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Rome Recommendations?

Thank you both for the suggestions. I think taking a taxi is the way for us to go. I've put too much time into researching places and making my list!

Nov 18, 2008
Jivefree in Italy

Rome Recommendations?

Hi. For the past two months I've been researching restaurants in Rome for my upcoming trip in December and have gotten some places from the great advice on this board. Most of the restaurants on my list however are pretty scattered across the map of the city. I just recently found out that one of my travel companions will be recovering from a sugery prior to our trip. I'm thinking with a full day of sight seeing and walking, they may not have the greatest energy level come late night dinner time. I was hoping I may be able to get some recommendations for good solid restaurants with in easy walking distance of our hotel. We will be staying at the Daphne Inn Veneto, located on Via di San Basilio 55. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Can anyone tell me what in season foods or local dishes I should be looking for in December?

I have herd good things about the restaurant, Ristorante Montevecchio, has anyone been? Trattoria Monti, has it been completely over run by tourists, or is it still very much worth a visit?

Thanks Again!

Nov 15, 2008
Jivefree in Italy

Ashland, NH

My family is spending a weed in Ashland, NH in November and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good restaurants close by? I'm pretty familiar with NH, but have never been to Ashland. Thanks!

Italian cooking through Context travel?

Has anyone taken the italian cooking tour through context travel with Daniela de Balzo? I was really hoping to find a one day cooking class in Rome where I could actually roll up my sleeves and cook a little. This tour seems to offer both touring a market and actual cooking, which I like the idea of.

Oct 06, 2008
Jivefree in Italy