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Restaurants In Frederick

If you are looking for an EXCELLENT new restaurant in Frederick check out the Cellar Door 102 N. Market Street.
I think this, without a doubt is the best food I have ever had in Frederick, I have lived here for my entire life of 48 years. The quality of Volt but at much less of a cost.

William the Chef, graduated top of his class at the highest rated culinary school in the US, Institute of Culinary Education in New York (ICE). He has claimed the Food & Wine's Best New Chefs in America award, the James Beard Award and Pastry Art & Design's Ten Best Pastry Chefs award.

He was the pastry Chef to make the birthday cake for Martha Stuart's 90th birthday while working at Wolfgang Puch's Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills.

You will not be disapointed!

Black Hog Barbeque in Frederick

Well, just got home from trying out the new BBQ joint in town. What a let down, small, very small portions. Served in a paper french fry boat type tray. The sides were served in McDonalds style plastic ketchup containers, again SMALL! The food did taste good but very small portions. I enjoy a good beer with my BBQ, I like Guiness but, not looking at the price first $6.00 per beer? Come on!
You have a nice atmosphere, layed out really nice, the food was good but give better portions and on real plates with real silverware. Oh, also, coming from the south, if your going to have greens you must have apple cider vinegar not malt vinegar.
Join up with big nate, the blue truck by the Yamaha shop on 355 and grove road. He knows how to do it right just does not know the business side as you. Oh about the smoking of the meat, I bet Frederick City would shut you down if you fired up a large smoker. I bet they smoke it off site then bring the food into town.