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Who has bought a new dishwasher lately?

Hello. I am in need of a new dishwasher; ours (whirlpool) is only two years old and needs to be replaced. I am debating between a Bosch and an Asko. Which Asko model do you own? Is the Asko difficult to load (the tines seem so close together)? Does the Asko dry well, and is it quiet? Any repair problem? Leaking?, etc.

Oct 13, 2008
shopper in Cookware

Asko Dishwashers

Looked at ASK03232XLFI dishwasher today. How efficient and easy is it for loading bowls, lasagna-type pans and dishes all at once? The tines seemed very close together to be able to stack large items upright. How many minutes is the wash cycle? I have searched for two hours now for that information and cannot locate it. I do want a machine that dries well, and therefore am considering the ASKO over the Bosch. The Miele is very expensive (around $1400). The ASKO around $1000 and the Bosch around $900.

Can someone with ASKO experience and Bosch experience please answer.

Oct 11, 2008
shopper in Cookware