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LV Celebrity Chefs

My wife and I are going back to Vegas for a weekend wedding getaway in early April. We are looking to try restaurants that we have not tried yet. The last time we went, we ate at Payard, Hash House, Rosemary's, Olives, Mon Ami Gabi, DBB, Enoteca San Marco, and Canter's. We are definitely going to do Lotus Of Siam with one of our meals, but we are having trouble deciding what to do with the others, as we will be there for Friday night, all of Saturday, then probably leaving after breakfast on Sunday morning. We are on kind of a budget and would like to keep the dinner under $50/person. My wife also suggested that we try a celebrity chef like Michael Mina, Emeril, Wolfgang puck, etc. Can anybody help with any suggestions? Any must-trys among the celebrity chefs? Also, we will have a car there, so driving is not a factor.

Mar 08, 2009
sethco in Southwest

Various Vegas Questions

Going to Vegas between 25 Oct-31 Oct for a convention and we are staying at TI. My wife is going with me since she has never been there. We love lots of food, but we still try to remain healthy and exercise while eating well. We are slightly on a budget where we can afford 1 or 2 high priced meals (i.e. 75-100/pp), but we were mostly looking for moderately priced meals, whether on the strip or off. After looking through these threads, we have come up with a lot of good idea and are looking for some help on narrowing it down. It would also be good to know which are must-trys from the list as we are unsure about the convention schedule (so we may not be able to get to all of them) and if there are any must-try dishes at these places. In addition, we also need to know whether there are any dress codes to these places that would require bringing a suit/dress with us to Vegas. Anyway, here it goes...

1) Lotus of Siam - Heard this was an absolute must-try for Thai
2) Rosemary's - We won't be renting a car. Is the bus safe to travel on?
3) Mon Ami Gabi - Probably going here for lunch one day
4) Hash House A Go Go - Breakfast one day
5) Fiamma vs. Enoteca San Marco vs. B + B - My wife loves Batali, but she also loves the menu at Fiamma. Any suggestions regarding which of the three?
6) Lawry's Prime Rib - This one is really debatable as there are plenty of strip "deals" and I don't particularly care for steaks as restaurants, but my wife was really interested in this. Any thoughts?
7) Olives - Probably going here for lunch one day
8) Daniel Boulud Brasserie vs. Bartoletta vs. Picasso - We are probably going to choose 1-2 of these and need help deciding between the three.
9) Bellagio vs. Wynn vs. Mandalay Bay - My wife is also a big buffet fan. Me not so much. Any suggestions regarding the three?
10) Pampas Brazillian Steakhouse vs. Todai - This is probably going to be a toss up between us, as my wife hates sushi but likes the seafood. This will probably be sacrificed as we may not have enough time, but I loved Todai last time I was there (I spend way too much on Sushi so the AYCE is great)

Thanks for any help or opinions in advance

Oct 24, 2008
sethco in Southwest

Sushi Buffet in Vegas

So, I absoluelty love Sushi and I like to find great places to sample many kinds. This usually leads to some kind of all-you-can-eat/buffet.

Last year when I came to Vegas, I ate at Todai and was completely floored by the selection. It was simply amazing and the price was extremely reasonable.

My question are there better Sushi buffets in Vegas that anybody knows of?

Oct 09, 2008
sethco in Southwest

Recs for Tulsa and Oklahoma City?

If you like Sushi as much as I do, you probably eat a lot. Unfortunately, this can be expensive. When I first got to OKC, I sought out all-you-can-eat options. I found Sumo Sushi on 15th and Broadway in the Edmond area. For $20, they have an all-you-can-eat menu that is fresh made from the bar upon your order. The sushi is mostly basic rolls/sashimi, but there are some specialty rolls on the menu. I try to go there about once a month.

Other good places worth mentioning that are cheap-moderate pricing include

Ted's (Mexican)
Castle Falls, Royal Bavaria (German)
Pops (American) in Arcadia
Cheesebruger in Paradise (American)
The Wedge (Pizzeria)
Deep Fork Grill (Variety)
Red Rock (Tex-Mex/American)
Pearl's (Seafood)
Cafe 501 (American)
The Grand House (Dim Sum)

Oct 07, 2008
sethco in Great Plains

Vegas Restaurants on Strip with Happy Hour

Hi all. New to Chowhound. Will be going out to Vegas on 10/25 for a couple of days and I was wondering if there were any good places on the strip with good drink specials and (at least) decent food. Is there any comprehensive list anywhere?

Also, are there any brazillian steakhouses in Vegas that are any good?

Oct 07, 2008
sethco in Southwest