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Birmingham Surprises

Hello there fellow Birminghamians. Just joined the board and wanted to start more discussion about what food in Birmingham has actually surprised you. Like "Wow that's good!" Maybe "Why does everyone else like this so much?"

I grew up in Birmingham, and have lived most of my life within an hour drive of it, so I'd like to know what others think of the city, and what other people who've lived here as long as I have think about food in Birmingham.

I haven't been surprised so much lately, but I do remember being pleasantly surprised the first time I went out to Standard Bistro in Mt. Laurel a couple of years back. I believe it was the fall, so I had to order the braised veal shank. It was simply the most delicious version of this entree I've ever had.

Help in or near Tuscaloosa, AL

There are a number of choices depending on what you want to spend. One of my favorites, The Globe, is open for lunch and is technically in Northport I believe, but very close to downtown Tuscaloosa.

I don't believe they are open on Mondays, and they may still have a Sunday brunch, but I'm not 100% about that. It's typically a pricier place but for lunch you can certainly find a good meal for a good price.

If you have a price range I could try and think of something else. And depending on if you're planning on being there during the week or the weekend.

I'll just list a few:
City Cafe
Subs'n'You (the hot roast beef sandwhich!)
The Globe
Cafe Venice

Birmingham - Break 'n Bread

Anyone want to offer a trip report? I wasn't able to go this year, but would have liked to attend.

Biscuits in Birmingham

I regularly get take out from Shagri-La and I'm generally pleased. It must be noted that this place is a pretty typical Americanized-Chinese food eatery.

The soups there are consistently good. Wonton soup there is quite tasty and actually comes with shrimp, chicken, pea pods, mushrooms and bamboo shoots. The shrimp are particularly tasty and not overdone.

As far as entrees go, I've never had anything I've been displeased with, but I would recommend the duck. While I haven't had the Peking version, the other choice is quite tasty. It was crispy and the choice of sweet and savory spices for flavoring was quite apparent.

I will say that they are not always consistent although. I've had General Tso's Chicken that was quite hot before, and other times quite mild.

Birmingham Hounds: Let's Talk Meat and Threes. And how John T. Edge is wrong about us.

While I haven't been to all the places listed above, I'm going to have to put in a vote for Nikki's West. I will agree, although, I've always thought the sitting down and getting a drink from a waitress is an odd idea...

But I'm going to have to say that I hope Birmingham is not the Mecca of Meat'n'Threes. It's not that you can't get good food here, I just don't think it's the best.

The best meat'n'three I've been to is City Cafe in Northport/Tuscaloosa. Maybe I'm just pining for my undergraduate days but that place was awesome. The turnover was incredible. The specials (Chicken and Dressing day) were something to behold. Great fried green tomatoes and the service could haven't been better. No matter how thirsty you were, it was impossible to get your sweet tea past the half empty point. The waitresses there simply did not allow this.

Oct 09, 2008
djjazzyjeffmby in Central South