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salty sow

Has anyone tried the 4-course menu for $20
advertised in the Chronicle?

cauliflower white bean soup / arugula salad
pork rillette w apple chutney / soy-cured salmon w avocado & orange
pork belly w cheese grits / roasted fish w polenta
rosemary olive oil poundcake / cheese plate w fruit & candied nuts

Dec 18, 2012
budgethound in Austin

Most Legit Soul Food in Austin

I miss Dot's.

Nov 04, 2012
budgethound in Austin


There was a Colombian Festival?!!
When and where? Did Casa Colombia have anything to do with it?

Nov 03, 2012
budgethound in Austin

I know it's been discussed before, but... Ramen?

I tried the miso ramen at Kome and tonkotsu ramen at Michi Ramen. The "broth" at Michi had the texture and flavor of brown gravy. I'm pretty sure the texture of the ramen at Kome was at least as good as those at Michi. I'm curious if anyone else who has tried both Kome and Ramen Tatsu-ya concluded that Tatsu-ya serves a better bowl of noodles.

Sep 25, 2012
budgethound in Austin

Cuban in Austin?

Of all the restaurants mentioned so far, only the Cuban Sandwich Cafe makes a sandwich that looks, feels, and tastes like the ones in Miami. The bread is good, and the sandwich is grilled in a press. Their newest location is on N Lamar, next to Lucky Bakery in the shopping center just north of Rutland.

Chago's cubano looks like it might be good, but it's $8. Cuban Sandwich Cafe's is $5.50.

discussion of the original location on Briarcliff in Northeast Austin:

Feb 12, 2012
budgethound in Austin

Mi Kfecito Cuban on Research and Ohlen

They made a beautifully dense, moist flan!

I stopped by twice last week, but they were closed both times!
Hope they work things out.

Dec 19, 2011
budgethound in Austin

Oktoberfest Menus,Events,Food Parties...

figured this was as good a time as any to bring up Oktoberfest specials in/around Austin

Sat, Oct 1 [Did anyone go?!]
Whip In
$3 oktoberfests & pumpkin beers; homemade sausages

Thu, Oct 13
brats & sauerkraut; polka music @ 7 pm

Fri, Oct 14; Sat, Oct 15
Nuernberg Brauhaus
special menu; polka music

Sat, Oct 22; Sun, Oct 23
bratwurst, homemade sauerkraut, red cabbage, pretzels, cobblers; music, kids' activities

Of course, one could also venture out to Walburg, Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, and beyond!

Oct 02, 2011
budgethound in Austin

Cheap, hidden ethnic (or not) eats?

figured it was about time to bump this!
Here are a few more meals under $5:

Get a loroco pupusa and a chicken tamale from Costa Del Sol for $4.

Milto's pesto cheese bread, incl. sliced roma tomatoes, is still $3.65
That's a light lunch or a filling late-night snack!

You can get a torta, full of meat, avocado, and other goodies, for about $4 to $5
at any of several places, including El Pollo Rico and Panaderia Chuy.

Most items at Curry in Hurry, incl. a curry and rice plate, are under $5.
The meal deal (veg. dish, daal, rice, & bread) is about $6.

If you raise the limit to $7 or $8, many more options are open:
marinated chicken/bbq pork rice plates at Ho Ho, First Chinese BBQ, Din Ho,
or a two- or three-item lunch plate at Fresh Tofu.

Oct 01, 2011
budgethound in Austin

TJ's Seafood,Austin Texas

Captain TJ's Seafood is still going, serving up fried fish and shrimp,
although ownership has changed hands a couple of times over the years.
Alas, the crawfish fried rice has much less crawfish and much more rice these days!

Oct 01, 2011
budgethound in Austin

coffee shop in north austin or round rock

Coffee A Deli (on Lamar, half a mile north of Braker Lane) fits the bill nicely.

Keep in mind, though, it's life at a more leisurely pace than other coffeehouses.
There are fewer college students and artsy-litsy types than at other north central places (Genuine Joe, Thunderbird, Epoch, Flight Path) and a more eclectic mix of patrons, including families. It's a little like having coffee, tea, or lunch at your favorite aunt's house.

Oh, by the way, they still make excellent lemon bars!

Feb 17, 2011
budgethound in Austin

Share your not-so-traditional Valentine's

Thought this might be fun...

Would any of y'all like to tell us about an enjoyable dinner out on Valentine's Day or weekend,
especially at a place that wasn't booked solid?
One that didn't involve surf-n-turf, linguine, asparagus, or strawberries?!!

If you had a romantic experience at some place most of us wouldn't expect (fast food, hole-in-the-wall,
or coffeehouse?), that would be cool, too.

Of course, if it was Chow-worthy, that would be really nice!

Feb 15, 2011
budgethound in Austin

Falafel/Lebanese cuisine in Austin?

my $0.02, with specifics at
North Central: Sarah's Mediterranean Market
UT: Kismet Cafe
South: Jerusalem Gourmet Market

I haven't tried it, but according to a few local 'hounds, Flying Falafel & Po-Boys near UT is good.
Come to think of it, just in the UT area there are at least 6 options (Flying Falafel, Kismet, Longhorn Po Boys, Milto's, Tom's Tabooley, and El Greco)!

Feb 13, 2011
budgethound in Austin

Good food near Ikea, in Round Rock

Too late for the original poster's journey, but...
Within walking distance of Ikea, zpizza has a very nice crust.

Feb 13, 2011
budgethound in Austin

Chinatown-Mopac, Asia Cafe, or Din Ho tonight for excellent food?

First of all, Cantonese cuisine emphasizes flavors of the freshest available ingredients. It's almost the opposite of "oversauced and greasy". That might be in the definition of American-Chinese food, which many people associate with Cantonese, because nearly all Chinese in the US were Cantonese for over a century (mid 1800's to mid 1900's).

Secondly, Asia Cafe has slipped considerably since the dynamic young head chef left town, and both the Sichuan Garden in Round Rock and the unrelated A+A Sichuan Garden don't measure up to the original Asia Cafe. The increased popularity of Sichuan food has been a very enjoyable trend for the past few years.

Feb 13, 2011
budgethound in Austin

Peppers Indian Restaurant

I've been a couple of times: Chicken pakora was good (not as good nor as generous as Sarovar's). Tamarind chutney was a bit watery for my taste. Paneer saagwala was ok, but tiny paneer cubes were soft and light, like tofu. Chat samosa has been the best item I've had there--quite tasty and beautifully presented. Looked like abstract art!

Jan 29, 2011
budgethound in Austin

Quality Seafood (South) / Softshell Crab Sandwich

Their seafood gumbo used to be one of the best in town, IMO. I'm sorry, too. It always reminds me of the song, "Jukebox with a Country Song" ("Whose idea was it to hang these ferns? This brand-new bar don't have a single burn.")!

So, has anyone tried the soft-shell crabs there on Thursdays?

Jan 06, 2011
budgethound in Austin

Who has the best authentic Mexican torta in Austin?

My favorite so far is the chicken torta at El Pollo Rico, and the ones at La Parilla were pretty decent, irc. I'll have to try one at Arandas and maybe from the taco truck discussed. Anyone think they're that much better than Arandas or El Pollo Rico?

Jan 06, 2011
budgethound in Austin

La Potosina (a review from a friend of mine, but sounds like a CH moment)

The 2 breakfast tacos for a dollar must have been a grand opening deal, and I agree that they didn't have much filling. They're $1 each now, but they're not tiny anymore!

There are better breakfast taco deals in north Austin (, but I really like both of their salsas. As missmitzi said, the green one is awesome! It's like the creamy green sauce (Ají de Huacatay?) at El Pollo Rico.
Also, the red salsa is actually quite complex and tasty. It's similar to the red-orange salsa de cacahuate (peanut) with either chile arbol and/or guajillo at Taco More (

Jan 06, 2011
budgethound in Austin

THEY WANT HOW LITTLE? Reasonable Beyond Belief Food Pricing In Austin Part 1

How about 3 two-ingredient breakfast tacos on handmade corn tortillas for $2 at Mi Casa (on Research Blvd, facing Sea Dragon; can't see them from the road!) or a little more than that at Maria's (behind Mama Roux)?

Jan 06, 2011
budgethound in Austin

THEY WANT HOW LITTLE? Reasonable Beyond Belief Food Pricing In Austin Part 1

A huge, moist chicken tamal ($2) and a loroco pupusa ($2) at Costa Del Sol makes a tasty meal for under $5.

Sunflower Cafe has a delicious small-but-filling squid salad with fresh herbs for about $4.

You can get a fairly generous torta, w/sliced avocado, on a nicely toasted bolillo, for about $4 at El Pollo Rico. Chicken much better than pastor (no surprise!). Quality depends greatly on when you go, but I believe things are better during the day on weekdays.

Milto's has a pesto cheese bread, topped with tomato slices, a nice late-night snack or light meal for under $4.

Any of the rice plates at Ho Ho, Din Ho, or First Chinese BBQ [a heaping plate of rice topped
with BBQ pork, marinated chicken, and a garnish of pickled vegetables for $6-something is a hearty lunch or dinner. Balance the meal with a side of Chinese broccoli or other greens for about $1, and you can still get your fill for under $10, incl. tax+tip.

If fast food is allowed, Popeye's Tuesday leg-and-thigh deal for $1 is impressive.
And until the end of the month, you can get a 6-inch Subway cold cut combo for $2.
For sheer quantity-to-cost ratio, the all-you-can-eat places are nearly unbeatable, of course.

Dec 21, 2010
budgethound in Austin


You can often get good dinuguan (
)at Oriental Grocery on Braker (near the Wells Fargo at I-35).

Oct 27, 2010
budgethound in Austin


I've tried Cebuana. They serve lunch with a slightly different menu each day of the week.
For example, on Thursday, you could get a plate with rice and 2 of the following for $5.50:

fried tilapia
pork lumpia
pancit (egg noodles)
chicken adobo
mung bean soup w/chicharron & bitter melon leaves

They usually have arroz caldo, a chicken rice soup, for about $2 a bowl.
Daily menus are posted on their Facebook page.

Oct 21, 2010
budgethound in Austin

Mang Dedoy or other Filipino?

discussion on Filipino food in town, incl Mang Dedoy:

Oct 21, 2010
budgethound in Austin

"Taiwanese style" Chinese Food - very good - Rice Bowl Cafe (North Lamar and Braker)

The pig's feet noodle soup is one of the best things I've had there. A big bowl contains thick, chewy noodles that appear to be handmade, a few pieces of "baby bokchoy", and a tasty savory broth. Served separately on a plate, the huge pig's knuckle, with the succulent skin and fat intact, had been braised in a rich "red" ( sauce. This is all accompanied by a small condiment plate of cilantro and red onion.

The pork chop noodle soup is pretty good, too. It's served like the pig's feet noodle soup but with a panko-crusted boneless pork cutlet instead.

Aug 18, 2010
budgethound in Austin

Best kimchi available?

I got a nice banchan assortment, including kimchi and (fern?) stems, for $5 at "Mom's Taste", a tiny Korean store on Airport Blvd near Highland Mall. It was among the better banchan served at restaurants in town. They're in the same shopping center as China Palace, Arpeggio Grill, and a hookah lounge. []

Aug 18, 2010
budgethound in Austin

Any good Chinese food in SW austin?

Did anyone try either of the recommendations (Tienjin or China Hill)?

Aug 05, 2010
budgethound in Austin

In search of peaches

Here's a word or two from last summer:

May 15, 2010
budgethound in Austin

Asian Cajun Crawfish?

three words: crawfish fried rice

Get a generous portion for $6 at Captain TJ's (Howard Ln, off I-35).
Crawfish in every spoonful--who does that?!

Apr 08, 2010
budgethound in Austin

Restaurants in South/Southwest Austin?

Apr 07, 2010
budgethound in Austin

Tandoori Hut (good new Indo-Pak in N Austin)

Sorry you had a bad experience there. They're not the most consistent. My guess is that they, like other small Indo-Pak eateries in town, have to concentrate more on catering wedding dinners and parties.

Some of the dishes have whole spices, which is a good thing IMO, but I've never had a dish there that was extremely spicy. What was your dish? Their Tandoori chicken was too hot?! Either you're joking or something very strange was going on that day.

Dec 30, 2009
budgethound in Austin