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Baking brownies in mini cupcake tins--can it be done?

my grandmother (now deceased) used to cook them in cupcake tins ALL the time! she loved how they would come out nice and formed and taste absoloutly GREAT and hand them to us kids outside. Ah the memories...those were some of the most delicious brownies I'd ever tasted... :) Good luck!


Strangest chow you've eaten?

I've had frog legs, which to me are the most disgusting thing I have EVER tasted. BLECH!

one of my freinds was on Fear Factor and she ate a whole bull nose. I can only imagine how NASTY that was.....

Whats the best fancy place to eat in Tupelo, MS?

I am planning to take someone special there in Tupelo...and was wondering if anyone knew of any really good fancy places in Tupelo,MS?
Thank is advance,

The Beautiful Pineapple Tomato.............(w/PHOTOS)

VERY yummy looking.....WHERE did you get them!!!?!?!? I want some!!! LOL thanks for sharing.

Bushel of frozen peaches - what to make?

You could make peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach and cream yogurt, peach crumble, peach divine cake, peach and another fruit of your choice smoothie, galette is a good idea, peach jelly/perserves are YUMMY, peach cream icing is great over plain vanilla cake....oh man the possibilities are endless!!

Pickle freak

my SIL does and as soon as I can I'll ask her about them :) Thanks for the recipe!

Pizza SNAFU ... the horror.

my brother likes ketchup on his grilled cheese tortillas!!! and on his grilled cheese.....I have always been apaulled! it looks so gross..............oh well, maybe its just me.
But that ketchup and pizza thing...ewwwwww!!!!!!

How long before I throw out the SHRIMP?

I would say they're fine :)

New to Chowhound....

Hey everyone! just wanted to introduce myself...excuse my name...I am not the best darn cook, but try to be! I LOVE to cook and think chowhouds a great place.
Nice to meet y'all!


The duh! factor...What did you recently discover that is SO obvious ...

Nope, youre not the only one!!!! I am to!! I have done the exact same thing!