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Best Dim Sum and Chinese in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Thank you again. Hello and pleasure to correspond with you!

Best Dim Sum and Chinese in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Thank you profusely, both users! Once again, your expertise and wisdom have improved my life!

You also succeeded in predicting my palate! We've been going to Ding Tai Fung and Pak Loh, but I overlooked them. By the way, the Pak Loh that we visit, is on the 12th floor of Time Square. Is there another on hysan?

Incidentally, we're actually from Toronto as well. I follow and greatly appreciate your posts, Mr. Yu!

Best Dim Sum and Chinese in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Would you please recommend the best dim sum restaurants or Chinese in general, but only within Causeway Bay? Many thanks!

I did consult Mr. Charles Yu's instructive reviews (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9887..., http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3183...).

Here's some personal context: My family and I've been to Lung King Heen (LKH) at the Four Seasons Hotel in Central, the quality of dim sum of which we praised and loved. However, there are too few choices (only around 10), and we found that everything else was extremely overpriced. For example, we ordered the wok-fried glazed eel with scallions, which was fresh and tasty but didn't merit the excessive price.

We've also visited Lei Garden inside Times Square, but its quality is average, with more choices than LKH, but we disliked it.

So yes, I'm interested in excellent, pre-eminent dim sum freshly and originally prepared by the restaurant (from scratch), in a modern clean, comfortable environment. However, we prefer not to feel swindled by overpriced hotel restaurants, or to eat under an affected, austere, stiff, unrelaxed environment like LKH's.

Best AYCE Buffet in Richmond Hill, North York, or Midtown (Started Dec 2012)

Thank you for your responses, Lovemomoe and sweetie!

Best AYCE Buffet in Richmond Hill, North York, or Midtown (Started Dec 2012)

*Edit: I meant to write "Best AYCE JAPANESE Buffet" since I'm interested in Japanese cuisine.

Best AYCE Buffet in Richmond Hill, North York, or Midtown (Started Dec 2012)

Hi everyone. I know that there are other threads on AYCE buffets here, but I thought to start a new post that's more updated.

Therefore, what do you recommend as the best AYCE buffets in either Richmond Hill, Markham, North York, or Midtown Toronto?

The following link propose places like Echo Sushi, Yang's Kitchen. I've also heard of Ginza. However, I've looked at online reviews like Yelp and Restaurantica and each restaurant has significant negative feedback so I'm conflicted. Thank you very much!


Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

Since the last post was from earlier this year, I'd like to ask what you would recommend nowadays, in either the Richmond Hill, Markham, North York, or Midtown Toronto?

Hong Kong or Cantonese Stir-Fry or "Wok-Hay" Restaurants

Hello Charles Yu,

Thank you very much for your response.

I'm afraid that I've been to Judy's Cuisine and John's BBQ before, but they were a bit below my expectations. Their offerings and service were a bit ordinary. I've additionally been to Sun Star in North York. The food and vegetables did have that wok-hay flavour to them, but the problem is their limited menu choice. We really don't know what else to order there, aside from the Set Menus A, B, and C. It has always been the Fried Chicken, Stir-Fried Gai Lan or Choy Sum, or Diced Beef. Of course, they do have seafood including several kinds of fish, but they are very pricey.

I haven't tried New Choice yet, but the reviews here aren't all that positive: http://www.restaurantica.com/on/richm...

I also haven't been to Win's Seafood Restaurant, but again the reviews cast some doubt : http://www.yelp.ca/biz/wins-seafood-r....

So would there be any other recommendations or suggestions for wok-hay restaurants in North York or Richmond Hill? Sadly, I'm not able to make it out to Scarborough.

Thank you again!

Hong Kong or Cantonese Stir-Fry or "Wok-Hay" Restaurants

Hello everyone,

I'd to ask for any recommendations or suggestions for restaurants serving stir-fry or wok-hay, in the true Hong Kong or Cantonese cuisine style.

For example, I used to go to Fantasy Eatery a very long time ago but because there have been some negative reviews of it, I haven't gone anymore. So now, unfortunately, I'm out of a good Cantonese wok-hay place to dine in!

I'd interested in any in North York, Richmond Hill, or Markham.

Thank you very much!

Fantasy Eatery
505 7 Hwy E, Richmond Hill, ON L3T7P6, CA

Takeaway or Store-Bought Roasted Turkey

Dear all,

Since my family and I would still like to have roast turkey this weekend, I'd like to ask where roasted turkey, already cooked (deliciously and well, we hope), can be purchased in North York or the Midtown area.

Are there any restaurants or grocery stores which offer takeaway turkey? This would be where I either preorder and pick it up or buy it already cooked (like roast chicken in many grocery stores)?

Thank you very much!