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cozy romantic restaurant?

My fav for romantic in Toronto is Jaques Bistro on Cumberland. Reasonably priced and the closest you can get to Paris without getting on a plane. Just like France there is an old building with dated decor, a consistent menu, consistent quality, only 2o or 25 seats, French accents etc.

Where to go in Brampton Ontario

That sounds excellent. I definetely head out there!

Where can I buy applewood smoked salmon

Where can I buy applewood smoked salmon in the GTA

Where to go in Brampton Ontario

I have heard of Lisboa but never been. Love Portugese chicken so I will head to Nova Esperanca. I have also heard that Osso Bucco's was good for Osso Bucco only.

Aggie martin is on Main St. right beside the Royal Bank at the four corners. Looks high end with the white table cloths and all, but they will do take out and you can wear jeans and a tee to dinner. If doing take out be prepared to wait or call ahead as everything is made from scratch.

How do I correctly revive a frozen bagel?

thaw in pastic bag on counter. Boiled bagels I put in a wet paper back and put in oven at 350 to restore. Baked just right on the rack in preheated over for a count of 25 to 35.

Oct 06, 2008
bramptonfoodie in Home Cooking

Where to order whole smoked turkey or honey ham?

There is a Dutch place in Brampton at Hwy 10 and fisherman I think it is called Goots Smokehouse - they suppply a lot of retail outfits and even vendors at the market. They smoke everything in house.

Where to go in Brampton Ontario

Thanks for all of the info. Have been to Stacy Lee's. Good food for the money. Don't like Rapini's at all, it was one of the first places I tired when I moved to Brampton last year. The young girl was unprofessional and their food is boring. Their crème caramel and crème brulee is some of the worst I have tried. Atmosphere is nice though. Bassano is too pricey for the quality of the meat and seafood. I presumed they were cost cutting as the place is always empty. Went to La Capannina once with a customer. Very nice people. The décor is a bit out of date but the people make up for it. However good the food is, there is not a lot of “real Italian” on the menu, just some pasta and veal, the anticipated seafood, lamb and beef. What I wouldn’t give for that tender bean soup I had in Florence or some heavenly braciola. I love Toshi for a quick Japanese fix, good food, nice people and great value. Plus I don’t have to hit the Toronto traffic.

Pomodoro sounds like a good one to try. Looked up Antonelli’s and they are closed?? Will definitely try the Thai Pepper and Falafel garden. I will stay away from the Keg though. The hwy 10 & Bovaird location is too cavernous and I find the sound echoes and it is too loud. Besides I stick with Aggie`s if I want a striploin or filet. Same money but much better quality –I don’t even need a steak knife it`s so tender.

I heard Don Valentino`s might be good for REAL ITALIAN has anyone been there? I also heard there is a new place downtown but a friend said it was very pricey and slick? ? I just assumed that in a town of 400,000 plus so close to the airport there would be much more variety and so I was obviously missing out on some great dining.

Where to go in Brampton Ontario

I moved to Brampton last year and have done the chains. They are as predictable here as one would expect. I am surprised that in such a large and growing city the best I could find is Aggie Martin. Not that I have a problem with Aggie's, they are the best and I am a little surprised they have settled here as they would do very well in Toronto, Mississauga or Oakville.
However there seems to be little in new offerings other than Italian or Indian. I am bored and craving some Japanese, Fusion, Italian not based on Pasta or Veal (around here you would think that is all they eat in Italy if the local menus are any representation of Italian cuisine) how about a Sunday Brunch other than Cora's or Giggling Tomatoes, maybe real Thai and a steakhouse that is local and independent! Help from those of you who have been here longer and are tuned into the dining scene.