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Mia's Dallas Brisket taco recipe????

I will try this gravy says brisket? Can you used ground chuck?

Oct 11, 2008
Lizann in Home Cooking

Catering at Marine's Memorial Club

Make sure they have enough cocktail servers if you are having a party on thge top floor. We had a party for 50 and they one had one server, who was overwhelmed.

We got a big suite on the 4th floor and were able to have about 30 people in the room, this was very fun. It had a gigantic bar area.

Guests coming to your reception will enjoy the proximity to Union Square, and the free breakfast and happy hour,. Plus, for SF the rooms are reasonable.

One drawback is the parking, which is a short wallk to the hotel, no valet.

Oct 11, 2008
Lizann in San Francisco Bay Area

Tacos w/burgers: Howard's, Ketchy's ll. Bill's #3 & Original Bills

Did anyone post a Bill's Taco's Chili Gravy recipe? I can't find it on the Home Cooking Board.

Oct 09, 2008
Lizann in Los Angeles Area

Wedding at home or Hall

IWejust had a wedding recption at a country club, but not an upscale club. They handled everything from the wedding coordiating to food, bar and clear up, The corkage for for a bottle of wine a\was $6 and open bar well drinks were $3.50 and that ncluded tax and gratuity, I woukd suggest having soemone else do the work so you can enjoy your day. It goes by quickly and it is a better memory if someone else is working. Both my husband and I are Italians and we know how important food is...we were not disappointed.

Also, we had the threat of rain and at the country xlub we had the option of doing the ceremony inside,

18th Birthday with 20 people in SF, Italian or Asian Food

I just hosted my daughter's 21st birthday in San Francisco. On the pre-21 night we went to Brandy Ho in China Town. The dinner was delicious and very reasonable...about $300 for 17 peoole and many were drinking alcohol . We tipped our waiter $20 when we were seated and this made alot of difference. in our service. I highly reommend this. They had a room upstairs that we used and it wad very fun, great food and lots of vegetarian options.

On the big 21st birthday night we went to Firenze by Night in North Beach. They sat us at two big tables...8 and 9 right next to each other. It was in the main dining room and we kind of took over. The gnocchi are incredible,,,they have a pesto, gorgonzola and tomato sauce. option The guests are still talking about the food. Adidiotnally the owner's son, Paulo, is incredbily handsome and the 21 year old girls loved this. Don't waste you money on dessert...17 peole shared one tiramisu and were happy. OUr bill with alcohol was $570 and we all drank. You can call the restaurant and negotiate a set menu for a price. They are flexibe.

I suggest taking a limo with ths many people to the restaurant, The cost is about $50 from the hotel and well worth it.

Oct 09, 2008
Lizann in San Francisco Bay Area


This sounds great. I might add some capers.

Oct 09, 2008
Lizann in Recipes

Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese

I like to use me;t cream cheese in half anf half to make the mac and cheese creamy...and add some PR cheese for more flavor.

Oct 09, 2008
Lizann in Recipes