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Balinese suckling pig

Having returned from Bali recently, I started hunting for Indonesian restaurants that specialize in Balinese cuisine (both in the Bay Area and in L.A. where I visit frequently). Finding that most if not all Indonesian restaurants serve Halal meats and no pork. Am craving Balinese suckling pig ( Babi Gulung). Will make it myself on my rotisserie BBQ when the weather get better but meanwhile HELP!

Dec 17, 2012
Eli in San Francisco Bay Area

Remember Spenger's when it was Spenger's and not McCormick and Schmicks?

I recently had an old friend do a big favor for me and want to take him to dinner as a thank you. He said "Remember the salmon with egg sauce at Spenger's". I said "No, but I was addicted to the lobster thermidor served on boiled potatoes that you could get in the 'to go' place. Any places like that still exist that are good quality? Even Tadich Grill, Scoma's, John's Grill menus don't seem to have the combinations of rich newburg or eggy sauces and sea food (and for me, boiled potatoes). Will travel many miles from Berkeley to find a place (preferably on public transport). Don't want healthy or nouvelle. Any help from fellow chowhounds would be greatly appreciated.

Oct 14, 2012
Eli in San Francisco Bay Area

Where can I get Marzipan?

Nordic House on San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley.

Nordic House
2709 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

Feb 28, 2011
Eli in San Francisco Bay Area

"Gaumenkitzel" West Berkeley

I went for breakfast yesterday. Had the Gourmet Frühstück. It was very good and a great deal for the $$. Soft boiled egg done perfectly, a little house smoked salmon, cream cheese, brie, emmenthaler. Some house smoked meats and their dynamite orange marmalade. Also a few slices of apple. Came w. a roll and two kinds of bread. All this for 8.50$! Coffee was meh. Service was fine.

Feb 02, 2011
Eli in San Francisco Bay Area

R. I. P. Neldam's Bakery - July 17, 2010

I just don't understand why the City of Oakland bailed out the Merritt Bakery and not Neldam's....Am I missing something?

Merritt Bakery
203 E 18th St, Oakland, CA 94606

Jul 19, 2010
Eli in San Francisco Bay Area

Restaurants With Private Rooms in Berkeley

Venezia has a private room.

Mar 31, 2010
Eli in San Francisco Bay Area

Spaetzle maker?

My ex bought me one yrs. ago locally...can't remember where though. I'll bet The Junket in El Cerrito Plaza either has them or can tell you where to get one. I love spaetzle!!!!!

Sep 28, 2009
Eli in San Francisco Bay Area

Do you remember the first dish you ever cooked?

My mother was a horrible cook and I started to cook when I was about 10, in self-defense. What I remember most clearly... my mother used to make crepes and stuff them with turkey or chicken and campbell's soup concoctions. They were not very good! One day when I was about 11, she said she would be home late, was having a couple of friends over, and I had to make the crepes. Using my grandmother's large, heavy cast-iron skillet (which I still have 40 yrs. later) I had to make about a dozen crepes. Swirling the batter around the cast-iron pan using two hands just about killed me. About 20 yrs. ago, I found out that when I was in high school working four nights a week, my mother and sister tended to frequent fast food places on the nights that I worked. LOL!

Aug 28, 2008
Eli in Home Cooking