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East India Cocktail

Okay, I was pulled in by the idea of this drink, but the actual cocktail turns out rather unappealing. Bland, a little too bitter, and not much kick.

I tossed it down and filled the glass with bourbon, a dash of bitters, and a new orange peel, over ice. Much happier.

Mar 06, 2010
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Top 5 Best restaurants in Rhode Island, Not fancy

Pietra does have a beautiful location, but I have to say that the food was a little disappointing--both the appetizers and the main were solid, but unremarkable--and the servers seemed enthusiastic, but clueless. There's potential, but right now it's not worth the money or the drive.

Aug 28, 2009
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Georgian Khachopouri

I don't know if there's been a decline in the intervening years, but I have to disagree about the quality of Russian-Style Ravioli. For those who are interested, I reviewed it here:

Oct 08, 2008
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