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HELP - Moving to Prospect Heights. What's up there?

Hey everyone,

I am moving from Park Slope and it looks like P. Heights is my next destination, specifically Eastern Pkwy a block from the museum. I don't know the area real well so can anyone shed some light on bars and restaurants near me?

Especially take-out food places of decent to good quality and any cool bars apart from SODA which I already know about.

Thanks much,


Feb 11, 2007
Apucious in Outer Boroughs

Spiked Egg Nog in the L.E.S. or East Village?

Hey there people,

Can anyone point me to a bar or bars in these neighborhoods that are offering a little of the ole spiked nog? I've got a serious taste for some but haven't seen any signs offering it other than a bar or two in brooklyn heights.

Much appreciated and happy holidays!

Dec 22, 2006
Apucious in Manhattan

Mac 'n Cheese

Can't claim it's the best but in Brooklyn Maggie Brown's on Myrtle Avenue has some good Mac n Cheese as well as Dumont's in Williamsburgh

Aug 01, 2006
Apucious in Manhattan

Park Slope eating -- Beso vs. 12th street bar & grill vs. Bogota

I'm looking for a good place for a dinner date tonight and kinda thought of these 3 places. I've been to Beso but it was about 5 years ago under probably a different name (how's the AC in that joint anyway?). I loved Bogota the one time I went and never been to 12th street. Does anyone have opinions on these?

Or for that matter, if anyone has strong Park Slope recommends for seafood and fish then I'd love to hear them.

Aug 01, 2006
Apucious in Outer Boroughs