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Where Are the Healthy Drive-Thrus?

As a suburban parent of a toddler, I would LOVE a healthy fast-food drive-through, because there are many, many times in the life of a parent that drive-throughs are ideal - like when she's sleeping in the car and I'm hungry, or when she just woke up and didn't get to eat before we got in the car, or when we're shuttling through play-dates and errands and I just want to get something to eat without having to get her out of and then into the car seat for the fiftieth time that day. Never mind all the times in my non-parenting life that drive-through has been the ideal way to get food. And yet, I will not, not, not eat Mickey D's, because, all ethical questions aside, blech. So please, bring some healthy drive-through to the Chicago northwest burbs, food companies!

Jan 30, 2011
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The Lady Will Have the Prawns

I consider myself a feminist . . . but I really can't imagine this bothering me much. If he actually referred to me as "the lady," I would probably laugh, and rib him about it a little (and actually, the mark of a good first date would be if I could rib him about it frequently throughout the night and he could laugh about it) but it's hard for me to see the behavior as offensive. Maybe it's an age/generation/location thing - no one I know and no one I grew up with has ever/would ever do this, so it would merely seem anachronistic and quaint to me, rather than offensive.

Aug 07, 2010
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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Here's what I've been doing lately that I love although it's so bad for me. I saute sliced baby bellas in butter with some crushed red pepper and garlic. Then I put that with shaved parmesan or romano - whatever I can get - and sometimes some arugula or spinach on slices of seriously buttered sourdough and saute it in butter in the fry pan. Yum, yum, ooh, delicious. I wish I had one tonight.

Feb 14, 2009
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Dinner before Second City- Adobo Grill or Others

The Italian place Topo Gigio is not bad, and I've always enjoyed Fireplace Inn for ribs. Neither are as interesting or have as fun an ambience as Adobo Grill.

Oct 09, 2008
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