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Mount Kisco Loses Four Restaurants Including One Really Good One.

Sorry to see a sign in the window of Blackstones Steak House that announces a new restaurant coming. I ate at Blackstones numerous times and never had a bad meal.
Very consistant with terrific service. Now I see that Okinawa and their sister restaurant Temptation Teahouse is closed and there is a sign in Eduardo's restaurant as well.
Lots of turnover in the restaurants here. My guess is the new Patio is next.


Walked by BGR and they were taking stuff out of the restaurant.
Wonder if Pony Express would take that spot!

Why is Blackstones Steakhouse in MT Kisco Always Empty?

Thanks for that wincountrygirl. I do like Chophouse as well.
I guess that answers my question.


Why is Blackstones Steakhouse in MT Kisco Always Empty?

I've been to this restaurant at least a dozen times and each time
I've walked out happy and pleased that such a quality restaurant was
In my neighborhood. People I know that appreciate good food and dining
think the steaks, seafood and the other dishes are excellent, so why is it
always empty? I don't get it. I do get that it's probably pricier than other
places in the area but Flames isn't inexpensive and I enjoy my
meals more at Blackstones which is equally as good as all the other Peter Luger knock-offs I've been to Including Wolfgangs and Benjamin's.
Can someone shed some light here?

Asianna Buffet In Mount Kisco

Two words. Skip It. Food was cold, out of 25 serving dishes
half were fried. A number of shrimp dishes, all instantly
forgettable, one chicken dish and one beef also not worth
trying. I was disappointed and was hoping maybe it would be
at least as decent as King Buffet but wound up like an Asian

Blackstones Steakhouse Mt. Kisco

Been here three times since they opened and found it on par if not better than both Benjamin's and Flames. The tomatoes an onions are definitely in Luger's league (as is the steak sauce)
And both the filet mignon and their Blackstone Chicken
had me dreaming of returning. The service couldn't be better, ask for Jack. To someone who lives in this area, it is the best
most satisfying new restaurant since Little Kabob House arrived. Pretty soon the reservations will be harder to get

Nathan's Yonkers You won't miss me 'till I'm gone

That's very sad. The original one in Oceanside which was massive was one of the great things about growing up in Long Island. The hot dogs, the corn on the cob, the Sunday kid shows they
put on, the big game room. It was a great place to go.

Looking for a place with that does great Christmas decorations with good food. (Rockland, Bergen, Westchester)

I second Kaaaassss recommendation. There is no more beautiful restaurant then Mulinos from Thanksgiving through the New Year. And the food is always terrific.

Kisco Deli To Return To Mount Kisco?

Word is that Kisco Deli is closing in White Plains? Will they relocate back to the Mt Kisco area?
It would be a most welcomed return.

Enzos of Arthur Ave in Mount Kisco Closed

I just walked by and saw the sign was empty and the place vacant. Wow. Heard a rumor a steak place is coming. Anyone heard what happened? Very sudden.

Drumfish or Triggerfish Served In Westchester Restaurants?

After getting back from New Orleans I have a craving for two fish I had there, Drumfish and Triggerfish.
Is there any restaurant that serves this in Westchester?

Decent Chinese in lower Westchester?

I think Baos is closed. It certainly looked it the other day.

Westchester Burger Co Mt Kisco/Bedford Hills

Went last night with my family. They did a nice job fixing the space up. Very busy, as one person commented, definitely a family kid friendly restaurant. Had the onion soup, good but served warm and served with a teaspoon which I didn't like. I had the bison burger wrapped in lettuce (kind of like animal style at In& Out Burger) onions and horseradish pickles. Thought it was very tasty but would have appreciated a better piece of iceberg to pick it up with. My son had the lamb burger and my wife had the Cobb salad, both of which they liked. Service was a bit long but am confident they'll get it together. All in all, I'm happy they're here.

Another sky rocket rent to oust a good tenant.. MT.Kisco Farm

Rumor has it in addition to Mt Kisco Farm, both The Gap and Banana Republic may also exit.

Gem Cuisines of China, former Hunan Village in Yonkers... Paul is Back!

Was eager to try it because I liked Hunan Village. Did take out, thought the price st $100 was very steep for what we ordered. Although the food was good but not great, the portions were very small.
For my money Aberdeen is still the way to go.

Crisabella's in Mount Kisco Closed?

Funny. When I went in there to take out a few slices of pizza a month or two ago, it just seemed temporary to me. Hopefully the next place will be something other than Pizza and use Little Kabob Station as an example of if you have something different and it's good and priced reasonably, people will come.

Enzos of Arthur Ave in Mt Kisco Any good?

Tried to eat there Friday night and it was packed with an hour wait.
Curious to hear if it is any good.

The Burger Joint - Coming to Mt. Kisco?

I actually contacted the family that owns In and Out years ago and they have no interest in expanding east unfortunately.

Headed To Nashville Need A Place To Meet, Drink and Eat

Coming to Nashville, looking for a place to take people Sunday night for drinks and food.
Someplace comfortable, cool bar, good food. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Phenomenal food at Helsinki in Hudson, NY

I totally agree. I manage an artist who played there a couple of weeks ago and was
blown away by just how good the food was. Usually in a club like BB Kings or so the food is lousy but this was terrific. I ordered the shrimp appetizer as I sat at the bar and it was so
good I ordered another. We also had the steak and it was delicious. Great place to spend a night.

The Little Kabab Station Mt. Kisco

I have eaten here literally about three or four times since they opened, either in the small but nicely designed restaurant or delivery. The woman who owns it was a former owner of Bollywood and honestly, this is much better. The chiken malai kebab may be the tastiest
I've ever had and that includes Bengal Tiger or Jaipore. My wife and son have had the
paneer kebabs, the shrimp malai kebab and the chicken masala, all agree it's great.
They have about a haf dozen different nan combinations like paneer and chili. The fruit and
nut nan actually taste like there's fruit and nut in it, not just a hint. The prices are reasonable
and the staff couldnt be more helpful. To me this is one of the best additions to Mount Kisco
in years.

Bengal Tiger
140 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601

Old Stone Trattoria in Chappaqua

I had dinner there with my family and left totally unimpressed. The service was very poor
and the chicken scarparello slice was as dry as dry could possibly be. I'm content with going the
extra miles to Frank Pepe's in Yonkers.

Supposed Mafia hangout in N. Westchester with ricotta cheesecake??

Any chance that someone knows the name of this place. Sounds interesting.

new place in thornwood called-Risotto

Anonymouse 1935- Not familiar with Spadafino. But I ate at Risotto last night and really enjoyed the meal again. They had a buttternut squash risotto as a special appetizer which was very good.

Spadafino's Restaurant
15 Commerce St, Hawthorne, NY 10532

If you like Krispy Kreme Donuts then you have to try Mr.DOnut in Pleasantville

I've actually been there a couple of times and thought the donuts and coffee were very good. The cream filled ones and the ones with cream cheese frosting are very good,
Worth a try.

new place in thornwood called-Risotto

Had dinner there last night. Space was formerly Casa Nostra or something like that. Place was packed. Owner and the chef had worked together at Amalfi in Briarcliff for years. Had the roasted eggplant wrapped in mozzarella with red peppers that was very good only complaint there was too much dressing on the salad that came with it. My wife had the mussels and also liked them. None of the main courses were over $19.95 which I thought was perfect for this kind of restaurant. For a main dish I had the chicken Scarparo which like ssternberg mentioned was very tasty.
My wife had a pasta dish (sorry forgot) that she really liked even commenting about the sauce. The owner came over and asked if I could switch tables as there was a party of six coming in. I was fine with it as I liked the new table better
and he was very nice about it, buying us a round of drinks (they have a liquor license now). Nice to have a little cozy restaurant with good Italian food nearby.
I'll definitely be back.

Lucky Buddah in Thornwood. New Asian.

Drove by it today in the Thornwood Shopping Center, was wondering if anyone has tried it yet.
I think the name is Lucky Buddah.

L.A. Hound visiting Nashville

Hey Debbie, I'm also coming in to see Springsteen, but from New York. I too have to do
exhaustive research before committing to a restaurant. Please let me know what you
find. Here's my facebook page.


The Never Ending Search For Stone Crabs in Westchester Restaurants

My annual question is "Have stone crabs made their appearance this season yet and if they have, what restaurants carry them? I'm looking for restaurants not fish markets.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Whipping Post and The Upper West Side

Going to see The Allmans Saturday Night at The Beacon. Never really eat on the Upper West Side, could use some suggestions. Open to all kinds of food. Thanks.

Mar 26, 2009
GrifinMil in Manhattan