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Birthday Dinner with a Large Group

I should also note that I live near Ballston and most of my friends live in the Fairfax/Arlington area. I'd love to go down to DC.... but if you know of a place in Arlington, awesome.

Birthday Dinner with a Large Group

Hey y'all... I'm still looking for a place to go to dinner next week with a large group of people for my birthday. I didn't want to just go to a chain but was hoping for a place with an atmosphere.

I am expecting 10-15 people. I love Mexican food but am really up for anything. $10-$20max per meal would be ideal too.

Thanks for the help!

Beer and wings for my birthday....any ideas?

Hey y'all! I'm looking for a fun place to spend my evening. Instead of getting dolled up I was thinking beer, wings, and a good atmosphere. Any ideas?

Metro accessible would be awesome!