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Returning to Chicago (and nearby) to eat more!

Read everyone's recommendations on Chicago Chinatown. With only one night of dining, and looking through storefronts twice, I found a fantastic meal at Lao Shanghai. With help from the waiter, I enjoyed salt and pepper fish with a side of hollow vegetables. As someone raised on L.A. Chinese food, I can attest that this meal was as good as some of the top ones I tried in Cali. Thanks for sharing!

Aug 21, 2013
intrigued in Chicago Area

SE Utah/SW Colorado

We were in Durango for a short weekend, but in that time found a gem to add to Durango food listings - Jean-Pierre, a french-style bakery/restaurant in the downtown area. The baked goods we tried were incredible and we even bought some extra chocolate chip cookies for the rest of our trip!

Jun 13, 2010
intrigued in Mountain States

Ramen or Real BBQ in the Detroit Area?

Ajishin and Cherry Blossom in Novi do a great job with ramen. Ajishin has also some of the best sushi in the area, at reasonable prices. You know a place is good when you see hungry Asians lining up before the restaurant opens, even in the winter!

May 16, 2010
intrigued in Great Lakes

Anyone been to Dogwood since it reopened?

My husband and I tried it while we were in town this week. It's a really different restaurant in that all the staff were genuinely interested in explaining the food, what their favorites were . . . even the chef came by to check on us!

Our food was very fresh and didn't have a lot of spices that would overwhelm the the flavor of the main ingredients. It brings to mind the style of good Cantonese cooking. We are fans of the beet appetizer with cheese crostini.

Best Inner Harbor Tourist Trap

My husband and I stopped by Regi's last night, based on some great Chowhound reviews. The meal was familiar, but extremely well done! And the service was friendly and efficient. We're looking forward to going again the next time we're in town.

Amazing Cappuccinos, Tea, and Crepes

My husband and I were in Seattle last April and I haven't been able to get this lovely meal out of my mind!

We were staying downtown and decided to hop into a small creperie next to the Glasshouse Studio. The proprietor, who was also the cook, presented us with a mid-day snack that was exquisite in its attention to detail.

My cappuccino, easily the best I had on the entire trip, had foam piled high over the cup (similar to meringue in its form - I had to ask how he did it!) and my husband's tea came with a warmed cup (to please tea aficionados). The crepes were also divine. We look forward to going back.

Oct 05, 2008
intrigued in Pacific Northwest