So feel yourself the winner in this little infantile war of ours.

May 18, 2009
TylerDurden in Recipes

Obsessive Ricotta Cheesecake

Maybe your cups are diffrent from mine(which are exactly 236ml), but my CRUST was totally dry and would have never ever been able to reach reach 1 Inch on the sides of my 24cm springform! (Yes I know, that 24 are superslightly more than 9 inches, still wouldn't have been enough dough!)
You should rework your ingredients list! And if you really want to make a perfect cheesecake recipe, make notes about the protein and fat amount of the cheeses you used!

Apr 16, 2009
TylerDurden in Recipes