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The Basics: How to Make Roasted Chicken Breast

450 degrees is a little too hot. Time becomes too critical; there's no margin for error. If the doorbell rings you're screwed...

Dec 25, 2010
ChrisPlatt in Features

CLOSED Scobee Diner

The landmark Scobee Diner in Northern Boulevard in Little Neck has closed.

Here's a story on the auction of its fixtures:


Dec 04, 2010
ChrisPlatt in Outer Boroughs

Flushing: Korean BBQ near Union Street?

Thanks. I'm thinking they might be pretty broke after visiting Anime Castle.
If so, are there any good inexpensive Korean or Chinese fast food places nearby?
Menus in English or helpful English-speaking staff would be a plus...


Nov 05, 2010
ChrisPlatt in Outer Boroughs

Flushing: Korean BBQ near Union Street?

My daughter and her friends plan to visit an anime/manga store on Union Street Sunday.
Afterwards they'd like to try Korean barbecue, preferably one that serves buffet style.
BBQ Village would be a long walk (1.5 miles) on what is expected to be a cold day.
Any recommendations for someplace closer, not too expensive, and teen friendly?


Nov 04, 2010
ChrisPlatt in Outer Boroughs

Karl Ehmer's Closing????

Their website says the store is relocating, but does not include the address of the new location.

Sep 26, 2010
ChrisPlatt in Outer Boroughs

If You're Eating Pork, Read This

The real problems are that there are too many people where the water isn't,
and also that there are too many people on the planet, period.

Whatever happened to Zero Population Growth?


Sep 09, 2010
ChrisPlatt in Features

Bronx Flavor

Bronx Flavor is without doubt the best thing on television
(and I have seen Ghoul A Go Go!), and The Baron is my hero.

Did I just say hero?
Hmmm, sounds like a topic for a future episode of Bronx Flavor... ;)


Sep 06, 2010
ChrisPlatt in Food Media & News

Sunday breakfast/brunch near CitiField?

My group of long suffering Mets fans is going to a Sunday afternoon game in a couple weeks.
We'd like to meet up and enjoy some relatively inexpensive but decent fare before the game.
There will be some teenagers present, so menu should have some American standards.
We will be arriving in two cars, so a parking lot or ample on-street parking is a must.
I recall there are a number of diners on Astoria Boulevard. Which one is best?
Or something else to recommend perhaps? Remember, it's breakfast...


Sep 06, 2010
ChrisPlatt in Outer Boroughs

Chicken Delight Still The Best Fried Chicken In The Tri State [moved from Tristate board]

There was a Chicken Delight here in Oceanside Long Island NY until the mid-1990's.
I was friendly with the owners who told me about a big increase in the franchise costs.
They couldn't afford to renew. They became "Chicken Tonight" for awhile then closed.
IIRC many CD locations closed around the same time, probably for the same reason.
AFAIK the Westbury location is the only Chicken Delight left on Long Island.

Pudgie's once had quite a few Long Island locations, but no more.
Chicken Holiday is another chain that seems to be disappearing, too.

Zorn's has been in business for over 50 years; they started as a poultry farm.
Besides fried and rotisserie chicken they offer a variety of homestyle dishes,
to take out or eat in at three Long Island locations.


Oct 06, 2008
ChrisPlatt in Chains