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Brads restaurant on Roncesvalles...CLOSED!!

I was on there website and it seems they have closed.
Anyone have any info on what happened?

Hartmans Meats

what I mean to say is that they offer the same prepared foods and most of there products are the same as you you can buy every where else thats kosher.


I guess you like traditional kosher and nothing new!!!!

Hartmans Meats

I went into there new Bathurst St. location.

Very nice layout thats it.

No owners to greet!?

Food prepared and frozen -Nothing new or exciting nothing creative to wow.

I allways see what a new food shop has in the way of fresh salads they had Cous Cous, Tabouli and pasta-Thats it? For a grand opening.

What have you seen that I might have missed.

Catering Ideas

Being in the industry for 30 + years I dont think you will get ANY caterer for that price,However those fly by nights that operate out of there homes might do the trick

Recommendations for good food and live music?

Hughs Room on Dundas West,Nice venue ,Jazz,folk music,good food reasonable

Marvellous Edibles is closing Jan 18th

Never thought much,first impressions you know!!
I had there peameal sandwich ,it had 2 slices MAYBE 2oz. of meat and a bunch of cheese $7.95 Most of there food was like that loaded with the cheap fillers easy on the protein

Best corned beef sandwich in Toronto

Can I get the name of the where to get the BEST corned beef sandwich in Toronto

Cross and Blackwell---PICALLILLIE

Mum can not find her fav. in Toronto,does any one know where i can find it in Toronto.
Any help,Thanks

Branston Pickle

Can anyone help me find Branston Pickle in Toronto,Thanks


I was there ,medeocre food,its style was popular 10 years ago,teen servers