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What Dish Is Your State Famous For, i.e., What Was Invented There?

Oklahoma City: Fried Okra, Pecan Pie, Sliced Peanut Butter.

Nov 26, 2008
amylynn5656 in General Topics

Diabetic Dessert for Thanksgiving

Hi! I desperately need some help!

I've been put in charge of bringing a sugar-free dessert to my family's Thanksgiving this year. My grandmother is extremely diabetic and cannot have sugar whatsoever (Splenda is fine).

Does anyone have any recipes that might fit the bill? Oh....and here's the pumpkin. AHHH!!!

thanks for your help!


Nov 21, 2008
amylynn5656 in General Topics

Best Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City/Metro area?

I've never been there, but I hear both good and bad things about Coffee Slingers in Downtown OKC.

My personal favorite is about an hour north of OKC in Stillwater - Aspen Coffee Company.

Time to 'fess up: The Chow Booty Call

In college it was either the Bacon Cheeseburger or the sausage egg taquitos from Whataburger. They were one of the few drive thrus open all night. Cops were known to nab people for DUIs because they passed out in the drive thru.

Nowadays its generally a MexiMelt from Taco Bell or I've also been known to demolish the Migas at IHOP. If I'm at home its usually involving cheese and more cheese.

When I lived in NYC for a short period of time it was ALWAYS Cosmos Diner at the corner of I believe 23rd and 2nd (maybe 3rd). Open 24 hours and a very accomodating (read: patient) for rowdy large groups that have had a few too many at the Kings Head Tavern in Union Square. Those were the days!!

Oct 31, 2008
amylynn5656 in General Topics

Foods That Make You Happy

Mmmm...Pho. I know what I'm having for lunch.

Oct 29, 2008
amylynn5656 in General Topics

Things I ate/drank in college that I will never eat again

Easy Cheese and just about anything. We squirted it in ramen noodles and also ate it on those big baseball park pickles.

Also, regarding trash can punch. Our recipe was a few gallons of hawaiian punch, a handle of everclear and a gallon of pineapple juice followed by various canned fruit. Yes, everclear. Bleh.

Oct 29, 2008
amylynn5656 in General Topics

Foods That Make You Happy

Oh gawd! Too many to choose!

I guess what really makes me happy is actually getting in the kitchen and cooking something I've never done before.

Another thing would probably be a good cup of coffee and a bagel with lox, cream cheese, capers, tomatoes...the works.

Also, I love just eating some sort of good cheese - like an herbed goat's cheese - spread on some yummy crackers with a bottle of wine. Dinner of champions!

Oct 28, 2008
amylynn5656 in General Topics

What odd or unusual foods to you eat?

There is a place in Kansas where they serve their pizza with honey to drizzle over it. I've never tried it but hear its absolutely amazing!

Oct 24, 2008
amylynn5656 in General Topics

Ideas needed for my big self-indulgent pity party

I'm so sorry for your crisis! I hope everything works out!

One of my favorite ways to cope with hard times is to prepare something very simple and quick - but elegant at the same time. (makes me feel fancy! :) )

One time, it was a package of herbed goat cheese and some fancy rye crackers - coupled with your aforementioned bottle of too-expensive-but-I'm-worth-it wine.

Another time I made an EXCELLENT chicken pumpkin soup. Basically its your normal run-of-the-mill chicken soup, but I thickened it up with a can of pumpkin and used a little extra sage to really up the "comfort." The best part about this one was that it was actually a diet recipe! No guilt! Also, I was able to freeze it in individual portions for future consumption.

Anyways, hope this helps!

Oct 15, 2008
amylynn5656 in Home Cooking

Recs for Tulsa and Oklahoma City?

For dinner in OKC I highly recommend Cheevers Cafe on 23rd or Iron Starr BBQ on 36th. Both are owned by the same guy (he also owns Red Prime Steak downtown, but it will push you over $30 / person; great happy hour until 6pm though).

Both Cheevers and Iron Starr offer somewhat upscale eats with a neighborhood vibe. Also, Cheevers will cater to your penchant for healthy food.

Also, I hear Nonna's downtown is great but I haven't been there in ages and it might be over your price point.

The restaurant in the Skirvin Hilton hotel downtown is fabulous, and the hotel itself is amazing.

For sushi, I recommend Okura which is on May Ave at about 63rd-ish. Great specialty rolls. Also there is Neko on Western and right across the street from it is Musashis which is more hibachi-type stuff (a little over-rated IMO).

Anyways, hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else!!

Oct 07, 2008
amylynn5656 in Great Plains