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Great restaurants near Copley Square?

yeah, Copley doesn't exactly have a wealth of options. . . like most downtowns, lots of overpriced blah. sel de la terre is always quality, though. bar area on the ground level is a nice spot, as is the dining room upstairs. But I would take mkfisher's advice and make the short trek to Island Creek Oyster Bar. Wonderful space, outstanding local food experience. . .great drinks, too. Eastern standard is lively, great cocktails, and the food is *pretty* good, but i rarely go there for dinner.

seeking feedback on ideas for casual(ish) setting w/outstanding food. early 30 somethings reconnecting.

i forgot to mention Plum, as well.

how's plum vs park tavern vs wood tavern?

I've decided on making Nopalito a must-do, but maybe not for this dinner. Or maybe i should?

seeking feedback on ideas for casual(ish) setting w/outstanding food. early 30 somethings reconnecting.

thanks! i'm all too used to restaurants that don't take reservations here in Boston (a change from Minneapolis where i moved from). waiting's not so bad -- and oftentimes worth it for the right place-- if that's what you're expecting. . . so Park Tavern and Nopalito are def possibiliies. And obviously, my friends will help us arrive at a decision, as well.

Also, i've only spent a couple days in SF (with my folks), so i don't know it very well at all, and haven't seen much. i'll likely be checking out a couple touristy spots like City Lights, which vesuvio is close to. . . so thanks for the tip on that one, too.

Appreciate the heads up on my map. Thanks for checking it out.

seeking feedback on ideas for casual(ish) setting w/outstanding food. early 30 somethings reconnecting.

Hey everyone, i'm flying into SF from Boston at the end of march to meet up with a few old friends for a week. One lives in Oakland, another's going to school in Davis, and the other's coming in from Brooklyn. They're all graduate students and I want to treat them to at least one fine meal during my weeklong stay. I've done some research and have thus far come up with the following ideas.

Maven, Haven, Wood Tavern, Park Tavern, the Slanted Door

nopalito (we all love mexican)

outerlands (perhaps too much of hassle getting out there)

SF and Oakland works.

I come from Boston --frankly, not the BEST for seafood --but still not feeling like i need to go that route, especially. I've researched cocktail bars and the mission pretty heavily, so i feel pretty comfortable in that regard. Just wanna make sure i pick a great place for our onetime upscale(ish) dining experience. Again, looking for great atmosphere and unique dining experience. no white table cloth business. Hope this gives a clear enough idea of what i'm looking for. . . and also open to suggestions!!

here's a map i created for the trip that might have some ideas I left out. . .or that ya'll might have some feedback on. really really looking forward to this vacation. i'm staying at villa florence in Union square for a few nights, so as not to overburden my oakland friend. going to big sur's deetjen's inn for a night, as well. I have a few nights in SF, likely by myself, where i'll *perhaps* hit up some restaurants my friends can't really afford at the moment. any feedback on all this is helpful!

thanks so much!!

drink menu annoyance

huh, maybe you should go around to every message board/discussion beginning with such an indignant rhetorical bomb. wait, don't stop there. why don't you just mention what's going on in somalia to everyone everytime they complain about anything. people will totally NOT think you are annoying. also, this post was clearly directed at establishments who aspire for great drinks and have lenthy, detailed menus. you know, chowhound type joints. seems like a pretty legit complaint, given the context. though it may seem pretty minor now that you've decided to expand this board to geopolitics and human tragedy. guess we'll all have to keep such things in mind whenever we engage here.

drink menu annoyance

my biggest pet peeve for the past few months is the "one drink menu" per table habit of nearly every establishment in town. it's always been annoying, but lately it's driving me crazy. Case in point: table of five at Stoddard's-- which has an extensive beer and cocktail selection --getting a single drink menu, then getting approached by server asking about our progress on drink choices. . . while the first person to get his hands on the menu is about halfway through it. This sorta thing happens everywhere, nearly all the time. last night at coppa bar ("just getting drinks" the three of us even said!). last weekend at green street. brunch at deep ellum yesterday. please, this policy is killing me. Drink orders come first. if you're a restaurant or bar that prides itself on wine, beer, and/or cocktails, everyone should get a drink menu to peruse. No more huddling or frantically passing around the menu, no more last-minute pressured drink orders, and most importantly, less time wasted before a great drink meets your hand.

Coffee roasters

google map links invariably suck/don't work:

Coffee roasters

i did a quick search on the barismo website. according to them, you can buy their beans at the following places:



deep ellum

i had a great brunch experience here last weekend. first off, my drink was the "rosalita," i believe. tequila blanco, aperol,"vermouths," and "mole bitters." it was fantastic, one of the best drinks i've had all year, and i'm sort of a cocktail nut. for eats, i had the duck confit hash, which was tremendous. duck, fingerling potatoes, some peppers, an egg over-easy on top, and i forget what else, all served in a skillet, and absolutely great. I had a previously poor brunch experience there over a year ago when i ordered a boring country fried steak and stuck with beer (not as good in the morn). but this was stellar. also, i was worried the place would be too dark for a brunch affair, when i prefer some good natural light. fortunately, they have sky lights and large front windows -- the place was very nicely lit, and not too busy, not too dead (at least around 11-noonish). and the service was quite friendly and attentive. it's a great neighborhood spot that i know i should frequent more often. . . it's just that whenever i can go out i know the place will be packed. any suggestions on other menu items, drinks, times to go?

Best Indian restaurant in Central Square, Cambridge

a new place called "harvest of india" opened up in central square. I went there for the first time last weekend. the food was wonderful (i had the duck masala), service was warm, friendly, very attentive. plus, complimentary dessert for our table of four! why, i have no idea. anybody else try this place? how did your experience compare?

Traveling from NYC for Girls Trip this Wkend - Need Restaurant Suggestions

irish pub: the druid in inman square (cambridge). outstanding authentic irish pub food (no, seriously) with great atmosphere and decor. also, super close by is trina's starlite lounge. it's definitely cambridge's newest trendy/lively spot with an emphasis on craft cocktails and good beer, along with fairly upscaled/tweaked southern comfort food.

i totally agree with island creek oyster house or eastern standard for saturday night. as a bonus, they are virtually next door to one another.

1.25.11 Globes review of Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar

i liked the duck and sausage cassoulet, but i think they have work to do on much of their menu options. . . been there twice and my DCs were "meh" at best on their dishes, and i've read similar subpar reviews of dinner entrees. but check it out. . . .great atmosphere, oysters, craft cocktails.

Best first date restaurants (what's a first date)?

i like to go to the sort of places you have in mind for a first date, like green st, orninoco, central kitchen, rendezvous (sitting at or in the bar is sometimes a good option for those places), oh and maybe miracle of science. central sq is where it's at...also good for having post drink drink options if things are going well b/c the place is flush with quality joints. i recently turned thirty, date every so often, and i feel like it's a given for both parties that drinks and usually just small plates/apps are on the agenda for a first night out (unless it's decided "coffee," but i prefer drinks to loosen things up). avoid the word "dinner" at all costs for first date. other ideas: russell house tavern, garden at the cellar, stoddards, washing sq tavern (just lost their talented chef though, so questionable), eastern standard (place is great, but perhaps a bit large and cliche/popular for first date), franklin cafe, citizen public house (new place near fenway, had a really good experience there), oh and the gallows in south end (def look into that place). i scoped out highland kitchen for a potential date spot with a friend once--very very loud and busy. but i hear it's great, so i'll get back to it for nondate night.

Washington Square Tavern: Any one notice a change?

went there once since the chef change to enjoy their steak frites, which i considered to be the best in town. was hugely disappointed. just wasn't even close to what the dish once was. after hearing others' complaints, honestly, i don't know if i'll be going back there anymore--and i live three blocks away.

steak frites?

I'm also obsessed with having and comparing steak frites. wash sq tavern used to be my fave (their red wine reduction sauce pooled under truffled fries and brocollini made it excpetionally good), but their old chef has since moved on to the abbey and i had a very poor experience with the dish recently. haven't tried the abbey's new rendition. so, as of now, i'd say franklin cafe is tops for me: their description: "Classic Steak Frites: Port Demi Glace, Roquefort Butter | $19"
but there are plenty of places i have yet to check out.

South End ...suggestions for someone who wants to slowly check out South End

franklin cafe is solid. well-executed cocktails, food is consistently great. dark lighting though and kinda smallish, so go when you're looking for something cozy and intimate, say on a dark chilly night. but yeah, i've only had positive experiences there. plenty of other spots in SE, but i'll leave that up to others.

thanksgiving dinner restaurant recs?

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has had any great (or not so great) thxgiving dinners from the usual list of restaurants that provide dinner for the holiday. I'm a graduate student, but my well-off brother will be coming to town and treating us. He's staying at the W and found out that the jean georges' "market" is serving a thanksgiving menu, which interests him....but i'm skeptical. any experiences worth sharing from, say, sel de la terre, l'espalier (maybe too $$/formal, though), henrietta's table, eastern standard, the fireplace (conveniently three blocks from my apt). any other's i'm missing/should look into? thanks for any insight! (i've looked at previous threads on the matter, btw.)

sel de la terre
boston, MA, boston, MA

Neptune Oyster or Drink on a Friday night, insane?

it might be tough and more than a little frustrating, but you def got the right idea, and i say it's worth giving it a go. here's my advice: get to neptune as early as possible. put your name in--expect a 1-2 hr wait. they'll take your cell phone #, and you can kill some time walking around north end. you could use this time wisely by waiting in line to secure some "modern pastry" cannolis for dessert. I went to drink last saturday at around 11:00 and there was a 45 min wait to get in. the bar was only half full, but they have some ridiculous rule now where they don't like it "too crowded." it was seriously less than half full at that place and everyone in line had "wtf?" written all over their face. waiting in line in this town for drinks/nightlife is a joke, so we took a short cab ride to "stoddard's" in downtown crossing. It was absolutely fantastic. wonderful old-time decor. enormous craftbrew draft selection--with five casks--and well executed cocktails, to boot. They, too, take their drinking rather seriously. in summary, do neptune (don't skip the oysters, either) and try drink (it will live up to its stellar reputation), but consider stoddard's as a back-up.

Best Steak Tartare and Best Steak Frites?

The Washington Square Tavern has a wonderful steak frites and i'm rather surpirsed not to see it mentioned. I'll go to the bar alone from time to time when i need to treat myself. Great spot, overall.
per their menu: "House Dry Aged Sirloin, Broccolini, Truffled Fries & Demi Glaze * $23"

new food blog from The Atlantic

Here's the link. Just started today I think!

[MSP] Heidi's Winter Menu recs

This makes me very excited. It will be a perfect way for us to spend a busy holiday (they're coming up here from Phoenix to help me pack up and move). I know my parents will be impressed. Also, my mom is a huge sucker for dessert--she can't go without it! I'll know what to insist on. Thanks so much--and we do have reservations.

[MSP] Heidi's Winter Menu recs

thank you! the lamb will be perfect for my dad. he's a proud irish boy.

[MSP] Heidi's Winter Menu recs

I'm taking my parents to Heidi's on Christmas Evening. It's one of the few places that's actually open for the holidays. I work until 7:30 pm that day and my parents are coming in from Phoenix to see me for precious little time. I'm told they'll be featuring their regular winter menu. To those who have been there recently, do you have any suggestions?

p.s. I'm a longtime chowhound reader, first time poster.
p.p.s. I'm moving to Boston in less than a month. Any recs for out there (from you friendly locals)?

thanks for any tips.

visiting boston 1st time, any advice?

thanks for the advice everyone! I plan on going to apetito for a late lunch/dinner thursday night. i'll also probably hit up that Buff's Pub across my hotel for a drink to calm my nerves and help with sleep before the big interview. my friend and I are going to try for Neptune on Friday night. I know it's going to be busy, but if we expect a wait at least it'll be much easier to deal with. What's a good place to grab an after dinner cocktail in the North End? Any suggestions on a back-up if Neptune is ridiculous busy? Thanks again everyone. After reading Chowhound for nearly a year now, this was my first post!

visiting boston 1st time, any advice?

chestnut hill campus. sorry, i should have been more clear.

visiting boston 1st time, any advice?

thanks. I'm sure that's partly why it was the cheapest hotel i could find. I definitely want to eat well out there, so I'm not going to allow myself to be overly tethered to my hotel. I'm finding some good stuff on this board, so i have some good ideas. looks as though I will for sure be checking out the north end.

visiting boston 1st time, any advice?

Hi everyone! I'm interviewing at Boston College for graduate school this Friday and am looking for good lunch and dinner recommendations for the trip. It will be my first time in Boston! I am hoping to do lunch around Boston College, something casual, eclectic, inspired, and relatively quick and inexpensive. Then I'm sure i'll be going somewhere downtown, getting together with an old friend, and would be interested in going somewhere with great seafood and good beer (something also casual since it's old college buddies getting together). I've heard I should see the North End, but i don't have any definitive plans. I'll be taxiing around town so i'm pretty flexible. I'll be staying at the Sheraton Newton. Thanks for any help!!