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Need Serious Help - Party of 10 for Tomorrow Night

First, thank you so much for all of your suggestions. By the time I could get consensus our options were limited but we did get a table at Hakkasan. Great atmosphere, great service and everyone enjoyed the food. Over enjoyed the drinks! Cost a fortune but seemed worth it.

Using your suggestions I'm heading out to Fly Trap tonight with a smaller group! Thanks again. Your help is truly appreciated.

Need Serious Help - Party of 10 for Tomorrow Night

I'm in town attending a conference and have been tasked with finding a venue for dinner tomorrow night. While I've been asked to keep it around the Moscone Center, I would be willing to push people to go a bit out for a better dining experience. This is an international group so any cuisine would be acceptable. This is a group that would prefer a challenging menu over a safe menu. Price point is also open. We would be happy with a great dive or a great deal. Fancy, but not too fancy would work as well. Thoughts?

Best places in Baltimore to go out for a 21st birthday weekend?[2014 version]

I would suggest Smalltimore. Very friendly staff, great sushi and great burgers.

Fleet Street Kitchen and Petit Louis

For me, it is the testing the wine by taking a sip. I have been to France numerous times, and never had this happen. It seems controlling. What if I take a sip and think the wine is bad? Would make things awkward.

I love their food and can put up with the ambiance for such a consistently good meal. Just wish they would stop drinking my wine.

Baltimore: Dylan's Oyster Cellar

Stopped by yesterday around 4:30p. While basement level, the space is bright and inviting with off white walls and a minimal but pleasant decor including candles on each table. The service was extremely attentive and helpful. The drink menu looked interesting but when I deferred to something non alcoholic they offered to mix me up something fancy. The lemon/ginger club soda mix went perfectly with the oysters! We sampled all of the oysters and every one of them was fresh, flavorful, and described perfectly on the menu. Loved it and plan on visiting again soon. I think this would be a great place to bring out of town guests for a unique dining/drinking experience.

Where is your "piazza" in Baltimore?

It should be the square at the end of Broadway. A true piazza would mean limiting car traffic, but it would be a perfect place for restaurants to expand outdoor seating, string up some nice lights, and share the cost of outdoor entertainment. It has great potential for early morning get togethers going straight through to the evening dinner crowd.

Staying in Fells Point on Saturday night. Looking for a great brunch on Sunday.

Ale Mary's has a nice brunch with $3.00 bloody marys. Interesting neighborhood bar -

Ho Chi Mihn Recommendation for Birthday Celebration

My husband and our two children (20s) will be visiting Ho Chi Mihn for the the first time on my husband's birthday. We have been to Asia several times; this is our first trip to Vietnam. We would like to surprise my husband with a special meal on his birthday. This can be something expensive, or not, but most importantly memorable as a special occasion in Ho Chi Mihn. We are adventurous eaters with no strong dislikes. I guess we lean towards fresh ethnic ingredients, but then who doesn't?!

Need some specific rec's for Baltimore (Canton/Fells Point)

Completely agree that the food is better at Peter's Inn, but i thought they opened at 6:30 for dinner and did not have a happy hour?

Peter's Inn
504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Need some specific rec's for Baltimore (Canton/Fells Point)

Friday evening - Kooper's on Thames St. They have a buffet with seafood options and the place is named after a dog.

Saturday lunch - The Point on Thames St. They have outdoor seating and a special menu just for dogs (bones, etc.)

Captain James crabs are great and given the convenience a good choice for you. Their outside seating over the water is a nice option.

If you don't mind a wait, Blue Moon for breakfast. If you would rather not stand in line, Jimmy's in Broadway Square.

Grazing - wings from Kislings and tacos from Tortilleria Sinaloa - both are only a block or two up from the water (Fleet St and Eastern Ave).

Unique cocktail menu - Pazo. But, they are a bit persnickety with their dress code. If you want more casual One Eyed Mikes makes the best margaritas!

Blue Moon Cafe
1621 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Pazo Restaurant
1425 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Upscale Wine Bars in Baltimore

VNo at the bottom of Ann Street in Fells Point. Weather permitting there is sitting outside. Very nice setting. They have a light menu offering cheese plates, etc.

baltimore restaurant week deals

Started RW off with a bang - lunch at Ambassador and dinner at Oceanaire. My experience at Oceanaire was very similar to jerseygirldawn. Felt like most dishes were preassembled and reheated. I actually enjoyed the clam chowder; highlight of the meal. Didn't bother with eating the dessert.

My lunch at Ambassador was close to perfection! What a nice way to sample some of their dinner entrees on a budget. First course vegetable samosa was wonderful, Shahi Korma and a crab dish (not on the website menu) entrees were exceptional and served in portions difficult to finish - but we couldn't stop eating!

Highly recommend Ambassador for RW!

Good Tapas in the City? Best first date restraunt?

Mezze. I was on a date once at Tapas Teatro and we were asked to finish our bottle of wine and the bar (very tiny busy bar) so they could re-seat the table. Mezze has nice outdoor seating and several different dining rooms to make the experience more intimate.


I called their number and the person answering said that they are renovating and will be re-opening, they just don't know when. They have a big JHU following so hopefully they will re-open by the end of the summer.