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Looking for Great Thai Food (Edmonton)


Jul 03, 2011
Boxytoes in Prairie Provinces

Famoso Pizza coming to Calgary

I found it soggy too. Foldability (if that's a word) should not be confused with sogginess and should not be partners in pizza.

When I went, I was with a big fan of the place, but was polite and did not want to announce that the emperor has no clothes. Thanks for stepping up, Chowhounds!

Apr 20, 2010
Boxytoes in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton restaurant review of the month - October (Karmel)

Can we change the topic now to which Vancouver Island vineyards have you been to? Come on people.

Nov 01, 2009
Boxytoes in Prairie Provinces

Bulk Barn in Edmonton

Is it possible it's the building where Wal-mart used to be?

Oct 19, 2009
Boxytoes in Prairie Provinces

chocolate malts

Thank you for your post - the malts at Woodward's food floor were the best - thankfully, my mom liked them too, so they were often a post shopping treat.
I have not had anything like them in yarns. It seemed as though for a while some places still had the same machine and the "malt" looked the same, the flavour changed to more a chocolate soft ice cream, and the texture was not the same.

One other thing that they used to have at the Woodward's basement snack shop in Southgate (Edmonton) was those hot dogs where they used to butter and contact grill the outsides of the pull apart buns. Yum! I guess the buns were sort of like a lobster roll, with the slice through the top down.
I have often wondered what ever happened to those beautiful grape and turquoise tall stools they used to have there? I recall that the staff ladies in those places were always top notch too!
Thanks for the jogging the memories!


Tried Mezzaluna last night - in regards to the bar menu deal, get there early - when we arrived around 6 p.m. (early for dinner!?) the bar was already full. Be prepared if you want to eat at the bar as you will be expected to cram in there, with a crowd of "locals" who will be parked there for the evening.
Server was not willing to entertain providing the bar menu at a regular table, even though the bar seating was at capacity. Chose to stay at a regular table and eat anyways - meal was very well done, although not "the deal."

Oct 07, 2008
Boxytoes in Southwest