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Local, pastured, humanely-raised eggs, chicken and milk

I've been hearing a lot of questions about Healthy Family Farms' business practices, so some of the other suggestions in this thread might be better for an eggs/chicken source. Someone posted a website about them called "unhealthy family farms" - it reads like a smear campaign, but the info is still disturbing. Sorry I can't point to another source for chicken/eggs -- I'm still looking myself!

Feb 18, 2011
Miriam22 in Los Angeles Area

Best dinner salad, PERIOD?

M Cafe makes the "M Chopped". I am no vegan, but this is a great salad.

Dec 08, 2008
Miriam22 in Los Angeles Area

Bagels in LA?

Yesterday, guided by this thread, I did a bagel tasting around L.A. A little crazy, I know, but I’ve been shipping bagels from H&H and they recently dropped their flat-rate shipping policy. Necessity dictated that I find a new source for pumpernickel bagels. My gold standard for bagels is Ess-A-Bagel in NY. Here's what I found:

H&H at Barney's Greengrass – the winner hand’s down in the pumpernickel flavor category. That said, the bagel was dry from its journey from NY and cost $3.

Sam’s Bagel – On Larchmont, this bagel place was number 2. Great tasting bagels with lots of flavor. Good texture. They have a new landlord (and thus a new lease) and thankfully have NOT gone out of business. The best option for flavored bagels outside of a real NY bagel (see below on where to get a great plain bagel).

Bagel Broker – Pretty good bagels but not anything like what you get in NY. Most flavors were good. The cinnamon raisin had no raisins, but was great tasting otherwise. Their Everything was a thumb’s down (I like a lot of stuff on my Everything bagel, and this one was under-seasoned). Their pumpernickel didn’t make the grade. That said, not as good as Sam’s, but for Los Angeles, will do in a pinch.

The Bagel Factory – Went to their Robertson branch. Terrible all around. Flavorless bagels. Poor texture. Won’t go back.

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery – They have two kinds of bagels: regular and a ‘New York style’ bagel. The latter was excellent, though I believe it only comes in Plain, and was possibly the best bagel I ate all day. Unfortunately, their non-New York style bagels (read: every other bagel in their store) were cakey and pretty awful. The pumpernickel tasted like it had added sweetner. The Everything bagel had lots of stuff on it, but the bagel itself was so poor that it wasn’t edible. I highly recommend the NY style bagel but can’t recommend anything else.

Bottom line: A bagel from New York is the best option and there’s nothing in Los Angeles that really compares. Hopefully H&H will bring back flat shipping. In the meantime, if you live near Sam’s, go there. I live on the Westside, so guess I’ll keep searching…

Oct 06, 2008
Miriam22 in Los Angeles Area

Bagels in LA?

Sam's is still at the Larchmont location. Not sure what happened since April, but I just spoke with them on the phone & they're alive and well...

Oct 05, 2008
Miriam22 in Los Angeles Area