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Uses for fried shallots?

Sprinkle them on a loaded baked potato and try them piled on top of a hot dog after you've added the other condiments. I use the Danish fried onions they sell at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's in the same ways but I'm sure fried shallots will be just as good.

May 20, 2010
kejaja in General Topics

Pazza Luna - Baltimore, Locust Point

My husband and I ate there two years ago with a group of friends and were unimpressed. We gave Pazza Luna another chance recently (about 3 months ago) and have been back six times since because it was MUCH better. I loved with the pear-ricotta ravioli with sage sauce they had for Restaurant Week and last week I tried the butternut squash ravioli which was wonderful. They also serve a prosecco which has officially become our favorite but I can't recall the name of it right now.

There have been a few small mishaps during our recent visits, like when they ran out of zucchini blossoms and served the dish without mentioning they were omitted and using under-ripe mango in an appetizer. Both dishes were still very tasty and when we brought the issues to their attention, the staff was very apologetic and quick to offer amends. We'll be regulars as long as the food and responsive service remain at recent levels.

exceptional restaurant(s) in/near Frederick MD

It's been over two years since we ate there, but my husband and I had a few really nice meals at the Tasting Room. I still crave their Lobster Whipped Potatoes with Chive Butter occasionally. I remember the steak being very good as well. It's located in the historic area of downtown Frederick.

Dinner tonight in Harbor East

Of those three I'd pick Oceanaire. Make sure to order a side of corn (it's really good, like a sweet creamed corn lightly seasoned with nutmeg ) and the halibut steak simply grilled with lemon has been outstanding every time I've tried it. The last time we were there (about two weeks ago) our waiter said they were going to be getting live king crab in soon so maybe they have them now.

To be fair I've never eaten at Fleming's or Roy's but that's because my husband has and he likes Oceanaire much more than either of them. The only times I've ever had any complaints about Oceanaire has been on nights when they were packed (New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day) because their service and 'quality control' seem to slip a bit under those conditions.


And I just realized I posted this *way* too late to be of any hopefullly you had a great dinner wherever you ended up! ;)

Baba's Mediterranean Kitchen on Fort Ave. in Baltimore

I made another unsuccessful attempt to eat at this new restaurant up the street, Baba's Kitchen. The problem is they have rather odd hours and I keep arriving just after they've closed.

My husband and I almost never have dinner before 8:30pm so it looks like the only nights we might be able to eat there are Tuesday-Friday when they are opened until 10pm. They close at 8pm on Saturdays (what?) and 3pm on Sundays (huh?). Their menu looks great -- if anyone has actually managed to try their food I'd be really interesting to hear what it was like. They are also closed Mondays, so tomorrow is a no-go as well. Darn.

They have a nice little website: