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The Herbery (Old Saybrook, CT): Herbs & Harney Teas

I love the harney organic peppermint. Terrific and the same tea bag stays strong over several refills

I'll check this place out

Bespoke or UL

bespoke. Inventive and much more fun without the starched collar

10th anniversary in CT- need help with choices

okay, I like to go to places that have that certain 'fun factor' to marry food. Places that aren't pretentious, stuffy and you can have some fun.

Ibiza - New Haven
Bricco - West Hartford
Cafe Routier - Westbrook
Bentara - New haven
Thali - New haven
River Tavern - Chester

Anniversarys for me are celebrations. Because I'm eating on linens in a room where George Washington ate doesn't make me love my spouse anymore. :-)

I tried Modern Apizza (New Haven)

Aren't we all our ownpizza snobs based upon experience? I swear ny a Boston Emilio's double fry... and I think Modern was great back in the day because of the pepe's/sally's wooster street maniacs would never stop beating their chests. Modern's meatball... bacon za with 2 rootbeers... Modern's great. They are all great. The collective sum of the parts is greater ...

Love Modern. Love Pepe's as long as someone isn't telling me in line 'how great it is'.

I hate at Sally's when someone says there's a 'back door' - my friend says he knows this guy...

Blackened bottom pizza on wooster or Modern on State?


Favorite Hartford area special occasion dinner?

Sorry - I erased - I didn't go hartford area specific, so I erased my suggestions

That's what happens when you are state school educated

Heirloom, New Haven - anyone else been?

I think the place is a work of art and to have a built in clientele from the hotel feeding the restaurant is a bonus. This place should do very well. It does take a few months to get the kinks out, so I expect that Heirloom will only get better. They spent a fortune building this place and it should be great. Hamhock mac & Cheese was terrific. I hop ethis place makes it.

What to order at Modern Apizza?

meatball and bacon with a rootbeer
mushroom and green pepper
plain pie is glorious and savory

Cafe Goodfellas

i didn't mind goodfellas. Low key kind of place. last time I went which was April. Just very dirty. Carpets dirty. bathrooms dirty. Seats sticky. Maybe its the first time I noticed, but I noticed this past time. I think it's important to keep the front of the house clean otherwise I start speculating on what the kitchen looks like ...

Peasant food Italian? elizabeths cafe in Madison.

Spicy Red Pepper Jelly

Bishop's Orchards in Guilford, CT has some really tasty spicy red pepper jelly and a few others that are great. (love the apple butter)

I would bet - they would ship to you.

Aleia's closing

i understand water's edge purchased aleia's. I'm sure they'll muck up another food product there. Why not concentrate on getting their existing food product right

Jack's Old Saybrook

I applaud Jack for his latest move. he saw a void in the market and went for it. he increased his bar seats and opened a chop house. He tries hard, he's hands on. I liked his old place. But his new incarnation is certainly one of the better spots on the shoreline and up the river.

I give him credit for wanting to be better and chasing the brass ring.

New Haven - gastronomique?

It's a take out 'door'. Marc Woll cooks up french inspired takeout. It's about the size of a closet. I think his milkshakes are great. There are several seats on the sidewalk. You may have better luck on the NE board

Plan B in Glastonbury

ok. Had almost the same experience as Josh several nights ago. There's a lot or maybe too much for them to get right. I won't return. I do like the one in WH though.

Best Bagels around New Haven?

cohen's bagels in madison. I believe they have a satellite somewhere in Branford
I think we need to bring back barnaby bagels in Guilford

Any restaurant in New England-- any suggestions?

copper beach lost their sous chef and chef several months ago. dicey to say the least

Frank Pepe Clam Pie: with/without Mozzarella?

without for sure

if you are going for the 'with sauce' get your keyster to Modern in NH and get the clam pie/bacon and make sure you get the world's best rootbeer with it

Plan B in Glastonbury

goodbye - was that WH or glastonbury. I have yet to go to Glastonbury, but I'm in WH a few times a month and end up at PLAN B often. 4 bucks a beer and 10 worth of sliders? I'm out at 20-25 a trip but have a three different beers to match my sliders. Better burgers sure? better beer at cheaper prices? sure but it's always interesting at Plan B. Lively. Good mixture of people and expectations.

Plan B in Glastonbury


Plan B in W hartford is what it is. Freshly ground slider spot with pizzazz. Funky little spot with 8 bar seats and 40 seats that has great beer on tap and plenty of small bites to choose from. I could do without the soundgarden and lost patrol and would love to hear more loungey beats... but love the eclectic feel.

I love - I mean love their 'green fries'

I understand their new place is a bit more cosmopolitan and I think it'll be great. Still a window to see what's being ground up?

Birthday dinner in Old Lyme CT

the gris headed south many moons ago. The wine bar at one point was promising...

If River Tavern still has 1/2 price wine nights you can get a lot of mileage out of that place. J. Rapp is an excellent chef with a menu of locally sourced produce and a slant on organic. He is inventive, although when that place gets crowded there isn't much room.

Du Village is excellent. A little too stuffy for me

Liv's in Old Saybrook has a chef that gives a hoot.

And I agree with all that shouldbeworking said about my favorite local place

What's your favorite neighborhood spot?

les zygomates when it's really cold out and you need to hang somewhere forever...

Always loved audobahn anynight the sox weren't playing. Potstickers!!! Decent Background beats.

Deluxe in SE when there weren't too many bike messengers WITH their bikes bellied up. And it gets difficult if you have seen that scooby episode on the cartoon network a few too many times.

Bukowski's before a flick on Dalton Street although I have seen three bar belliers on three separate occassions fall off the bar stools and hurt themselves. Best spot where you may actually run into Mickey Rourke all under the aural pleasures of late 70's retro ska punk.

Parish Cafe if you need to get your sandwich thing on.

Enormous room for some lounging in central square

Best pizza in Boston?

Emilio's in the south end... de-greased with a wad of paper towels, coated with hot sauce, then pan fried cheese side down, sliced balsamic soaked tomatoes across the congealed mess of CRISP cheese and hot sauce and you have

Emilio's double fried.

Other than that, I was hard pressed to find decent pizza by New Haven standards

There was a place near the corner of mass ave and tremont? or columbus that was excellent but you risked your safety going for the pie after dark.

The place across from figs on Charles street was always good.

Best restaurants in Hartford, West Hartford?

i really enjoy Grant's. I'm a sucker for a bistro that moves against tradition and evolves. The best thing about Grant's is that we have a different experience everytime. All positive.

Best Hotdogs in Conn.

any news on the yankee doodle? Someone said it was open again? True?

Any GREAT steamed dogs out there on the shoreline?

du Glace - French Bistro in Deep River Ct

Du Glace.

okay. What happened? Was in there last week. Seemed dead. Maybe economy/area of shoreline/top secret hiding place... as crazy as it sounds - servers seemed annoyed when we didn't oder ALOT

Didn't see chef although I know he's handcuffed to the stove. This pace deserves to do well

Your Favorite Maple Syrup Shacks in CT

There is a great one in Old Lyme/Lyme area. They have the VERY best maple glazed popcorn. Bureau's sugar house. Really cool place


I second Jordan Caterers. Jeffrey and Debra Rapoport are great people with a great product. They care about what you're trying to accomplish

Dinner on the way to the Casinos

Branford: Foe
Guilford: Quatros
Clinton: taste of China
Westbrook: Cafe Routier
Old Saybrook: Liv's oyster Bar
Chester: River Tavern
Mystic: Azu

Longshot: Good Restaurants in Marlborough, Hebron & East Hampton, CT

i have a friend who lives in portland and she shoots down rt 9 all the time and meets me in saybrook/westbrook/chester area... there are 5 - 6 great and I mean GREAT places and it takes her 25 minutes.

Shopping in West Hartford- Nice lunch place, anyone?

i second Grant's. IMHO it's one the best in the area and has a nice ambience

du Glace - French Bistro in Deep River Ct

few -

that was the very best review I've ever read on the site. thank you. I ate there last week and I'm embarrassed that I didn't write more. Thank you. I almost felt like i dined there again. You hit on some great points.