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What is the deal with Stella?

The beer Stella is selling today isn't anything close to what was brewed in 1366. In fact nobody was able to brew a clear beer successfully until the mid 1800 when Pilsner Urquell basically invented the style. 1366 is pure marketing.

Jul 03, 2012
BeanoCook in Beer

Help me break free from Pilsner Urquell

Starting in Aug 2012, Pilsner Urquell will be expressed cold shipped to the US from the Pilsen brewery. It will be stored in cold storage at the distributor and the 6 packs will be completely enclosed to block light strike damage. Enjoy!

Jul 03, 2012
BeanoCook in Beer

Best Pizza In NJ Still Scorintino's !

Where in the Midwest? That's about the biggest region in the US. There is good pizza there, depending on where you are.

Oct 28, 2011
BeanoCook in New Jersey

Black currant (aka Cassis) soda, juice, or concentrate.

IKEA sells a Black Currant sparkling juice, I think it is Kristian Regale, Swedish or something. It's pretty good.

Feb 21, 2011
BeanoCook in Manhattan

Going to Keenland in April - where to eat?

Wow, you come on chowhound, ask for tips, then go and get chain pizza? No wonder why New Yorkers have no clue about America.

I'm going to NYC next week, should I get Sbarro? Is that Authentic NYC Pizza?

(Northerner Needs Tips) Knoxville v Ole Miss Nov 12-14

Going to Ole Miss game on Nov 12-14. Need recommendations for meals which Knoxville does best.

I do not need white table cloth fancy dining, since I live in NYC area, I can get plenty of that, and I'm sure Knoxville has a good selection as well. Can I get tips to get good southern or local cuisine that a northerner may not be aware of or can't get, it can be grubby and even dirty, just something unique to Knoxville and Tennessee. Breakfast too.

Also, post game recommendations are appreciated as well. Interested in watching college football all night, so good TV viewing is a must.


Unquestionably The Absolute Best In America:

Not only the best fried chicken, but the best chicken fried steaks and a top 5 pork chop. I can't hype this place up enough. It will still exceed expectations

Jan 22, 2010
BeanoCook in General Topics

Good Eats In Milwaukee?

Martino's is very good, but if you like that, you need to try Sammy's on Greenfield Ave, just east of Hwy 100. Great italian beef and supurb hot dogs and fries.

Aug 24, 2009
BeanoCook in Great Lakes

Le Pain Quotidien, the new place in Rye

I have eaten at the New Canaan location. Seriously, I don't see how people REALLY enjoy their meal. I think you have to lie to yourself to enjoy eating at Le Pain Quotidien. If you like slow, indifferent service, followed by tasteless raw materials than this might be the place for you. It is also pretty expensive, considering they serve tasteless raw materials.

Frozen custard

I'm also from Milwaukee and an skeptical of any good frozen custard outside of Wisconsin, but I will also try Timmy Os. I'll probably get to try it next week.

Vanilla is the 1st flavor you taste, that is the standard all custard is measured against each other. We'll see.

River Bistro in New Milford, CT... Any info?

Okay I regret giving Bistro zero stars, as the lobster bisque was good. And the server/manager did attempt (at least somewhat) to improve our experience. But I can't give River more than 1 or 1.5 stars at best for this night. 2 of our plates were inedible.

I will also allow for a single "off" night as I am reasonable. The people near us loved their dishes, it seemed they had entrees.

The bar did look nice, attractive and cozy.

Best Pasta Dish Fairfield County but not too expensive

I have had nearly everything on the menu at Remo. Everything is always served hot, the only place where this happens every single time.

Most recently I had a great layered dish of Spinach, Chicken, Prosciutto and fresh cheese. It was perfectly executed balanced.

I think their linguine and white clams dish is a very strong "staple" but I would seriously expect whatever you choose to eat to be executed to near perfection/perfection every time.

Meatballs are very, very good. But consider their specials too......I don't think this is a one trick pony restaurant.

MKE: Roots

Consistency seems to be a problem right now, in this economy. I see it everywhere.

Milwaukee does have great dining, having lived in both MSP and Milwaukee, both over 6 years each. So Brad, you should be able to find what you are looking for, esp if you are willing to drive, as it seems you are.

I admit that I am not too familiar with the dining scene way out in the Pewaukee, Delafield area, nothing I know of that I could is a bit too suburban. But I do know that rarely do any of those places make the top of the best restaurants in Milwaukee lists, if anything, that is a pricey area but without the quality, as you stated. Milwaukee is at its best with ethnic foods, made in and around the immediate Milwaukee city area.

Try Cempazuchi (mexican/east side), Il Mito (rustic Italian/Wawautosa) both affordable and great quality.

A couple that are a bit more pricey (but no more $$ than Roots)....Osteria Del Mondoā€ˇ (modern italian/downtown Milwaukee) another from a top restaurateur Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro (French/Lakefront N Downtown/East Side) Bacchus (continental) perhaps most pricey.....very high service, (downtown/lake)

One cheap but great place....Nessun Dorma (Riverwest) wine list and gourmet hole in the wall.

Also what is a visit to Milwaukee without a hamburger or custard? Kopps has a location on the west edge of Brookfield on Bluemound rd. Go there for both. Or to Sobelmans for burgers downtown.

I've been to Roots one time, for drinks and for the view. I understand people like it for "locally grown" food, but that was never much my cup of tea. There are much better restaurants in Milwaukee that Roots/far west lake country suburbs.

Good Luck!

Best Pasta Dish Fairfield County but not too expensive

Remo's in Stamford has the best italian food under $15. It is better than all but the very best in FFC, and for the price, it can not be beat.

Best Pasta Dish Fairfield County but not too expensive

I think Mona Lisa closed in Jan 09. It was good, but I walked by there in late Sept, Wed night and it was empty. Sad.

Mexican in Lower Westchester - finally

Thanks for the tip. I also moved to Westchester area, (from midwest) and I can't for the life of me find any good Mexican. To date the best I have found is in Hoboken, NJ. Charritos. They have very fresh food, excellent guacamole and I give them a good grade for Mexican dishes overall. Otherwise, that is it so far.

Memphis Area - "Must Do's"

Sorry I never gave a final recap of my trip, so here it is....

Memphis is a great food city. I will be back as I only got to taste just a few of the jems suggested to me by fellow chowhound posters. Here is a summary:

1st Meal: Gus's Fried Chicken -
My plane landed near 1pm, I met up with 2 other friends at the airport, drove to our hotel (Westin) Beale St......checked in and immediately asked bell-hop directions to Gus's. We were less than 1 mile away, perfect.
Immediately upon entering I could tell I was going to like Gus's. Excellent place for what we were looking for at that moment, quick meal, famous local cusine. We all shared a fried chicken platter. I also ordered fried pickles and jalapenos, with a cold beer. I also believe we had fries....

The Chicken was sensational. Yes, it had a perfectly thin, crispy crust, with a hint of pepper/heat....perfect. Meat was high quality, moist....all told some of the best fried chicken I have had, right up there with Strouds in KC, but a bit different.

Pickles and Jalepenos were also very good, excellent meal, nice cold beer.

2nd Meal: Rendezvous BBQ

Originally my brother wanted to take us to Corky's, but we met up with some Ole Miss fans before the game at Rendezvous, which was just fine by me. I read up on all sorts of suggestions for BBQ in Memphis, obviously this subject creates great debate, and I am sure everyone's argument has merit and at some point I will try 4-5 in Memphis and find my fav.

I got dry rub BBQ slab. I read many people suggest that Rendezvous is very inconsistent, one day it is great, one day it is mediocre. I am pretty sure my slab was mediocre, as far as Rendezvous goes. I know great places have good days and off days, so I wasn't about to write off Rendezous BBQ. My friend got brisket, it was sensational. My brother got wet, I thought it was good.

The highlight was the BBQ nachos. The best nachos I have ever had. They use their dry rub seasoning on them and that my friends is what makes them great. I order the dry rub seasoning to this day.

One day I will try Rendezvous again, but not before I try other suggestions.

Meal 3: Ajax Diner (Oxford, MS) After the Ole Miss v Auburn game. Afternoon Lunch

My brother was here 5 years ago and recommended it. Here I got catfish. I wasn't going to leave the area without getting catfish. This place might be my dream restaurant. Rather casual, but with some style. A casual southern menu, every kind of southern staple on the menu.

My catfish was excellent. The hushpuppies were great and the mac n cheese was very good. Oxford is a very attractive city, I hope to return to try a few other places on list, such as City Grocery.

Meal 4: We wanted to watch more college football, so we went to a chain (crappy food) I won't hold it against Memphis....unfortunately football watching took priority Sat night.

Meal 5: Dryer's (hamburgers)

After watching football, I walked down Beale St to try some of these famous fried burgers. I am a burger expert so I was interested. I did note that Memphis seems to have many highly rated original burgers, I picked Dryers due to unique frying and location.

Overall I felt the burger hit the spot. It was quite good and I would have it again. I got the double/double and that was the perfect amt of meat. I can see someone complaining that the patties are thin and light on beef flavor, but I can apprecieate for that they are, delicous grease, but not drippy, burgers. Cheese was perfectly melted....

Last meal: Corky's Airport - we were tryinig to drive to Paynes on way to airport, but got turned around twice and ended up in the hood. We decided to play it safe and get to airport.

There I got a BBQ pork sandwich w slaw. a w Slaw BBQ sandwich is what I wanted, I prefered Paynes or one of the other famous places, but we had to get going.

It was good, but know there is better our there. Obviously the airport is not going to do it as well as stand alone locations, so I know next time I will make this sandwich a top priority.

Memhis/Oxford was a great food trip and I can tell a top US food city, at least for me.


Why Trader Joe's?

I think I finally figured out Trader Joes. I too lived in Minneapolis once, and Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill.......Each of those cities have excellent grocery and specialty stores, esp the Twin Cities area, just super high end stores and dozens of co-ops. Turns out, most cities don't have that kind of supermarket and specialty quality.

Now I live in the NYC metro area, and let me tell you, the quality of the supermarkets here is pitiful. With that in mind, Trader Joes does have a nice selection of frozen seafood and prepared meals, this makes it a nice option for those with little else.

I just feel sad for most people that get excited for Trader Joes, not because TJ is mediocre (it is) but because they have such poor food quality in general.

Jan 31, 2009
BeanoCook in Chains

How to Make the Best Flank Steak

Flank steak is perhaps the most flavorful cut of beef. It is not cheap, even though it is cheaper than cuts of sirloin or the filet. You are getting flank for explosive flavor and it goes so very well with a good sauce.

Jan 31, 2009
BeanoCook in Features

River Bistro in New Milford, CT... Any info?

River Bistro - I was on a Sunday drive with my beautiful and talented girlfriend, and we happened to come upon this attractive restaurant. It is located on a river, just off hwy 7, a nice setting.

Inside, the restaurant has a large bar and a dining room. The dining room actually has a country feel to it, more so than Spanish. In fact, the decor and menu were confused.

River Bistro has menu that has 1 page of entrees that contain both italian and spanish influences. I would argue that the use of the word "tapas" is inappropriate here because a few of the items were not specific to Spain. Small plates is the term they should use.

Overall our experience at River Bistro was unforgettable, but not in a good way. Upon opening the menu, we were immediately struck by random collection of items, seemingly without any rhyme or reason for being.

Then when the waitress/manager came to take our order, she read us the specials. The list of specials was never ending. She cited at least 10 items/entrees-oh and did I mention it was a Sunday?

We both got soup to start, Lobster Bisque and Potato Garlic. I must admit the Bisque was quite good. It was able to have a strong lobster flavor, yet remain balanced. The Potato Garlic was not so good. The sum of the 2 ingredients were no greater than the parts. It needed something else to bind/combine the flavors together, to create "soup" So it wasn't very good, at least it wasn't inedible.

We decided to order 3 "small plates". We ordered Turnovers/Empanatas (spinach and cheese), Chorizo (in brandy sauce), Mussels (in a garlic and tomato sauce, with spice). The waitress informed us they were out of the turnovers. We then ordered Olives and Cheese as a replacement.

During this time, we noticed the other tables had bread, we did not have bread. My stunning girlfriend asked the waitress if we could get bread, the waitress informed us that it was "in the oven".

HA! 15 min later, we finally got our bread, and it was cold. (so much for the oven). 15 min later our food arrived. However our olives and cheese order did not arrive, and our waitress informed us that they were out of olives, and she asked us if we just wanted cheese. By this time, we decided we had plenty of food and would order more if we were still hungry after the mussels and chorizo.

Here is where bad when to worse, to horrible in a hurry. My first bite of chorizo resulted in a crunch. The bottom of the slice I bit into was burnt and had a crispy black shell. I then proceeded to turn over each of the 10 slices of chorizo, and sure enough, each one was burnt. The cook knew it too, because the burnt side was face down on each piece of meat. This bothers me, when the cook, well aware the food is burnt, tries to hide his snafu.

At this time, my girlfriend pointed out that the chorizo we were served was not even the chorizo we ordered. We ordered chorizo with brandy sauce, instead we got chorizo on rice. I really would not have cared much if the food was just cooked properly. We think they burnt the sauce, thus the rice stand-in.

After we decided we were going to send back the chorizo, my girlfriend who had 1 mussel, had a very disappointed look on her face. Then I ate a mussel, and I understood why. Their was an overwhelming fish stink, even dead fish, rotting in the sun smell and taste. It was bad. Also, there was absolutely no sauce, the plate was dry.

At this point, we were done. I asked how long it has been since either of us had a meal that was a total loss (okay the bisque was good)? The waitress, who never returned to check on our meal, finally came within shouting distance of us, 15 min after our food was delivered. We told her that the chorizo was burnt and I pointed out how the cook knew it too, because each piece was magically placed facing down into the rice. The waitress, instead of apologizing, said in a frustrated tone, no problem I'll get you a new order. Then we pointed out the mussels were lacking sauce (the waitress, again refused to acknowledge the poor quality--offered to add sauce to "make it soupy" for us). We decided we had had enough and said we were done.

We finished our drinks, and, amazingly waited 20 min for our check, which at 15 min, we had to ask for.

Fortunately the waitress removed both the mussels and chorizo from the bill. She finally apologized and that was it.

Maybe they had an off night, maybe Sunday really is the worst day of the week for dining, either way, I would recommend this place for kitchen nightmares, not for fine dining.

zero stars.

Memphis Area - "Must Do's"

Great feedback, thanks!

Looking for some gool ol' KC food

Strouds dominates for great comfort food home cooked meals. Great pork chops, best I've ever had, best chicken fried steaks and they are most famous for fried chicken. also, don't forget the cinnamon rolls. this is the best meal in KC.

Drinking Alone: What Bar?

Nope, Agave has a real bar. As I said, it is a restaurant and there is a great bar in this restaurant.

Oct 09, 2008
BeanoCook in Manhattan

Drinking Alone: What Bar?

Hudson Bar and Books, excellent bar and atmosphere. I love it. However it is likely you won't they allow smoking there, one of a few bars in the city. There is also a location on Lex on the UES. Both are ideal for what you are looking for, comfortable and easy to talk to patrons and they are not going to give you attitude at all, but kindness. One location downtown, the other UES.

Another Ayza, w 31st, would give you a different vibe. Casual feel, but clean and upscale, comfortable. But this isn't Downtown.

For Downtown try Agave 140 W7th. Beautiful space. It is a restaurant with a great bar. Not loud, but there is an energy.

Oct 09, 2008
BeanoCook in Manhattan

New Stamford Bar and Grill: Mackenzie's

Glad Mackenzies changed to become more of a pub, lounge, as Onyx was awkward where it pretended to be a upscale restaurant in a strip mall, when it was clear people were there to lounge anyway.

that being said, Mackenzies is overpriced mediocre bar food. so add another to the stamford scene. In fact, it is very overpriced for the quality you are getting. Which is subpar. nice bar though.

4hr delay at Milwaukee Airport

I agree, Three Brothers is a better choice than everything else listed here. Excellent food. Unique, not every city has authentic food from the Balkans. After your meal, you can go just a couple blocks to either Palimino (bar/pub) or At Random (cocktail lounge) for an after dinner drink, both excellent choices.

Memphis Area - "Must Do's"

I am going to be staying on Beale St @ Westin, Oct 31-Nov 2, going to see Auburn @ Ole Miss football game. We have only enough time to eat 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners in the area. Please provide me with your top 5 "Must Dos" or requirements for someone new to the area.

We eat everything. I have never been to area, but am excited for some good southern food, but will eat anything notable, hamburger, sea food, steak.....whatever is excellent in Memphis, we will try it. We will have a car and are willing to drive 20 min, or if food is on the way to Oxford or in Oxford, we can make that happen as well.


Kansas City, Mo. Old Restaurants

Strouds dominates! Although it is famous for the pan fried chicken, I love the Pork Chops and Chicken Fried Steak the best. Get the cinnaom rolls too, they dominate.