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Persimmons - New Bern

Persimmons is a newish restaurant in New Bern. I've been there lots of times. Service can be spotty and so can the food. Meals that come out of the kitchen cold, unequal portions (ex. 2 people at the table order the same dish. One get a bigger portion of veggies etc.). Mostly it's good. You just need to remember it's in a small town, where good trained help is hard to find.

Nov 06, 2011
shugga in Southeast

New Bern, NC and Vicinity Report (long, very long)

I've been to Persimmons several times, but not in the last month or so. I've had great meals there and some not so great meals. Most recently I had a Buternut squash Lasagna that was excellent. I've also had a skewered shrimp dish that was over cooked. Shrimp was dry and tough. I think it depends on who's in the kitchen. The wait staff is very helpful and will try to rectify the problem.
Great location and view. You will need reservations.

Mar 04, 2011
shugga in Southeast

New Bern, NC and Vicinity Report (long, very long)

Quite a few new restaurants in New Bern.
Persimmons is on the water, just off Front St behind the BP gas station and the Galley store.
Ribeyes, a small chain restaurant, is on Pollock St., near Carolina Creations.
247 Craven is at 247 Craven St., down the block from Morgans.
Pia's is going Italian. Will be named Bella Cucina, new owners, new chef.
River Bend Marina is now Boston Deli at River Bend.
Sea Glass on MLK Blvd. is now open for dinner.
Christoph'a at the Hilton has music on Fri, Sat and Sun evenings and the bar menu is good.
Don't forget to hit the Farmer's Market every Sat. morning for your fresh produce.

Oct 09, 2010
shugga in Southeast

Restaurants in New Bern, NC

Just came across the health ratings for restaurants in Craven County. Worth a look.

The Chelsea didn't do too well.

Apr 25, 2009
shugga in General South Archive

Restaurants in New Bern, NC

We stopped at Half Time Pub last evening for dinner. I had a very good Filet Mignon with veggies. A friend had the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich and said it was good.
This restaurant, pub, is located in the strip mall with CVS and Food Lion on MLK Blvd.
The chef/owner used to be the chef at the Country Club. The food is good. They only allow smoking at the bar and have some very efficient smoke eaters above the bar area.

Apr 25, 2009
shugga in General South Archive

New Bern, NC and Vicinity Report (long, very long)

Not too much new in New Bern over the past year. I do live here, but spend a lot of time back in Jersey with family.
Pia's on Trent Road is a decent Greek Restaurant.
Jag is no longer at Stacia's Lieu Secret and she's only open for catering events.
The recession has hit New Bern pretty hard. Crabby Jack's on MLK Blvd. has closed and so has The River Bend Cafe and Marina.
Fred and Clare's is gone, due to the death of one of the owners. The building is being rennovated and a new restaurant is supposed to open there...when I do not know.
Oh and Ham's on 70 is now NON SMOKING!
La Fontana has opened up in the old Pizza Inn building, decent Italian food, better than Paula's!
The old standbys are still here, Chelsea, Capt. Ratty's, Pollock St, Baker's Square, Morgans, Annabelles, The Flame, Moores BBQ, Flounders, Famous, MJ's, Sea Glass, etc. And of course all the fast food restaurants. Oh, we also have 2 Dunkin' Donuts Now!!! One on 70E just outside of Taberna and one on the corner of Neuse Blvd. and Simmons St. Whoooo-eeee! We're in the Big Time now!

Mar 01, 2009
shugga in Southeast

Yapa - Are North Carolina wines any good?

Well, we took a road trip to Duplin Winery and the wine was not good. We went to the Seafood Festival in Morehead City and the few wines we tasted at the Festival were not good either. They use a grape called the Muscadine in the eastern part of the state, and it produces a very sweet wine, like Mogen David or Manishevitz. Not to my liking at all.

Sep 16, 2007
shugga in Wine

Recommendations Wilmington, Jacksonville, NC

There is a small restaurant named Hilda's in Jacksonville. I'm not sure of the street. But you could probably look it up in the phone book or ask someone. Great home cooking. Lots of locals frequent the place

Dec 18, 2006
shugga in General South Archive

Anthony's Restaurant in Drexel Hill, PA

We are invited to a wedding at this restaurant. Has anyone been there? How's the food? What should we expect?
Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated.

Dec 15, 2006
shugga in Pennsylvania

Need help for Emerald Isle NC

I've never eaten in Emerald Isle, but there are lots of good restaurants in Beaufort or Morehead City, which is not far from EI.
In Beaufort there's Clauson's 1905 restaurant, Beaufort Grocery, The Spouter Inn. I've eaten lunch at these 3 and they were good. But there are many more.
Morehead City has A Taste of Italy, and Sanitary which are both good. I almost forgot El's Drivein Restaurant. You sit in the car and read the menu on top of the building and the girl comes out and takes your order and delivers it back to you. Remember to save a fry for the seagulls!
Make sure you drive west, into New Bern for a day. Downtown has some good restaurants. Morgans, Pollock St. Deli, MJ's, Bakers Square, Fred and Claire's, Chelsea and more. Stop in the info center at the Convention center.

Aug 12, 2006
shugga in General South Archive

Beaufort/Morehead City/Atlantic Beach/Swansboro NC seafood recs?

I'm in New Bern and have had lunch is one or two spots down there.
In Beaufort we recently had lunch at the Spouter's Inn on the deck overlooking the sound. Good sandwiches and Great views.
Morehead City: We've never eaten here but everyone who has said it was very good italian. A Taste of Italy 4466 Arendell St.
The Sanitary Reataurant in Morehead City is supposed to be good also.
I know that Yana's in Swansboro is really good! Great Breakfasts!!

Aug 01, 2006
shugga in General South Archive