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Sausage Casings

You can purchase hog casings (bratwurst sized) from a lot of different places, a "hank" is around 100 feet of casing and is salt packed. As long as you keep them thoroughly salted, they'll last in your fridge for about a year and buying in bulk is definitely the way to go I think a hank cost me something like $20 last time I bought one. Give Gartner's Meat Market a shot for the casings.

May 22, 2012
Sasquatch350 in Metro Portland

High-gluten flour

Bob's red mill AP flour actually has a higher gluten content than many of the bread flours or high gluten flours out there, plus you can buy it in bulk at a lot of the Fred Meyer stores for a good price. Most if not all Bread flours can be considered high gluten, but vary in gluten content, with Gold Medal "Better for Bread" flour being the lowest gluten content and King Arthur/Bobs being far greater.

May 22, 2012
Sasquatch350 in Metro Portland

Looking for Agave Leaves/ solid mexican market

Putting together a party for my father's birthday and trying to find some
agave cactus leaves to stuff in the cavity of a goat. Any suggestions on a mexican grocery store which might carry these or have the ability to source them?

Any help would be appreciated.

Mar 17, 2012
Sasquatch350 in Metro Portland

Fried Aku Bone - Anybody know where I can get some?

I was at Uwajimaya in Beaverton yesterday and they had vacuum sealed packs of some sort of fish collars, probably Hamachi though. a solid alternative if you can't find the Aku.

Jan 29, 2011
Sasquatch350 in Metro Portland

Looking for fresh Soft-Shelled Crabs

Soft Shell Crabs are from Blue Crabs which are just done molting, so their shell is well...soft. Considering Blue Crabs are native to the Eastern Sea Board; I doubt anyone on the west coast would have them fresh. Since they are pretty hardy little suckers, you might be able to overnight them from the East Coast.

Jun 03, 2010
Sasquatch350 in Metro Portland

Sonoma for a few days

Im going to be heading down to Santa Rosa to hang out in CA wine country for a bit; are there any recommendations for "Cannot Miss" wineries? With the Proximity of Russian River and Alexander Valley, I assume most spots in the region are going to be Pinot Oriented with some Zinfandel at high elevation sites. But honestly, Im pretty clueless to the area, being from the outskirts of WallaWalla wine country, this is my first non-PNW outing.

wine and dine tour around Wash. state

Im going to have to agree with luckywonton; Walla Walla area is probobly best for a cohesive tour of wines. That being said, it is also a good starting point for day-trips to the Tri-Cities/Benton Co. area. Some of the Wineries in WW source their grapes from there and most (if not all) are willing to give you vinyard tours if you want to make the drive. There are also wineries in the Tri-Cities and Prosser area that are pretty solid and less Walla Walla-y. Winter is also the slow season around here, and starting in May, things get crazy, so if you want to avoid the crowds, plan accordingly and call ahead to the more private wineries.

If you want the full winery experience, check out staying at Abeja Inn. Afterall, Abeja IS a winery with a vineyard onsite and offer tours and such.

Restaurants to note in the Eastern WA region: Creektown (shamelessly promoting), Saffron (Beard NW Nom.), Whitehouse, T. Macc, Tagaris Winery/Restaurant in Tri Cities does a good job, Patit Creek in Dayton, Jimgerman bar in Waitsburg (but is closed for Jan.)

How to Find Tolerable Mexican Food?

Mexico does have regional "authenticity" like everywhere else. I think what you're looking for is something that you are not going to find in any sort of restaurant. What you're referring to are specific home-style dishes to a certain family. I've cooked with many different Latinos ranging from Cuba to El Salvador to Veracruz. Some basic methods are the same, but everything changes from person to person. Your Mother learned her recipes from her mother and they are going to be different then Mexicans I know.

Best Solution: Call your Mom, ask her how she makes certain things. Cook it yourself.

There should be some sort of term to combine homesickness and longing for homestyle food.

Nov 29, 2009
Sasquatch350 in Greater Seattle

Best inexpensive Syrah?

Inexpensive to you or to me?

Jul 08, 2009
Sasquatch350 in Wine

Yakima or Walla Walla INFO

I would have to disagree with that. Last couple times I've been there, the food seemed to be going downhill IMO. My party ordered the entire menu and we all traded plates. Odd/unintelligent texture combinations and flavors that didnt quite click.

You would be better off eating at Saffron or Brasserie Four in Walla Walla. T. Maccarone does a decent brinch as well. I personally enjoy taking the 20min drive to Waitsburg WA and dining/drinking at JimGermanBar, great people, drinks and food.

Gig Harbor Restaurant

Im going to be in the Gig Harbor area this coming weekend for a family affair and after reading a little about the local eatieries, I have found some possible stops, but Im looking for a chowhound input; is there anything really worth eating in the area?

Weekend in Seattle

I don't make it up to Seattle much, (Im an Oregonian but for some reason never get up there)
and will be spending 3 to 5 days in the area. I am wondering what culinary landmarks should I stop at while I am there. I work in a kitchen by profession, so I really do not care about how much a dinner costs, as long as it gives me satisfaction in return. All I really know about seattle restaurants are the big names.
Crush, Salumi, Tom Douglas' places, etc.

As far as culinary preference, I don't like boring or cookie cutter food. Gimme offal over a piece of beefsteak any day of the week. So any suggestions would be fantastic. thank you so much for your help.

Portland to Walla Walla: Any good eats?

I have never eaten brunch on that drive, but being from the eastern side of the state, making the "I84 hustle" to PDX is something we easterners get to do a lot.
coming from PDX I would recommend Celilo or Full Sail Brewery in Hood River or Baldwin Saloon in The Dalles. Oh, pick up some coffee at Holstein's in the dalles. good stuff there.

Beyond the dalles headed east, your options go way down hill so I would recommend eating somewhere before you go past.

As far as walla-walla goes, I would recommend Brasserie Four if you like french food. Saffron mediterranean kitchen for guessed it. Whitehouse Crawford for High-End Northwesty cuisine. Also, drive 15 minutes up to Waitsburg, WA and give Whoopemup hollow cafe a shot for some authentic cajun fare and a place owned by a fella named Jim German; aptly named JimGermanBar. Great classical cocktails and stellar bar food. they make a great duck confit.

Downtown PDX for a group

I took your recommendation to heart and did some quick email work and we are ending up at clyde common for dinner. Kudos to them!

Downtown PDX for a group

Im looking for some sort of recommendation to take a group of people of 8 to 10 people. We're looking at about a $30/per person range (I know its rough)
the catch is that this is a group for the upcoming High School ProStart Culinary competition and I would like to take them somewhere that will broaden their horizons culinary speaking.

The low budget is because of the state funding of this trip. which is kind of a bummer.
We'll be staying at the Hilton downtown; any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Mutton (SEA)?

Your best bet is to buy a whole animal from a farmer and cut it up yourself. there isnt any easy way around this. Many sheep farmers sell mutton at a good price, killed and skinned. the only equipment needed to specially butcher out a whole lamb/mutton/goat is a bone saw, which is pretty much a hacksaw. Its going to yield more meat then you'll probably want, considering the size of the animal. personally, what I have done (yes I have butchered whole animals on my kitchen table) is to eat the saddle/loin section within a week of butchering and freeze the braising cuts. If you're feeling extra frisky, Buy a grinding attatchment for your kitchenaid and grind some up.

Looking for a butcher that is willing to sell you pieces of mutton is going to be a lost cause in my personal opinion since there is such low demand for the product, there isnt a reason for them to use up their freezer space with the item.

Eating in Columbia Valley

There is also a new addition to the walla walla food and wine scene as of a week ago, a place called brasserie four, smaller portions but they have a nice wine bar, if you're into the french brasserie style of cooking.

Saffron is another solid choice. but come early and beware of the very loud dining room and cramped space.

In the Tri Cities area, there is a restaurant in the Tagaris winery that does quite a good job. the only downside is that they only serve the wine from Tagaris winery, which isnt as good as some of the other options around.

If you're getting sick of wine, try atomic brewing and Pizza, located in an old A&W building in richland. cramped space again, but good house made beers and some solid pie.