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Best Onion Rings?

I was just at Johnny Rockets this weekend and thought the onion rings were just OK. I think the rings at Cheeburger-Cheeburger are much better.

Any Puffy Tacos in Northern Virginia ?

When I was in San Antonio I used to get some decilious "Puffy Tacos" but I can't seem to find any in the Northern Virginia area. Does anyone know of any Mexican restaurant that has them on the menu (or could make them up for me)?

Sunday Brunch in Pittsburgh

We get up to Pittsburgh about once a year and always wind up at the Grand Concourse for Brunch. It's a great place but there must be other wonderful restaurants that serve Sunday Brunch. Someone had mentioned that, at one time, you could get a great Sunday Brunch at a banquet facility called Victoria Hall. Are they still serving the general public on Sundays? Any suggestions would be a great help.

Aug 24, 2007
BeachGuy31 in Pennsylvania

Classy Outdoor Dining in Northern Virginia

I'm looking for some really nice outdoor dining spots anywhere in the Northern Virginia area. Yes, there's lots of outdoor dining available but most of them overlook parking lots or you're crowded onto busy sidwalks. Even Shirlington has become overcrowded. My favorite place had been the outdoor patio of 2941 in Falls Church but they're not serving outdoors this summer. My other favorites are:
The Hermitage Inn in Clifton
Normandie Farms in Potomac
Ovations out at Wolftrap
Are there any other "hidden gem" out there that I've missed?

Need a great restaurant in Sarasota

There are so many really great restaurants in Sarasota that you'll probably have to take Mom out to dinner every day for a week just to hit the really great ones. My favorites are:
The Bijou Cafe in downtown Sarasota (Top rated by Zagats for the Gulf Coast).
Cafe L'Europe on St Armand's Circle. Truly a first class restaurant in every respect and, after dinner, you can take Mom on a leisurely stroll around the Circle and do some late night shopping. Out on Longboat Key there is PattiGeorges, excellent food and located right on the water. The owner/chef is the brother of the owner of Michaels on East. After dinner head over to Euphemia Haye for dessert (it's literally right down the street. If you don't mind a drive down to Siesta Key there's Ophelia's on the Bay, excellent food, wonderful atmosphere (right on the water) and, if Mom likes to eat outside they have tables just 2 feet from the waters edge. Last time I was there a pod of dolphins passed by during the meal. Truly magical. Whatever you choose I'm sure you won't be disappointed in your Sarasota dining experience.

Apr 07, 2007
BeachGuy31 in Florida

Sunday Buffet Brunch - VA or DC

I've tried most of the Sunday Brunchs in the Virginia/Maryland area and the one I always go back to is Normandie Farms, 10710 Falls Road, Potomac, MD. For quality (3 types of oysters, Nova salmon, and dozens of salads, hot & cold items and a great omelet bar plus desert) and price (all for less than $30.00) it can't be beat. In fact, we'll be there tomorrow.

Best Chinese Buffet in Tampa

I'll be up in Tampa in a few weeks and my friends want to go to a great Chinese Seafood Buffet. I've heard about 2 of them in Tampa: Vari-Asian Crazy Buffet and Todai. Has anyone had any experience with either of these 2 places and if so, which would you recommend. Also, are there other ones around that are better?

Feb 04, 2007
BeachGuy31 in Florida

Looking for a great sandwich in Northern Virginia

Having spent most of my life in the New York/New Jersey area I was always within a few miles of a great deli that made fantastic sandwiches. You know, the ones with 3" of meat stuffed between a few huge slices of bread. In there anything like that in the Northern Virginia area or do have to drive over to the District???

Any great Hot Dogs in Northern Virginia?

I'm a recent transplant from New Jersey where we had some great deep fried Hot Dogs. I can't find a decent "Dog" down here. Any suggestions.

Chineese restaurant in Sarasota

I'm a recent transplant to Sarasota from the Northern Virginia area and I haven't been able to find a really good chineese restaurant in the area. Any suggestions?

Aug 01, 2006
BeachGuy31 in Florida