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Has anyone heard of the new restaurant, Fifteen, in Echo Park?

We ate at the "new"-15-soon-to-be-Allston-whatever a couple weeks ago, and I'm sorry to say it was truly awful -- tough little short ribs, calamari with a gross dipping sauce (I mean, really, how do you f**k up a simple, soy-and-ginger-based dipping sauce?), a stingy little portion of stringy duck confit, just-OK soup. We ordered more than half the menu, and everything was overwhelmingly just not very good -- halfway through the meal, we were debating whether to leave and finish up with bar snacks at Prado.

15 is/was the only "nice" restaurant we can walk to, and we really tried to love it -- all we want is a walking-distance place with decent food and an interesting wine list to to eat at a couple times a month -- but I have to agree with a previous poster who called the old 15 "mediocre high-end wedding food," and the new 15, sadly, is a step down from that, with the same clueless-to-crappy service in full force.

The wine list, FYI, was pretty much the same TJ-caliber wines 15 used to sell, plus some nice-sounding cocktails -- maybe their bartender knows what he's doing. I hate to be such a jerk, and I take no pleasure in writing a bad review, but with the high caliber of neighborhood bistros in other rapidly-gentrifying neighborhoods -- everywhere in Brooklyn, Portland, Austin, Baltimore, etc. -- it's mystifying to me that Echo Park can't have a decent local restaurant along with its obnoxious hipsters and insane real-estate prices, y'know?

Nov 30, 2008
heathmitch in Los Angeles Area

Echo Park Delivery (but not pizza or Thai)?

Hi, there --

Just spent another evening bickering with the Husband over where to order dinner in the Elysian Heights section of Echo Park. Seems like a lot of places (Farfalla, Tomato Pie) won't cross Glendale, or won't *quite* make it up the ridge (we're on Avon St.). Aside from Thai and pizza (decent options for both, but sometimes you just don't want Thai or pizza), the only delivery spots we know of are:

Agra Cafe
Pazzaz Sushi

I know how pathetic that looks ... is there anything else?

- Heather

Jul 22, 2008
heathmitch in Los Angeles Area

Thanksgiving in Volcano, HI?

Any recs for a great Thanksgiving dinner for two, within, say, an hour's drive of Volcano? Doesn't have to be turkey, just a good, fun, celebratory meal.

Thanks in advance,


Brooklyn Al Fresco, 2007

Is Grocery still good? I don't get back home as often as I'd like, but I seem to remember stories of them slipping a bit, quality and service-wise (though it seems to me their service was always a little weird).

I'll check out Chestnut; Frankies sounds lovely, but my problem with Italian is always that with good ingredients and cooking skills, it's never *too* hard to make a reasonable version of many (though of course not every) dishes at home -- given the time, patience, etc. And with only one night in New York ...people will swear up and down that LA is a foodie town, and it *is* great for ethnic stuff in far-flung suburbs, but other than that, eh, not so much.

Jun 28, 2007
heathmitch in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Al Fresco, 2007

Coming back to Brooklyn from LA for one night before a wedding in CT in August. We'll be staying in Brooklyn Heights and want outdoor dining within a mile-long walk or so -- really missing those humid NYC summer nights (unbelievable but true -- even after 8 years of "dry heat" in LA).

Patois is out b/c I've already taken my husband there on a previous trip; we love Saul, but alas, no garden; and I can't seem to get a straight answer one way or another about Noodle Pudding. Would prefer to steer clear of Thai and Middle Eastern just because we can get it so easily at home.

So, common question, but always ready for an update: What's great and garden-y *this* summer?



Jun 26, 2007
heathmitch in Outer Boroughs

Lady-Date Dinner on Victory?

With our fellas off at the same bachelor party tonight, a ladyfriend and I thought we'd do some drinking at the Tonga Hut (12808 Victory Blvd. @ Goodland Ave.). Any suggestions for a cheap-and-fun dinner in the vicinity (extra points for walking distance)? We'll eat anything, as long as there's a liquor license involved ...



May 04, 2007
heathmitch in Los Angeles Area

Big Bear Wedding Catering? [moved from Los Angeles board]

Hi, All --

Trying to help out a planning-impaired pal who's thinking of getting married in Big Bear next Fall/Winter ... she's German, and a great cook (but doesn't want to cook for her own wedding, of course).

I know BB's kind of a food-lover's wasteland, but ... any recs?



Aug 29, 2006
heathmitch in California

Comfort Cafe in Silverlake w/ photos

Reggie doesn't work at the Comfort Cafe anymore; he left after coming in second on the Food Network show. Too bad, because it *was* really good -- but the quality has declined considerably since his absence.

Aug 01, 2006
heathmitch in Los Angeles Area