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Zojirushi or Cuisinart auto drip coffee maker. Does the carafe lid go on and off easily?

I'm on my second Zojirushi now. Easy to clean and use.
The lid is very easy to screw on and off.
The only drawback (IMO) to the lid is that to pour a cup the dot on the lid and carafe need to line up. I've heard in other's comments that if they are lined up when brewing coffee gets spit out and not into the carafe. This has NEVER happened to me.
If you are using under a counter be aware this unit produces a lot of steam out of the top.
Highly recommend.

Mar 19, 2012
dagmar in Cookware

Where to find Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls?

Shoppers had it. It tasted like Schweddy Balls.

Nicer place to watch (and eat and drink, of course!) the Stanley Cup Finals than Rhino

I have time to kill tonight while the girls are at the Kennedy Center tonight, and was hoping to drink and enjoy a little nosh while watching the game. Go Bruins !
Everyone keeps saying Rhino, but I was hoping for a place for them to meet me after their ballet.
Any ideas on either upper-scale taverns or restaurants with televisions (and a bartender who will tolerate hockey), where'd I'd actually be able to sit at the bar??

Kennedy Center
2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20256

Moving from NYC to Silver Spring

Welcome from a former New-Yorker:
Wife and I moved to DC three years ago and to SS this year.
Max's for deli, gyro & fallafel
Nava Thai for Thai
Mannequin Pis was a nice suprise
H-Mart for fruits, veggies & seafood
You are offically farked regarding pizza, although there are several places that have opened recentely, including a New Haven style
Blacks Market for something fancier and a good brunch

Mannequin Pis Restaurant
18064 Georgia Ave, Olney, MD 20832

Nava Thai Restaurant
11315 Fern St, Silver Spring, MD 20902

800 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD

Foodstuffs with unfortunate names

Yikes !

Aug 05, 2009
dagmar in Not About Food

Foodstuffs with unfortunate names

Grey Poupon

Hardon Tea

Jerk Sauce


Aug 04, 2009
dagmar in Not About Food

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

My turn:

* Cottage cheese with sliced radishes and chopped chives (YUM!)

* Tuna corn fritters: Bisquick, can of tuna and a can of creamed corn fried like a pancake

* Hobo eggs: use a shotglass to cut a hole in bread, toast the slice in a pan w/ butter, put egg in hole, flip and eat while egg is still runny

Jul 17, 2009
dagmar in Home Cooking

Good strawberry rhubarb pie? Anywhere?

Make your own with two frozen crust, on for the pie, and one on top.
Can't beat it and it's so darn EASY !!
Sugar, strawberries, rhubarb and crusts... that's all you need.

Oblivious to Boston - Hound needs lunch and dinner recs for this weekend 5/29-31

omg... if the webpage intro is any indication, Teatro is going to be very loud.
Anyone else turned off by the din and music on the homepage?

May 28, 2009
dagmar in Greater Boston Area

Babka in and around D.C.?

The website has a map.
It's just north of the Woodmont(?) Country Club, across from where Eastern Motors used to be.
On the west side of the street (joes is east).
The shop is on the second level, so drive around back as access to the store is easier.
I think the strip is called the Talbott Center.

Oblivious to Boston - Hound needs lunch and dinner recs for this weekend 5/29-31

I think I've been on the Metro once in two years. LOL
Thanks for the heads up... if it's not a direct shot on one line it's a cab for us!
That, and the wife has been known to be "anti public transportation".
We're staying in the Theater District, a block or two from Wang. I forget the hotel name.

May 26, 2009
dagmar in Greater Boston Area

Oblivious to Boston - Hound needs lunch and dinner recs for this weekend 5/29-31

Thanks, these are some great choices.
I'm assuming you mean No. 9 Park?
I'd forgotten all about Boston's Japanese... and oh how we miss good Sushi.

May 26, 2009
dagmar in Greater Boston Area

Oblivious to Boston - Hound needs lunch and dinner recs for this weekend 5/29-31

Drink has made the itinerary for Friday.
Teatro has two recs here already, so it's the leader for Saturday.

May 26, 2009
dagmar in Greater Boston Area

Oblivious to Boston - Hound needs lunch and dinner recs for this weekend 5/29-31

I really really really tried to do a search prior to posting, but with all of the different neighborhoods being mentioned I become overwhelmed. I'll search "Italian North End" specifically.
I had that feeling about Quincy Mkt... thanks for the confirmation. Can cross that off of the possible places to explore list. I've had that plague at Southstreet NYC and even Georgetown DC enough to understand... it makes me itchy.

May 26, 2009
dagmar in Greater Boston Area

Babka in and around D.C.?
In Rockville imports it from from the polish bakeries in NYC & Chicago.
Can't beat that !
Call to find out when the deliveries are to guarantee freshness and availability.

Oblivious to Boston - Hound needs lunch and dinner recs for this weekend 5/29-31

Wife and I are coming to town from DC this Fri for Leonard Cohen at the Wang Theater Sat.
We're staying around the corner from the theater.
She's a "never-ever" in terms of visiting Boston, I haven't been there since friends were at BU 20 years ago (jeez has it been that long?!?!?). Memory of what I did, besides stumble to Brueger's for breakfast is definately hazy. We both grew up in NYC, but now live in DC, so the diversity and quality of meals has been lacking lately. We really miss italian and sushi.

We'd appreciate any early (6-ish) dinner recs near the theater for Saturday. We eat anything, but require a good gin gimlet as a part of the meal.

Since we need to also eat Friday, and have more time to explore, we'd appreciate any other recs for outside of the theater district. Preferably someplace "Boston-y" that isn't Legal Seafood or Cheers (sorry, but that is what comes to mind)

Finally, we'll be exploring Saturday during the day. If the weather is iffy, we'd like to take in the Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese exhibit at MFA. If nice weather, should we walk around Quincy Mkt? If not where else? Lunch is not required due to the early dinner.

In short:
Bostony Dinner Friday
Early dinner Saturday near Wang Theater
Areas to explore Saturday

Thanks !

PS- Best way from Logan to where we are staying is the T, right?

May 26, 2009
dagmar in Greater Boston Area

Am I Drinking Too Much?

The human race has not devised any way of dissolving barriers, getting to know the other chap fast, breaking the ice, that is one-tenth as handy and efficient as letting you and the other chap, or chaps, cease to be totally sober at about the same rate in agreeable surroundings.
- Kingsley Amis

May 26, 2009
dagmar in Features

Bermuda - 40th Birthday Dinner Blowout Suggestion Needed (and golf too)

Thanks guys/gals... a Bermudian Onion feeling pressure? That'll be the day !
The only pressure I think exists there are the Bermuda Highs.

I'm leaning towards Harry's or Newport Room... or perhaps we'll start early at Beau Rivage and make a feast out of it. Either way, we'll make it to BR at least one day for lunch.

I had a feeling Mickey's was a "cheeseburger in paradise" place... you think it's better than it is because the view helps. Similar to the way you think a $100 wine taste better than the $25 bottle based on price.

** doing best Homer Simpson impression *** MMMMMmmmmmm.... shark hash and a fish sandwhich on raisin bread ! I'm there !

As always, I'll be sure to report back afterwards (after the 18th)

Bermuda - 40th Birthday Dinner Blowout Suggestion Needed (and golf too)

Bermuda - 40th Birthday Dinner Blowout Suggestion Needed (and golf too)

Thanks.... I eagerly await her direction.
The other posts were mostly 'general' dining (I know I know, there is no such thing in Bermuda).
Now I'm thinking shark pie and a Barritts

Bermuda - 40th Birthday Dinner Blowout Suggestion Needed (and golf too)

Hello Fellow Native and "wanna-be" Onions ,

Wife and I are staying at SH Princess, having successfully obtained a room during their 99-hour sale (we would normally stay at EB, but for 1/3 the price we'll suffer at the Fairmont ;-)

Saturday the 16th is my 40th B-day and the wife has tasked me with securing a reservation.
We've eaten at Waterlot, Tom Moore's, and most of the places in Hamilton including Harborfront (very cool location).
Since it's been two years since my most-recent (of probably 15) visits, I'm sure there are choices I'm overlooking.

Based on the volume of posts Bermuda has been getting on Chowhound, I've been able to narrow it down. I'm tempted for Waterlot or Tom Moore's, reliable and I know what I'm in for. Newport Room is closed.

Birthday Night 5/16
Port O'Call
Bistro J
Is the Saturday Night buffet at Reef's worthy of a birthday blowout?

Other options pulled from Chow:
Beau Rivage (from what I read, best for a long afternoon lunch?)

We have to eat four other nights, so some less-expensive, local, home-grown options are also appreciated. I prefer going local when travelling... think "where would you take Anthony Bordain?

Finally.... If someone can suggest a way to get me on Mid-Ocean as a "local" with a member, it's the one course I haven't played other than Port Royal (which I understand is closed) and am reluctant to pay $200+. Otherwise I'll probably wind up at Riddell Bay due to their deals through Fairmont. I shoot in the 80s despite my handicap of seven.

Thanks and I'm already drooling over the gin & tonics and dark & stormys (depending on sunny or cloudy - god forbid! - weather)

Thanks in advance !

Self-Watering Containers

I went to restaurants (chinese are best) and asked for old plastic buckets. Don't use the ones that contain paint or contstruction spackel, they leach plastic.
Food grade works best.
You can find how to put it together on the intertubes.
This one is crude, but you'll get the idea!

You'll need a wicking device (a cup with holes in it), a tube that reaches from soil level into the water chamber, and a screen to keep dirt above the water chamber.
Don't forget to drill the weepholes just below the dirt/screen line.

Apr 23, 2009
dagmar in Gardening

Where to buy good Kielbasa in DC?

Kielbasa Factory in Rockville
It's like stepping into Steve's or Adam's markets in back in Greenpoint.

Kensington question

OK I must admit I've been there, eaten, and lived.
Basic bar food.
One step above airport quality, and at full flight of steps below Clyde's.
Yeungling on tap. Keno (or some sort of gambling) on TV.
The only place in the area for a beer, however, so it's our occasional after-work hang-out.
Everyone seems to know everyone else there but you, like you walked into the wrong HS reunion.
On a weeknight, it's more people than teeth.

Best Taco Trucks in our area?

La Preferida - Pupuseria y Taqueria
NW Corner of New Hamphire Ave & East West Hwy (410)
(Big white truck with a neon sign, diagnally across from the U-Haul)
8am - 11pm
Homemade tortillas, great tacos, pupusas, burritos, fish, steak, you name it.
If you don't speak spanish, there are pictures on the menu on the side of the truck.

I'm taking Bacchus to Dinner... HELP!

yeah.. i think that would be appropriate

I'm taking Bacchus to Dinner... HELP!

Cafe Milano is out.... I'll take food over 'scene' anytime.
I should give Dino another chance... went there once, and the place smelled like cleaning fluids. Food was beyond good, but it was hard to overcome the olfactory ambiance. Besides... he hooked me up with good gift salt selections last christmas.. Not sure if it's for Uncle Mike this time...... should I? My wife's eyes will roll out of her head when I suggest this. She's part bloodhound and it REALLY bothered her. Tough first impression.
So I'm leaning further towards Tosca, with a Corduroy fallback.
Obelisk sounds great but not since it's not "true" Italian... I have a hunch it's not for true Italian uncles.

I'm taking Bacchus to Dinner... HELP!

Thanks !
You give very good reasons for all...
Il Mulino - Hes' been to the NYC.. but better yet to plain "Mulino" in White Plains, NY. I won't insult him. It would be like saying DC tap water is better than NY.
Cafe Milano - looks nice, good menu... it's on the short list
Obelisk - Been wanting to try... this could be a good occasion
Tosca - Been there. loved it. will be our choice if I cannot be convinced of others

I'm taking Bacchus to Dinner... HELP!

Hmmm... I was thinking more Italian.
No steak florentine on the menu but there is chicken piccata !
I'll keep it in mind.

I'm taking Bacchus to Dinner... HELP!

... and the Italian goddess of food, Edesia, to boot !
DC or close Virginia only please.
My uncle, who I think is connected, is coming to town and I've been tasked with finding an old school italian place to take him to. Less Tony Soprano, more Johnny Sack.
Think corner table, back to the wall, men kissing each other on the cheek, block of parm on the table, not ordering with a menu, dishes you didn't order just "showing up", etc.
Cork? Proof? Enoteca?
Or throw him for a loop... show him what DC is all about... and take him to Courduroy!
(He went to Filimina already.. and liked it, but I think he fell for the "experience" more than the food... you know, those Italian waiters, Georgetown, how could you not like it?)