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Moving to Vienna, need recs

We also live in the Town of Vienna.
Some of our local (i.e. walking distance) favorites that have yet to be mentioned in this tread are Plaka Grill for Greek and Sushi Yoshi,.
If you do a search, there is a thread about this awhile ago.

We've often driven to MD for Chinese food but if you like Cantonese, there's a new place in Fair lakes that we just tried this Friday which shares the space with Malibu Grill (can't remember the name). Anyways, the food was pretty decent and literally every patron in there was Chinese. Take it for what's it's worth but that's one of the few Chinese restaurants in VA that I'll be going back to. I haven't tried XO taste yet however.

New Kam Fong, University & Elkins in Wheaton

Anyone knows if they serve dim sum? I've generally been disappointed my last five or six times w/the dim sum in the MD/NoVA area the past two years or so.

The one that I thought was pretty good, Oriental East, was a bit of a hike and hard to get into on weekends. Of course, the last time I went was about 3 or 4 years ago, so maybe that's changed.

ISO deep fried whole turkey

Never had one before but the one or two people I've talked to swear by them. Since we're having tons of people over, I figure maybe we'll get two turkeys, one traditionally roasted one and one fried one. Thanks for all the tips everyone.

I saw that infrared "fryer" at Costco too but doesn't seem to be the same thing.

ISO deep fried whole turkey

Anyone know where I might be able to purchase a whole deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving in the DC metro area, or better yet, NOVA?
We're having lots of people over this year and I've heard this is a great way of preparing them but I don't want to risk burning down anything.

Good Restaurants in Vienna, Virginia

Also a resident of Vienna, although for less than a year.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Ristorante Bonaroti until very far into the thread. I took my wife and 2 kids for Mother's Day and although the atmosphere and decor were a bit too stuffy for me, the food was excellent. We pretty much didn't even bother w/the printed menu and went with the specials, tuna carpacio was exquisite (although sliced too paper thin). The arugula and fennel salad was simple but perfectly done. The sea scallop appetizer special that day also hit the spot. The only miss out of 3 apps and 3 entrees was the osso bucco. If you go, definitely keep an open mind until after your waiter has recited whatever unwritten specials there are that day.

Taste is definitely a personal preference thing but:
Church St Pizza, Sushi Yoshi, Skorpios, Rose Cafe, and Vienna Inn are some of my favorites in Vienna depending on mood. I've been meaning to try Bazin's and Cafe Renaissance but my "finer dining" experiences usually are in the Tysons area which is only 10min down 123.

tyson's corner 2nd week of february, where in the world do we eat?

I'm know that you mentioned mexican and sushi but if you like ethnic and are coming from a rural area, 2 of northern virginia's top cuisines are Vietnamese and Korean given the high densities of those 2 ethnicities here.

Vietnamese: EDEN center at bailey's crossroads, short drive from Tysons. Many posts on particular establishments as well as dishes if you do a search. It's basically a strip mall w/only Vietnamese restaurants, sandwich shops, etc.

Korean: I have yet to try Honey Pig but it just got written up in the Washington Post Sunday magazine and I've been dying to go after hearing many rave reviews. This (and many of the other Korean restaurants in Annandale) is open 24/7, so if you go out and have 2am munchies, I would highly suggest stopping by here (based on what I've heard and read).

Ethiopian recs for kids

Thanks for the tips.
We're lucky so far since my 5yo favorite food is sushi (we limit his raw fish intake to just tuna for now) and he's at least learned the concept of a "no thank you" bite so that he will taste everything once.

Ethiopian recs for kids

I have a 5yo and 2 yo and have been trying to make an effort to expose them to all sorts of different foods (nothing disappoints me more than going out w/friends who have a very limited palate).

Anyways, both will try anything and I think they would enjoy Ethiopian simply b/c it's different and you get to eat w/your hands. However, my younger one doesn't handle spicy food yet.

Any suggestions for kid friendly restaurants w/decent Ethiopian food? If so, what are some favorite dishes there (All but my youngest handle enjoy spicy food)?

Great Peking Duck

I second Shanghai Village. I tried Duck Changs recently and it was good but not as good and the soup cost extra. The one thing that Duck Changs does much better IMHO is that they have the thin pancakes which I prefer vs the thick doughy ones.

Anyone know whatever happened to Oriental Regency in Tysons ? They had a pretty decent Peking Duck but closed down awhile back.

Best place to buy live lobsters in D.C./Md. area?

Now, I've got a hankering to go down to Great Wall to get some lobsters for New Year's!
How long do you steam a 1 1/4lb lobster for anyways?

Georgetown cupcake recipe in Post?

My wife may be making them for Christmas. Getting the Valhrona chocolate powder has been impossible. Sur la table has run out and Williams Sonoma, Dean and Deluca, Whole Foods, and Wegmans don't have it.

Shanghai soup dumplings?

Is that in the same strip mall as Great Wall? What are some other notable dishes there? It's funny b/c I know the names of all my favorite dishes in Chinese but I'm not really able to read them.

Shanghai soup dumplings?

Anyone know where I can find a good Shanghai style soup dumplings in the DC metro area? In chinese, they are known as "xiao long bao".

I'm looking for something that rivals Joe Shangai in NYC. The few places I've tried that dish here been huge disappointments, particularly A&J's.

Has Four Sisters opened in Merrifield yet?

Parking may be an issue. We were in the mood for pho today and actually drove there. There's an indoor lot which probably is not free and lots of spaces across the street in the movie theater lot. Having had to pay a tow truck $80 cash once just for them to release my car instead of taking it to the pound, I was not going to take the remote chance of getting towed.

Ended up going down the street to Pho Cyclo for some satisfying pho on this cold day.

Georgetown cupcake recipe in Post?

Any one attempt to make the chocolate ganache recipe printed a few wks ago in the Washington Post?

Boba Tea in NoVA?

Just to get an idea of what people's baseline is, how would these places compare to Ten Ren in Rockville? I love their regular black tea and taro.

preCamden yards lunch recs w/kids

Thanks for the advice. I'm also worried that lunch+ballgame is too ambitious w/such young kids but my wife thinks it'll be fine. We'll find out in a few days...

preCamden yards lunch recs w/kids

We will be going to our first O's game Memorial Day Monday. Any recs for 4 adults, 4 kids ages 6mon-5yo?

We prefer something not too far but we'll have 2 cars so as long as the rest. has parking, it's not a big deal. Also, soft shell crabs or traditional hard shell would high on the list.
We've been to Obreyki's before which was good and may be our default if nothing else comes up.

Ethiopian Adventure

Are any of these places kid friendly and open for lunch? We're trying to expose our kids to all types of cuisines at an early age. We have a 4yr old and a 1 yr old.

Northern VA w/toddler

Know what you mean. I'm not sure what area of NoVA you live in b/c that will obviously determine to some extent where you go but I have a 4yo and a 16mon old and we try to go out w/them early so we don't disturb other diners.

I concur w/all the Great American restaurant suggestions (Arties, Coastal flats, Sweet Water Tavern), Tachibana, Rio Grande. We've always felt welcomed at all the ethnic places whether Vietnamese, Korean, Peruvian, etc

Before we had our daughter, we took my son to 2941 to have appetizers/drinks on the outdoor patio at happy hour during the summer and they were very accommodating. We've had dinner at Oceanaire and it went pretty well--they sat us in the private room and even had high chairs.

My other suggestion is to try lunch. We've been to Zaytinya, Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park and it was fine. We're thinking of taking them to Central for lunch but we're hesitant b/c my daughter is a screamer sometimes.

Don't give up! My son's favorite restaurant is Tachibana and anytime he gets to choose where we're going for dinner, his reply is inevitably "sushi!"

Recommendations for Vienna, VA area?

What kind of prices are we talking about? Any chance that they are kid friendly?

Anniversary dinner 1789--main dining rm=downstrs?

I believe they will be calling to confirm tomorrow and I wanted to request a good table if possible. Looking at the threads, I know people mention by the fireplace but I'm sure that's in the wintertime not when it's 90 degrees out.

Where at the good (or conversely, bad) tables?

Kid friendly Crab House in Inner Harbor or just off I95?

Thanks for the tip. I've seen Bo Brooks mentioned a lot on the board. What are their crab prices? Didn't see that on their website.

Kid friendly Crab House in Inner Harbor or just off I95?

We have family coming down to NoVA to visit in a few wks and we have traditionally bought a bushel of crabs at the DC waterfront but we figured it might be fun to go to a crab house this year and drive up w/them towards NYC.

I know crabs are a popular subject but we are looking for some place that will be open around lunchtime on Sunday and w/o a long wait or takes reservations as we have 3 kids between the ages of 1 and 3 who don't do well w/long waits.

We're planning to go to the Baltimore Aquarium afterwards so anywhere nearby or anyplace just off of I95 would work well. Are local crabs being served yet?

Tex-Mex in Fairfax and points west

Depending on what part of Fairfax you live, the Uncle Julios/Rio Grande in Fair Oaks may be closer

visiting Baltimore aquarium w/kids--lunch spots

Thanks for all the tips everyone!
I think Little Italy sounds like a good idea. The no stroller policy would have been a very unpleasant surprise. Is the parking right at the Aquarium? Maybe we can leave our stroller in the car and then grab it to walk to lunch (my son's a terrible walker).

visiting Baltimore aquarium w/kids--lunch spots

We're thinking of taking my 3 yr old and newborn up to the aquarium in Baltimore soon. Any suggestions for a decent place for lunch nearby?

Looking for something decent, with plenty of parking, and, of course, kid friendly. Thanks!

A previous thread suggested Mama's on the Half Shell. How far walk/drive is that?

best korean in Centreville?

Looking for good Korean without going out to Annandale (we're fairly close to Centreville).
Some of the dishes we typically like are: bul go gi, kal bi, soon du bu chigae (spicy tofu stew) and hae mul pajun (seafood pancake).
We went to Seoul House in Fairfax where there were lots of Koreans eating but came away a little disappointed.

best sushi in NoVA?

Tried Arrigato on Rte 29 this week and was disappointed. Before bringing out the whole extended family, I went this week w/my wife and 2 kids. We decided to get the omikaze sushi and sashimi. Some of the fish was excellent but it was pretty uneven and definitely not worth the price. Looks like we'll have to head back to Tachibana next time even though I live 5 minutes away from Arigato.

Does anyone know if there is a particularly bad day to go for sushi? Do restaurants pretty much get fresh fish daily? We went on a Tuesday after Labor Day but I don't know if that should affect things.

best sushi in NoVA?

Where's the best sushi place in NoVA? The only requirement is that they must accept reservations for a party of 8 including one toddler who is well behaved.

We've been to Tachibana many times but I thought I would try something new for a change.