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Authentic Asian Noodle Soup West of Boston?

I forgot to mention one other: Oga's Nabeyaki Udon is great.

Authentic Asian Noodle Soup West of Boston?

Any recommendations?
Most of the places in Chinatown where I've had noodle soups have been fine or great but haven't found anything good in MetroWest.
Uncle Cheung's is OK. Noodles and soup are decent, toppings are so-so but I can't get over the noodles coming in a relatively small bowl, heaped up high and an american metal spoon versus a chinese soup spoon.
Sichuan Gourmet didn't have great noodle soup either of the couple of times I tried it. I had the spicy beef noodle soup.
EO Noodles in Framingham was also just OK.
Le's in Chestnut Hill is great for Pho but they are likely closing in 6 months.
Any other decent experiences out there?

Best Shabu Shabu?

I've been to both Shabu Zen's as well as Kaze. I'll have to try the others listed here but if you are in the Natick area, Ten-Ichi is a nice restaurant. I ordered their RibEye which was not as good as I've had at Shabu Zen wrt tenderness but the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is nicer. Also, they have sushi as well as some other entree dishes if others in your party are not up for hot pot. (Which is the case for me...I love it but others don't.)