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Any recommendations Oak Brook vicinity?

My adult daughter and I will be staying at the Renaissance in Oak Brook.
Any recommendations for Friday/Saturday night dining? We will have a vehicle.
We're looking for $$-$$$ range, Italian is good and deep-dish pizza is better.
If it's worth it to drive into Chicago, we'll do so.
Thanks Chowhounders!!!!

Jan 22, 2011
gabriel in Chicago Area

The Kitchen - Scottsdale

Great analysis, Barry. I never experienced the incarnation of Dish. I did stop by The Kitchen for lunch last week and I was pleased overall.
Pricey and upscale, but no doubt the quality is there. I wish them well! I would go back again, definitely.

Feb 15, 2009
gabriel in Phoenix

Sapori d' Italia-Fountain Hills (the old La Piazza)

Any comments, Chowhounders? Their wood-fired pizza is VERY good but has not transcended to greatness IMHO. The entrees are very good but seems a bit limited (no vitello [veal] or beef on the menu?).

Awesome calamari, if you like that. And a friendly waitstaff. Bartender is very friendly.

Also, the external "flame" still burns, a local mini-landmark (in the evenings anyway).

Feb 15, 2009
gabriel in Phoenix

A roadhouse south of Santa Rosa?

WASHOE HOUSE!!! That's the one I was thinking of. THANKS!!!!!!
I'll look at the other ideas too!

A roadhouse south of Santa Rosa?

Help me with my memory, Chowhounds! There was a 'road-house' style restaurant a little south of Santa Rosa (and west of the 101) that I ate at a few years back. It was in a very old building, somewhat historical I believe. Pretty good food, not GREAT, but I really liked the overall feeling of eating there. Can anyone help with the name? Thanks in advance!!

Denver resturants

How about Rocky Mountain Diner? Very close to 16th st mall and they have great comfort food. Try the buffalo meatloaf. yum.

Aug 28, 2006
gabriel in Southwest

Great restaurant near a BART Stop

One great spot about 3 blocks walk from Embarcadero Station is Tadich Grill on California St. (I believe Tadich is the oldest continually operated restaurant in the entire State, so that should tell you something right there). Google Tadich Grill to get an idea of what I am talking about. If you love fresh seafood, and are not too fond of nouvelle cuisine or food trends, you will have entered Nirvana when you open the front door. I love their cioppino; with their sourdough and a tall glass of ale or porter.

Colorado Springs recommendations?

There is a WONDERFUL Italian deli called Mollica's, I would highly recommend to all. They make their own Italian sausage and they have delicious, high quality sandwiches and all kinds of other good stuff. If you like italian deli cuisine, this is the spot!!!!

Aug 02, 2006
gabriel in Mountain States

Feeney's - Central Phoenix

I had lunch there a few weeks back. Louie is still running the joint. It so reminds me of the stereotypical '70's beef and brew type restaurants, right down to the huge salad bar.
Little worse for wear, but hey it's food that matters.
Very good quality, place was packing a lot of (older) people in!

Aug 02, 2006
gabriel in Southwest

focaccia near BART Embarcadero Station??

I have a few hours layover in SFO tomorrow.
I'm going to take BART from the airport to the Embarcadero Terminal, so I can have a bowl of cioppino at Tadich Grill. Yum. My favorite meal in life.
But I want to pick up some focaccia to bring home to my wife.
Does anyone know if there is anywhere to pick up some in that vicinity, within walking distance? Or anywhere else along the BART line where I could stop off?
I would appreciate your help!!!! Thanks in advance, Bay Area Chowhounders!