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West mid-30's - any options besides Korean or steakhouse?

Any other type of cuisine would be fine - looking for a somewhat intimate but relatively casual atmosphere. TIA

Mar 03, 2008
brokergal in Manhattan

Epic Roasthouse Report

I had a very mediocre lunch there yesterday:

Hostess greeting was prompt and friendly. Server arrived to the table promptly to take drink order. Specials were recited knowledgably and with great detail. Bread came around and each diner was offered ONE selection - the huge slab of butter served with it is laughable as they did not offer to replenish the bread. I had the roasted chicken entree salad which was described as being served with apples, walnuts and cabbage; salad arrived on a huge pile of shredded red cabbage with 4 thin slices of pear and 4 walnuts. I found 2 odd-ball croutons that I think were an oversight. The salad included what I estimate was barely 1/4 pound of carelessly-pulled chicken (too much fat). I wish the cabbage had been chopped rather than shredded as it was somewhat difficult to eat. The 3 types of salt on the table were not identified - to go to that kind of trouble it is probably worth the server's time to explain which one might complement a given dish.

I couldn't recommend this place to anyone - afraid it is destined to become another tourist-focused place that doesn't have to worry about impressing potential repeat customers.

French in Times Square/Hells Kitchen

I dined at Marseille also on a Sunday evening and found it to be perfectly comfortable for intimate conversation. I think the setting is quite nice for a date - dim lighting, plenty of space between tables, professional and unobtrusive service and - best of all in my view - no chaotic bar scene.

One thing to be mindful of is that the menu includes Mediterranean influences so while there are some French standbys you might check out the menu first.

Feb 21, 2008
brokergal in Manhattan

Help !! Baking a focaccia

I have not tried your suggested technique but by accident I discovered that a sandwich-ready focaccia can be had by first freezing it and then warming it up in a 200-degree oven (do not defrost first). The texture is not as moist as it is fresh from the oven yet it is not overly dry and the crust you are looking for is definitely there.

Jan 31, 2008
brokergal in Home Cooking

Oakland: Piedmont Ave. recommendations?

For fresh, seasonal preparations of local ingredients Bay Wolf is a must - I've probably eaten there a couple of dozen times over the past 15 years and the food has never disappointed.

ISO Picnic Foods - Marin/Sonoma Co.

I recommend a stop at the Ferry Bldg on the Embarcadero - all independent purveyors with anything you could possibly want for a high-end picnic.

SF Dinner suggestion (based on atmosphere)

I disagree; both on a weeknight and (early) weekend I found it to be more than conducive to conversation at a normal volume.

San Francisco: EARLY Breakfast?

Le Regency Deli on California between Drumm & Davis opens at 5:30 on weekdays. Have not had breakfast but have found lunch there to be very good.

SF Dinner suggestion (based on atmosphere)

Restaurant TWO in SoMa

ISO Pumpkin-Filled Ravioli

I've definitely seen it at AG in previous years - 'tis the season, so they are probably a good place to start.

Former San Franciscan visiting Stanford with college shopping daughter. Where to have lunch nearby?

Can you provide some additional detail on preferences? Being a college town there's lots of variety and price ranges.

Turducken from Lunardi's - Anyone Tried?

Thinking about ordering one for Thanksgiving and wondering if the Lundardi's version is as good as, or better than, what you can get online.

Mountain House Restaurant (Skyline Blvd)?

Agree completely with the above, although my most recent time there was about 4 years ago.

SF - Monte Cristo Cafe Closed

Couldn't agree more.

Lightening Foods - yuck!

The Caesar is in my opinion still very good - I go to the Embarcadero location and have never been unhappy with it.

"Only in San Francisco" Restaurants

Swan's Oyster Depot

Trip Report -- Gusto, Balthazar & Remi

I just hosted a business dinner at Remi this past Monday (8/20) and was extremely disappointed. I can't comment on the meals of my companions, but I also had the beet and goat cheese salad and found it mushy and void of nearly all taste - the goat cheese lacked tartness and the beets honestly tasted like they came from a can. My tuna ravioli was delivered cold and its light tomato sauce also lacked discernable flavor. I did not complain or send it back only because at this point it was nearly 11pm and I assume it was cold in the first place because the kitchen staff made it as soon as the order was put in so that they could begin shutting down for the evening.

The waiter refused to allow me to order just one cheese from the cheese plate for dessert, assuring me that the plate was very small - wrong! It was easily large enough to share with the other three at the table.

I could never recommend this place to anyone.

Aug 22, 2007
brokergal in Manhattan

OK to bring my own wine from Trader Joe's? [moved from LA board]

I've brought my own wine into restaurants on both Maui and Kauai (most recently 2006 and April of this year, respectively) with no issues at all. And it didn't matter if the place was low-, medium- or high-end.

Jul 16, 2007
brokergal in Wine

One Week in San Carlos (sort of long)

La Creola on El Camino (a couple blocks north of San Carlos Ave) is good for Cajun-Creole.

OK to bring my own wine from Trader Joe's? [moved from LA board]

Yikes...those of you that are throwing around judgments such as "low class, cheap" etc. I have one question - why the hell would you care if someone wants to bring cheap wine to a restaurant? Whatever happened to live and let live? It seems the underlying tone is that those of you economically fortunate enough to not have to care about a restaurant's markup can hardly wait to tell the rest of us how depraved we are. And it's terribly boorish.

Jul 02, 2007
brokergal in Wine

Is it okay to send back wine because you don't like it?

That's not my point - I'm not defending someone who is faking it, I'm asking if there's a legitimate reason that a sommelier would refuse to accept a return only to "cover himself."

Jun 26, 2007
brokergal in Wine

Is it okay to send back wine because you don't like it?

I'm having a hard time buying the allegation that the sommelier was covering his tracks - what does he have to gain or lose? I'm thinking perhaps the sommelier here just didn't know any better.

Jun 26, 2007
brokergal in Wine

Is it okay to send back wine because you don't like it?

Frankly unless it is the sommelier that leads one to select a particular wine I think one is stuck with whatever one chooses. For that reason I personally stick with wine that I know, and if I want to get adventurous I'll expect the sommelier to know enough about the wine list to make an appropriate recommendation.

I'm not familiar with Mersault so can't offer any input there.

Jun 25, 2007
brokergal in Wine

Harmony Organic Frozen Yogurt (San Carlos)--Awesome!

We finally made it in this weekend (we're SC residents) and were not the least disappointed. My 3 year old insisted on having just plain yogurt, no toppings, and was just as happy as she would have been with ice cream (and I think it is a super idea to have healthier options like this available when one considers the fat nation we're living in).

afternoon tea in SF

Asian menu

Chantilly or John Bentley's in Redwood City

Second recommendation for John Bentleys. My bias against Chantilly has to do with the atmosphere and service (nice but a little stiff) and the rather unimaginative menu.

afternoon tea in SF

Silks in the Mandarin Oriental offers a very nice and distinct tea service (no cucumber sandwiches and scones at this one).

best restaurants with patios

Alpine Inn in Portola Valley/ sunset view and only so-so food but definitely casual and quirky with a huge outdoor area. One of my summertime faves.

Healdsburg help, please

If you don't mind driving a bit north I would recommend Mirepoix in Windsor - very small, cozy bistro. The sweetbreads with frittes is an indulgent slice of heaven! Reservations are a must.

Where is your favorite bread basket?

TWO (formerly Hawthorne Lane)