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Good Chinese Restaurant in the District?

Looking for an ambiance like Meiwah that would be a good place to take a group (clean, good service) but with food that's a little more authentic.

Any thoughts on Sichuan Pavilion?

Good Chinese Restaurant in the District?

I'm looking for a great chinese restaurant- metro accessible in the District- to take a group of about 12 people. It seems like Chinatown may be lacking- but any and all suggestions are welcome!

Downtown Louisville Dinner Suggestions

I would try Proof on Main in the 21c hotel.

702 W Main St
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 217-6360

Seeking good breakfast spots in DC (or close Md/Va) open early (7 am) on Weekend

Have you tried American City Diner on Connecticut around Chevy Chase Circle area? Sounds similar to Tastee but in the District. Very bare bones greasy spoon type of place but is also open 24 hours.

Need to organize work dinner in Gtown or Rosslyn

I actually had a group of clients (about 10-12) go to Hook earlier this week for dinner and said while the food was great, the service was not so much.

How about Agraria? I do work functions there with large groups and both the food and service are fantastic.

what to wear/order at ardeo?

If you head up Connecticut from Ardeo, you could try Buck's Fishing and Camping. Very much a neighborhood gem type of place. Or there is also Dino, just a couple doors down from Ardeo.

Best place to eat alone on Fri Night in DC?

I would 2nd Cashion's- great bar service there- very "DC" and more reasonably priced than a Citronelle. Palena is also fantastic.

You may also want to think about Westend Bistro- Eric Ripert's place- for bistro food or Rasika for Indian.

Unique Restaurant Recs for Atlanta?

I will be in Atlanta for a weekend trip and am looking for some uniquely Atlanta restaurant recommendations, as well as anything new and exciting for a foodie such as myself.

I will be staying at the W Midtown but am willing to drive.

Fedex Field Redskins anything to eat?

The best food vendors I have seen are actually on the Club Level. There is a relatively expansive food court (for a stadium) that has everything from BBQ to a gourmet sausage stand, etc. If you end up going to another game, I would definitely recommend trying to spring for the Club Level seats given that the level is open 2 hours before AND after games for your eating and drinking enjoyment!